Oblivion Cyrodiil

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A series of short stories of people in Cyrodiil.I would make a short story thing but I dont know if you can add a chapter.
Inspired by Elder scrolls of oblivion game.Best game ever played.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Oblivion Cyrodiil

Submitted: October 07, 2011

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Submitted: October 07, 2011




''Runaway Prince''

''Kain's Room''

The sun had fallen a lot since the minuite he took his dessision for sure.But there was still some light getting under the door, helping him spot where was everythign placed.He scattered through the drawer until he came across a folded map.When he oppened it inside there was a hand-drawn picture of his family.He slipped it along with the rest of the suplies and stuck his hand back in the drawer again.1,000 gold pieces, collected in safekeep.Those were worth everything the same.It would be more than enough for a good start.Now there was one last thing to complete which would aquire his full secresy.

A woman came to the door with a polite voice ''Dinner is served sir, please make haste.The Quin...your mother wishes to give a speach'',''Thank you Milleen, you have my permition to go now'', ''Do you perhaps want me to clean your room?'',''You've taken care of that already, thank you'',''Anything else sir?Do you still want this book you asked for?''.Kain opened the door dressed fancy for the dinner.''No, Milleen I dont...you're free to rest''.The young maid thanked gratefully her master with happiness glowing smile ''I won't forget your kindness sir, thank you again''.

''Oh hello honey, your seat is ready''said the Quin.The table was decorated by wild-rare flowers mostly, giving it an exotic fresh look but well balanced with the classical side of the room and in the middle there was a large bowl of salad as well as small starting dishes.The main plate followed later which by itself was a unique work of art, as compimented one of their guests.''I feel bad for eating it''. Everyone laughed but Kain who was waiting with his finger crossed in front of him on the table seriously waiting waiting for their guest to take the first bite as it was the custom.He was a chearfull, honest nord by a royal family as seemed but it didn't took long to ferget his good manors and fall with his face on the plate.

''I see your people apreciate good food'',''And lots!''he said with his strong voice.Kain observed how he put one but after another withought even chewing before swallowing, and how he eptied the wine glass with just a gulp.He was gifted in vanishing large quantities in a matter of seconds.When the big white Nord finished he was no longer white, his nose and cheeks were blushed and his belly twice the normal size.

The women came a second round and cleared the table of the dishes making room for the desert.Now that everyone had filled their hunger, the conversation had stepped to a more casual stage.The Quinn thought to give this day a special ending.She got up with her glass.

''Kain, my dear please stand up.I'll make an anouncement''Kain stood up, his height was glorious next to the others.The mother approved his royal appearance and clothe selection with a snobish nod. ''I think the time has come to anounce you to the future King of Summerset Isle.Your father has given up a long time on his streagth, he's weak.Healers say that the throne will be soon be passing on to you, son''said proudly.''You are the rightfull owner for this''.Kain raised his glass and said these words. ''Mother, honored guests...I would be a great King''and hid back in his chair with an evil smile while the others were cheering to his happiness.Although they never knew what the smile stood for...

He read his scroll one last time before jumping out off the window.''Your son was doomed since the day of his birth but now finaly his soul will be free...''He didn't continue reading the text.That was more than enough.

He walked further and further...and further...and further, never looking back.But just kept forward as a stranger...and a shadow.

Tuesday morning.First step into Cyrodiil


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