In Maze With The Devil

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Invitation from the Headmaster

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011




It was a week away from the unfortunate incidence and she returned to school witha permanent frown. But changed also, too quiet. It was not her fault. Everyone was trying to be so polite that they just ended up coming away. Now she was sitting alone again a little further off Paullina's group.

Paullina ungrip her nails off the chest of his next victim and sat on his side. The teenager stuck his hand under her shirt.

''Mmm, miss Zark'' said Paullina ironically ''You think she went in and so the uneven desks?''

''Dude, I saw Alex straighten them up'' said the other.

''Come on dopes she's coming here. Hide your sticks''

All filled their cheeks with air and twist their sport shoes on the remains. Debra didn't even twitch. She saw them giggling to one another and turn her eyes to a distant cypress.

''What's going on here?'' said utterly friendly miss Zark. Her cheeks had a pinky shade and she wore a flowery dressed beneath the knee. Apearance worthy of a literature teacher.

''Nothing misses'' answered innocently Paullina. ''We're just here. Sitting''

''Hm, just sitting huh?'' she looked at all in playful suspicion. Paullina insisted justifying mincingly even when the teacher shook the smoke in front of her nose. Come again, utterly friendly. ''Whatever. I came for Debby, sweetheart'' in the mentioning of Debra's name she looked to the emo in the corner.

''What does mister Dust want this time?'' she guessed.

''I can relate with you'' she said ruthful ''You have to sign some papers''. They walked with pace -Debra sympathized immediately the nice lady and wonder why did everyone trash talk her behind her back like that- and let her in front of Dust's door after a short ''Good luck'' squeezed on her arm .

''Thank you''

The door was slat open. The headmaster sitting down jammed into a deep, new bought, wing chair and pretended to be (not at all convincingly) startled for some reason by Debra's presence. If only she could slam her fist on his face and go.

''Did you ask for me headmaster?''

''Come in sit''

Debra warned her self to keep away from the cookies.
The office legendary head office had lost it's fascination anymore like most of the things having to do with school, after Audrey's death. It transmuted to an irritating crazy confessions room with the headmaster a washout shrink wannabe who sadly end up the manager of this building. She attempted so many times in the past to make clear that she didn't, seriously didn't, want to talk about her problem. All of them swishes, stupid unaware little humans...she sat.

First thing first she notice the principal's hands, crossed on his belly, empty. He wasn't holding any paper or anything. What could this mean, thought Debra, who just wasn't mentally ready to bear the distraction of this meeting.

''They told me you are not in our school trip''

''I don’t want to''

The headmaster agreed. He nib something from his plate and then pointed with his finger next to Debra. ''It's for you. You want, take'' his mouth stretched to a smile.

Debra looked at her plate and then refused politely. No matter how strongly she desired them, his gesture to her eyes was a gesture of pity. A way of mooching from her part if she accepted. So she just lied she ate breakfast.

''Capital! My assistant will be glad to have them. My assistant that is will be praying inside to take...'' suddenly changed the subject ''You know, I better not eat all your break''. Which you already did, thought Debra, go on...''What do you say, you come for a little stroll with me after school time. My son will celebrate his first birthdays and all the family's going to be there. I live just a few blocks up from here, it's not far. What do you say, will you be able to make it dear?''


''This Sunday. Lord's day''

All she could think of was Mr. Dust humping, a year ago when he must not look different from now, a young woman who unsuspected came for a surprise party of some sort. Debra wasn't even aware of his child's existence. ''Uh...tomorrow you said? I won't make it'' she struggled to come up with a believable while having already began spelling her first syllables ''My friend is going to the airport''.

Dust flatten his lips pretending to have fallen in the pitfall. Mr. Dust wasn't from her favorites -she consider him double faced- but that expression was like she could see his heart crack in million places. She couldn't resist. ''I'll be there'' rushed to say ''My friend has to be there early in eight o clock and, yes, I'll probably come''.

''I was wondering'' he started saying. Then gulped thoughtfully and never continue.

''You were wondering?''

He finished what he scribbled on a square piece of paper and hand it out to Debra. ''That's my phone and address. Can you make out the letters?''

''Yes, just fine''

''So I was wondering how would the mistress react if I handed him an empty gun'' they smiled simultaneously. Dust with the picture of his wife tarring the gift to pieces with bare hands and Debra with himself. She was expecting him to ask her anything, about school, about that day or her airport lie but not such a personal thought.

She watched him as he picked at his plate some more and how he stuffed him mouth before swallowing while still chuckling. For the first time he looked like a truthful person. Plus he didn't look so old. Debra stretch her hand over the face of the table and stole a cookie the minute the bell rang. She left for once out off the office against her will. Returned Zark's welcome smile and everyone who happen to smile to her and taped- tapped up the stairs for history.

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