In Maze With The Devil

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Autopsy

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Submitted: October 27, 2011




The next time Debra met mister Dust would be inside her very house. For the funeral she decided to invite the whole school through a paper on a board, students and teachers. Normally, a funeral in this magnitude should comfort Debra. But the pretentious sad faces, sneaky laughs and comments behind her back had the opposite effect on her.

The coffin stood sealed in front of the priest, fact unpleasant for the boys. In fact one said ''If knew that I'd be sleeping now''. That minute she felt like walking up to the casket and open the lid for everyone to see. Make them fall in the ground barfing like she did .She wanted to force even the last person from this hall to bend over andrub his smug in the stiff flesh. That's what she wanted. She was this much from screaming her guts out.

If the circumstances were not the ones fitting to funeral and the day gave free gossip permition, Debra would become the coolest, in school terms. But the occasion of this day was so hot, for cold gossipers, that not even Dust's presence (the robot headmaster who nobody knows where he lives) passed utterly unobserved.

The morrow day only one circulate the new as unbelievable event. All the rest were too busy whispering about Debra and her Satan. The topic was categorized by all in the ''the sixteen who lost her brothers and went nuts...'' kind of other words, madwoman. Debra would give it everything she got to ignore the whispers that rise on her pass.

The story of that horror night was covered in every local paper already by the second day it was spoken. When trying to read Debra gave up halfway. It was just unbelievable how bold the authors were. She got downstairs and opened the door to whomever was knocking.

She already spoke of the incident in details a million times before to the police. Nothing was changed in this little time. Some stuff just never leave your memory. But the police just wouldn't quit. She opened the door more and let the policeman walk in.

''Can I make you something?''

''Is it ready? I have to run quickly some questions, I'm rather busy''

''Oh ok. Forget coffee''.She came and sat next to the cop without bothering to smile. Things were casual between after so many interviews he's taken her.Not friendly not aquaintance, just neautral.

Once more in her life Debra informed all about the night to the police man exactly the same like before. She returned home late in a car with her boyfriend. Yes, her parents were okay when he came to take her and no, he did not leave. He was with her the whole time. Then she knocked on the door for about a quarter and an elderly woman told her to shut up. The man at that point , informed her of the old lady’s questioning and then continued. She repeated about the odd being on the roof that swing about mysteriously and how it was nowhere to be seen after she saw Audrey. To get into the house she had to make the round of the block, that's when she saw the blood. She run in, saw doors torn apart, no sight of her parents everywhere and her brother hanged. Nothing else.

''Thank you Debra'' he said ''One more thing''

''What''. The Devil, that's it, he was finally going to ask her about the weird devil figure.

''Are you currently alone in here'', said kind of awquardly.

Debra sighed deeply and replied ''Yes alone'' thinking that there would be never someone to believe her.

''Listen, usually in situations like this I'd tell you to consider moving on with a friend. It's very dangerous to stay in here after...all that happened''

''No I don't want to move anywhere. I don't care how risky it is''. He didn't push her although both felt like it had to be done.

Yet Audrey’s corpse was the most interesting. Koch took care of the autopsy, a witty -one of the wittiest- cold scientists in his field. Cutting open the kid he didn't come across any conclusive evidence. Even though the bite marks were obvious on the meat other traces of human saliva, blood, fingerprints, whatever were nowhere. The entire attack looked as if had been done by a phantom. He did manage to gather however a small sample of amphibian egests.

After a short interruption for a call (another patient coming up), Koch fell back to work. He opened up with full care, like he'd to a live patient, facing at the ordinary insides. No serious damage there. Nevertheless he wasn't done yet. When he dug with his hand in the interior and gripped a hard roasted muscle, everything changed.

''I want the panel'' said boldly to his secretary. The secretary was scared. Seeing him running to her with such furry made her believe for a moment she'd done something wrong.

''Right away'' she said ''Who are you looking for?''

''Give it here, I'll find it myself'' he grabbed it and left into his office.His finger pet the page and stop in the middle.Abe Gordon.

Abe was sitting in porch style chair almost close to get into the street. He was enjoying that time a coffee when his phone started buzzing and crawling away to fall off the edge.

He placed his glass next to the previous watery ring from the ice and picked up. Perhaps it was Jack asking were he took his break. He always liked chatting, it made his working hours more tolerable.

''Come on, Jack, I'm in the corner''

''Abe, you got to see this'' said Jack Koch at once ''The new guy that they brought in, I opened him up, and he had...

Abe covered his left ear to shut out the noise of a truck who passed quinsidentaly. And he put it down a little after the traffic light went red.

''Really?'' said vibrant ''I'm coming over!''

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