In Maze With The Devil

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Audrey's Kitchen Pose

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011




Debra was stoned still.

The doorsteps, and the door, had no differences from the guy's living next door. Of course, even an idiot could remember: The left or the right? Anyway, just so they wont bring inconvenience to their guests, they landed two monster plant pots worthy as monsters in weight left and right to their entrance. In each pot inhabited a young tree and muddy weeds spreading in every direction, falling like hair form the sides and rolling with such nerve around their host. However this was not what socked her.

Her anxiety was so huge that she could not hear anything but her heart's run. Her eyes remained pinned on the deep colored trace of the second step. It looked so red and glisten exactly like a spot of blood. But it was so dark that it could be something else. What was it.

Debra started walking steady towards the tricky stain. Her legs did the moving automatically forcing the mass from the waist up transport also -since nobody invented a way yet to detach from it and hop at the side. The more she closed, the mysteries on the colored cube, cubics, were twisting quicker taking the correct order. Blue in blue. Yellow with yellow. Green with green. Debra stood only too little from truth. Just a click away

-Blood, her lips falter. Millions of split second screens flashed before her eyes. The toy activated again its reel, fitting, collecting, separating the six colors until fifty surfaces ended where they belong. It stopped!

Still one more turn. Debra pressed her nails deeply into her palms and rush in the interior. All the doors were violated. So harshly that they didn't even have the doorknob on anymore. One after another creaked open, like cupboards, with a simple push. Like someone had easily torn the door handle and toss in at the corner- which was what did happen.

She threw her body on the bedroom door, run the stairs up, down the basement (Audrey’s and Debra's sleeping room), into the office, the toilet, the closets, not a single soul.

Until her hand touched slowly the kitchen door. She switched the light. Click! All up to the very last cube locked into their places with mathematic persistence baring the complete harmony of colors.

-Audrey!, screamed out Debra. She lift her leg to run, tripped and fell hands first in the blood lake. She threw up anywhere.

An average built, with children anatomy, dead meat in the center of the kitchen, with its hands spreaded open and it's head abandoned with no life in the side of one shoulder. Debra kept screaming ,as she stare at the reflection over the spilt blood, stopping only to refill her lungs.

Two rusted pieces of steel. One crossed from the body's wrist to the other and a second plunged in the behind to the neck but not the scull so the head will drop pathetically at the side. The body was naked, pilled, and at any case did not look like Audrey. His eyes were a wobbling jelly of blood, his body pierced repeatedly so much and scratched that it you could cook it without beating it, his arm on the elbow had cracked off the rest of the body but pinned back again with the help of the sharp steel. In some places there were even entire bites of pieces missing but Debra was sure. This was Audrey.

‘’Audrey no’’ she screamed ‘’You’re not dead’’.

However, she did not dare going there to hug him. Speaking of, the meat from his belly snapped open like rubber from the attack and a think rope of bowel gush with a flump on the kitchen tiles. It bumped on the blood and splashed her.

Audrey didn’t’t even grinch. He was dead.

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