Life and it's difficult moments.

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Camryn is just a normal teenage girl ... goes to school, has friends, has loving parents and family and even has a boyfriend. Then one day things change after she sees her new neighbour. The new girl catches her eye and even her heart. Just one slight problem... her mother doesnt know she doesnt accept the gay/lesbian people.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Life and it's difficult moments.

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



Chapter One:


Dane Rumble's Cruel, blasting through the speaker of my larm clock radio wakes me from my dream. Sighing, I rise up out of my warm double bed into the coldness of the first day of June. "How could you be so cruel to me and yet you can be so cool about it..." I sing along with Dane while im getting into my outfit whick consists of my favourite Disturbed t-shirt, that has the same picture on it that is on their album 'Asylum', and black tight skinnys. A few minutes later i grab my school bag double checking i had packed all the stuff i need for today, last night. Feeling my phone vibrate in my jeans pocket, i slide it out to see who was txting me. Looking at my screen i see that it's my boyfriend. "Hey babe are you coming today? I hope so coz i have a surprise for you..." it read. Typing in my replying saying yes i slide it back into my pocket. I decide to just straighten my hair today and let it hang down so its almost touching my shoulders. Looking in the mirror i notice that my blue eyes that were normally bright are now dull. Frowning, i check to see how my hair looks, the blonde with blood red tips was my idea of course and at first my dad didnt like it but he cme round after i explained why i chose to have it like that. Heading downstairs to have breakfast i find my mum is already in the kitchen cooking. Thats when the smell of bacon and eggs finds my nose.

"Morning sweetie, would you like some bacon and eggs?" My mum asks spotting me as i walk into the kitchen.

"Morning Mum, no thank's i feel like my usual cereal. Is Dad still sleeping?" I reply.

"No he has already gone off to work, he started his new job today remember? Why did you want to know?" She says still only paying attention to her cooking.

"Oh yeah i forgot about that, i was just going to ask him if i could get  ride to school today coz I'm running low on petrol and i can't put more in it till Thursday, but it's ok i will get a ride with Embry I'm sure she will be fine with it." I answer as i pour the milk into the bowl with my favourite cereal.

"Ok love. How much of that Milo cereal have you got left? Do you need more yet?"

"Not Yet Mum there's still enough to last till the weekend." That's when i remember i forgot to turn off my radio, so i rush upstairs and into my room. Walking over my bedside table where my alarm is, i flick the alarm switch off. Looking out my window i spot her. "I haven't seen her before..." i think out loud to myself. She looks so amazing in her dark blue short, shorts showing off her legs... oh god her legs, so perfectly shaped. Tearing my eyes away from her legs i see she is wearing a black t-shirt with writting on the front saying:"Can't touch this", giggling to myself at it, i continue to watch her. She's about my age and height with light brown hair that goes down the the middle of her back. Just then a moving truck pulls up outside the house where she's standing. Oh my gosh! She's going to be living across the road from me! Just then mum's voice comes from downstairs startling me.

"Don't forget about your breakfast Camryn!"

"Coming Mum our new neighbours are moving in..." i shout. Sighing, i have one last look at the girl, then head back downstairs to finish my breakfast.

"I know, and their daughter is supposedly gay... so don't be getting friendly with her you know how i feel about that. I'm off to work now, have a good day at school and be good, I dont want another call from Mrs. Barrowmansaying that you have been in another fight."

"She deserved it! Picking on the ones that are different, I'm the only one who will stand up tp her. She shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. There's only a certain amount of bullying someone can handle before they loose it and either try kill themselves or the bullies." I respond, feeling sick about how Amanda treated people and the fact that my own mother wouldn't accept me if she knew my big secret. The real me. Ever since i was 13 i found myself being attracted to girls as well as boys, and the night of my best friends 14th birthday party i finally accepted it myself knowing i had to keep it a secret from my parents. My mum had always been against being gay or Lesbian, she only saw love between opposite sex's. Mum was brought up on the beliefs of the Bible, she even stopped being friends with one of her close friends once she found out that she wasn't into boys. As soon as i was old enough to understand she made me believe it was wrong as well. That's why it took me so long to accept it myself.

"But the answer isn't violence, tell the teachers or something, let them handle it, that's their job. Now i have got to go before I'm late, i will see you when i get home after I've done the shopping," she says heading to the front door. "And don't forget to lock up when you leave."

"Ok Mum, I'm going to the mall with some friends after school, i should be back by tea time." i add. My thoughts go back to the girl. Once my mother is out the door i quickly finish my bowl of Milo and txt Embry to see if i can get a ride with her today. A few minutes later i get a reply saying yes i can get a ride and that she will be here in half an hour. Looking at the clock i see it's only 8am, all i have left to do is brush my teethand i will be ready. In the bathroom a few minutes later I'm thinking about what I'm going to do till Embry arrives. I think about the new girl again, then i remember what her top had said. "That's it, I'm going to go introduce myself." i think out loud to myself smiling. Almost running back into my room and over to my window i see she's still outside. Looking to see what the time is i discover that i have about 20 minutes till Embry gets here. Plenty of time. I stop at my mirror to make sure everything is still looking good. First impressions always count. Going downstairs i start getting nervous and feel the butterflies flying around in my stomach. Every step i take towards the front door the nervousness got worse. Finally reaching the door i slowly open it and casually walk out towards the letterbox. I knew there was going to be nothing in it but i still check it just in case any junk mail is inside. Wednesday is normally mail day here but we still get the occasional junk mail during the week. I only ever read the ones with all the technology stuff in them. Briefly looking up i catch her looking and she quickly walks inside the back of the truck. Here's my chance i think to myself slowly walking over to the truck. A few seconds later she comes back out carrying a medium sized box.

"Hi I'm Camryn, i live across the road," i tell her smiling.

She looks at me shyly, smiling back, and blushes.

"Hi, I'm Krista..." she says, "I love your hair by the way."

"Oh thanks i wanted something that was different from everyone else, so where you from anyway?"

She smiles at that, "It looks really great. Florida, my parents thought it would be good for me to move somewhere not as huge and populated as there. Too many people didn't like me, well didn't like who i am, so we came here." she reply's looking sad. I want to make her smile again, seeing her upset makes me want to ppull her into my arms and just stand there holding her, protecting her from the world. I've only just met this girl but she already has caused me to melt. I decide to change the subject hoping to cheer her up. I will find out what happened to her later when she trusts me enough to share it.

"Would you like me to show you around a little? There's not much to do here but I'm sure we can find somethiing..." i ask.

"Yes! That would be great..." instantly cheering up she smiles again. "When?"

"Um well i hve school till 3pm and meant to be hanging out with a few friends at the mall after but i can do that some other time... so about 3.30?" i say getting excited.

"Sure, I'm meant to be helping unpack stuff anyway so that will be a good time." Krista adds looking at her new home.

"Have you got a cellphone?"

"Of course..."

"Cool i'll give you my number," i smile as i slide my phone out, "have you got a pen and something to write on?" i add hopefully

She shakes her head no and reaches into her pocket of her shorts. Pulling out her cellphone i smile.

"Ok ready..." she states and i say my number.

"Ok cool i'll let you get back to what your doingnow then i dont want to get you into trouble, see you at 3.30..." i say just as a voice from inside the houseyells out.

"Krista! Come on the house isn't going to unpack itself."

"Coming Dad!...Yes see you then, have fun at school." she laughs cheekily then walks up toward her house. Smiling i walk back over to mine and as soon as i get in the door i start thinking about her. Before i know it, it's 8.30 and Embry is knocking on the door.

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