In Maze With The Devil

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Tua Ohamadi!

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Submitted: October 28, 2011




Eventually the police man manage convincing Debra to move temporarily into Paullina's house.

That night she sink in the sofa front of the TV, wrapped with a blankly and shut her eyes in line to dream of her family. Instantly Audrey's freaking image of him on a turnspit popped up but Debra fought and threw it quickly out of her mind. After cleansing her thought and her eyes went back to nothing, her mothers serene face started appearing gradually through the black and the colorful worms.

She sat slothfully at the back of the chair and looked at the PC screen.PC...from ''processor'' and ''calculator''? Her hair sustain a dark tone of blond which in the light appear golden. And she had the tic to tuck her hair with a snap movement behind her ears all the time, even when there wasn't a single hair falling out of order. Debra pushed her fantasy create that movement a few times for her. She realized how much she missed mom. Some minor details like that used to get on her nerves but now it was different. Now she was completely alone in the house of a stranger, confused and terrified and completely oblivious where her parents might be, if they still existed that is. Audrey might be dead but what about mom, dad? Did she ever find some clue to prove surely of their death? No, they're just missing and cannot be found. But that don't mean this moment that she's safely napping her parents are not somewhere out there trapped. She must so faith now more than ever. Besides she didn't feel them dead and certain things like that you always sense a little less or more.

Yes, she was determined. From tomorrow she'd begin her investigation, no matter how difficult this sounded. She laid back. Her eyes were staring blankly to the light on the ceiling but that she couldn't know in this thick darkness. Sleep began dissablising her brain, like natural drug, and she felt her eyelids too heavy too keep up. Through the darkness she could hear a phrase, something her dad told her when she was young, and she never forget. ''Sometimes people are really dumb because they look their keys for days in all the house when all the while the keys are in their pocket''. That's what he said. And taking her hand off her pocket she had found the lost dollar bill...Was is mothers day?...She bought her an interesting book, something about a husband...Audrey drew her something...Audrey...

Satan waved at her demonically. Chill,, just like some school pall would. He was sitting down, tall around 6' 3 feet, red skinned and average built. Strong but just stacked not pumped. His shoulders though were the most wide shoulders she had ever seen in any swimmer. He arise from his wooden chair and as he walked forth seized a curled sheet from the nightstand. He tied it around his waist hiding...he didn't hide anything. His tool stood hard still like always and aimed directly to her, as it was planning to shoot fire, as he approached. Debra grit her teeth.

''Debra, fattim ohamadi nig'' but said it more like: Dabrrra, Pateemuh auhamuhdi nitz.

She didn't understand what he told her but followed him blind.Guessed that's what he wanted from the sign of his hand. ''What am I doing here. What...?''

''Osotape crepa dis ma sonma loriusa''. She listened to his foreign answer with admiral, particularly that last word ''Loriusa'' and then asked again ''What does it mean?...I can't understand...I dot understand...''.The devil persist talking in that archetype tongue with patience in his voice, every time something different. She noticed that he did not repeat any sentence same when she asked him. Sometimes they lasted longer, other short, others shorter and others one word and bold.

They crossed the dark cave path coming into a puce, magenta colored and poorly lighted...stomach? How else could she describe it? They were standing in an empty, round room, like inside of an oval ball with three doors along. The devil opened his fist and let Debra's hand fall out of it. She dare to look down.


Apparently he was asking from her to look down at the void together. The bunch were they stood was very narrow and extruded like pavement along the center of the stomach. Debra was worrying to not fall into that black hole. She hesitated some steps full of fear and glimpsed down in the black sea. Suddenly she remembered one of these dreams she had as a child. In those dreams she saw that she was falling - falling but never reach the bottom. Something told her inside her that if she took a leap into that emptiness now she'd never touch floor again. She closed her eyes and hem.

''How scared'' she whispered by accident..

''Ohamadi dis ohamadi!'' said him. He put again her hand into his. ''Fotia dis fas uet lopitus.Tua...tua!''

''What are you saying? I cannot understand. Please...''

''Fotia dis fas.Tua''

Her eyes blurred. She couldn't understand anything.

''Tua!'' shout out Satan. His voice jolt Debra and she put her hands on her ears. The echo kept buzzing in her ears and vibrating in the walls for a while then wear off. ''Fotia is fa manimna lotupi...lotupi,'' yell and continued '', dis am' ohamadi. Fagiretopiaso!''. Ohamadi!Ohamadi!Tua...these words he said over and over. What was telling her? The demon lost his patience and pulled Debra tightly from her wrist, so hard that she groaned. She felt as her bones were about to shutter to pieces. His head was so close to hers that she could feel his goatee tickling her forehead. ''Mas tres bahamadi ae fittirop dis fas tua ca''.

She woke up in screams! her hands chocking her own throat. She loosen the grip slowly and brought them in front of her eyes to look at them voidly and in a matter with trembling fear. ''My hands, moving''. Indeed every last of her fingers moved when she tried, slowly but successfully. She sat feeling woozy on her elbow and looked around in confusement. Not her bed or room. How did she get here? The only think she could remember were two strange words ''Tua Ohamadi''.

Sounds started appearing from the silence as she slowly stepped out of confusion. The alarm clock was shrilling unstoppably, now she heard it, and bouncing like saying ''Stop Debra, get up!''. Until Debra put her fist on it and it hushed. The numbers blinked on the oblong screen. Then a note appeared for her ''12.00 party''. Her lovely cop friend had arrange for this. It went on-off for five times and then went normally to time.

11, dot, forty-five. Of course.

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