Chapter 1: Once bitten, Twice dead

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I ran. At this point there wasn’t much else I could do than run. There were way to many of them; even with how armed I was, they had me outnumbered a thousand to one. I had lost sight of Danaus and the others. I was scared that I may have lost them, just like I have lost everyone else, for good. All I could do was run right now until I couldn’t hear the moans anymore. The moans, my gosh, they hadn’t seemed so terrifying in movies, but to hear them first hand was the single most horrifying sound I’d heard ever. That and the screaming that soon followed the moans. Then the silence following the screams. I knew where I had to run to, the meeting point. I had to get to Angela’s house, it was my only chance. The moans of the zombies were growing distant, which means I could momentarily slow down and conserve my energy. I slowed from a sprint to a walk, knowing that if I kept running, one of the two things would most likely happen, if not both: I’d tire myself out or eventually the sound of my heavy breathing and my feet pounding the ground would attract another zombie.

I finally reach the corner of Angela’s street about five minutes later and see that three others are running this way, by the looks of things they are running from…. THEM. Back out of the holster my gun comes, I have 10 bullets for this; let’s just hope I won’t need to use them. Holding my gun out aiming I wait.

Chapter One: The beginning

“Wake up!” is the first thing I hear this morning. It’s still dark outside so I look over at my alarm clock to see that it’s only 6:30am on Tuesday the 4th of April. I decide to roll back over and close my eyes just for five more minutes. I wake up half an hour later and fly out of bed, into my clothes that I luckily had ready the night before and rush into the lounge to get my bag. Then back into my room to make sure I have everything I need for the day. Pleasantville High School is one of the best in the area for creative writing and soccer for girls.

“Zoey! Your late… hurry up!” yells mum from the kitchen

“I know I am mum!” I shout back. I reach for my phone to text Ebony saying I’ll be at hers soon.

Five minutes later I’m ready and heading towards the door when my dog, a Pomeranian, which I have had since she was a puppy; started barking at something outside.

“Trixie! Stop it, its only Mrs. Clarkson from down the road, you know her,” I say.

Mrs. Clarkson is our towns best lawyer, she helped my friends mum when she was going for full custody of him after her and her husband decided to get a divorce. Mrs. Clarkson is average build with light blue eyes that are the same shade of the sky on a nice day, dark blonde wavy hair and is always wearing her navy blue suit. She doesn’t have many friends because of her job, but the ones she does have are very loyal to her. Like my mum. Her and Mrs. Clarkson go way back, I can’t remember all the details but from what I do, they went to school together and weren’t friends back then because of some boy they both liked. They were doing the whole ‘may the best one win’ thing trying to get him for themselves. Eventually he got sick of it and told them both he didn’t want either of them. It was only a few years ago that they started to talk again.

“Mum Mrs. Clarkson is outside…” I yell, “Trixie that’s enough now, come on outside.” She sits down looks up at me for a few seconds with a confused look on her face then starts barking again. I open the sliding door that leads out to the front yard and she bolts out towards Mrs. Clarkson, stops about three metres away from her still behind our small picket white fence, yelps then takes off around the back. “What’s up with her??” I think to myself, shrugging I rush over to my car, my baby, a black Camaro with a big picture of an eagle in front of the American flag on the bonnet. Before I get in I give Mrs. Clarkson a wave then I’m off to pick up Ebony at her house and take her to school as per usual.

As I pull out of the drive way I notice that Mrs. Clarkson’s walking with a slight limp, deciding that she had probably just injured her knee again I carry on driving out the drive and out onto my street. Turning on to the main road that will get me to Ebony’s I notice that the road isn’t as busy as it normally is at this time (7 30am). I reach over to my car radio and switch it to CD turning up the volume when a second later the music starts playing. Within Temptation is my fav bands and always listen to them in car as mum doesn’t like them playing in her house.

Fifteen minutes later I finally get to the turn off that is Ebony’s street, turning down into it I see that half the houses are still in darkness. “Mmm they should be getting up or already up for an hour by now…” I think to myself. A few minutes later I reach her house, number 102, it’s a mansion with 4 single rooms, 5 double rooms (2 with ensuites), 3 bathrooms and a huge basement. Her father owns a multi million dollar business which is how they can afford to stay living there. Her mum died when she was only eight so her father had to hire a person to help look after her and the house while he was working. Their house kind of looks like the house from the movie rose red that was based on one of Steven King’ books. Which is about a house that finishes building itself after the builders that were building it had stopped because there were too many deaths. That’s when a group of people with different psychic abilities are sent in to investigate. It ends with the youngest, a wee girl that when she draws something it happens, drawing the house and big huge rocks falling onto it destroying it enough so it couldn’t build itself again.

I toot my horn and five seconds later out comes Ebony looking happy.

“Hi Eb’s that was fast, are you sure you don’t have some super fast speed power?” I say smiling. She’s about average height for our age, got blonde hair that falls just past half way down her back, hazel eyes, medium build and has a small scar above her left eyebrow from falling off a horse when she was younger.

“Hey Zoey, nah I was just already ready and waiting for the toot, then I saw your car pull up from the lounge window.”

“Ok Ebony. I got to make a quick stop on the way to school, hope you don’t mind?”

“No that’s fine, I don’t mind … so where are we going?” Ebony says

“To go get a birthday present for Danaus, it’s his birthday in four days and I want to get him something that has his favourite band on it.” I reply

Danaus is one of my very good close mates. I first met him in year 9 while I was in the gym one day training for soccer. He had walked in and wanted to know where the science block was, it was his first day and nobody had shown him around yet so I offered to show him where it was. After that we hung out heaps and became good friends.

“Oh alright then” Ebony says then looks out the window. The rest of the way to the music shop I go for my Within Temptation merch, we didn’t talk.

Pulling into my usual park outside the shop I say “Wait in the car I’m only going to be in and out again”… seeing that the “Pleasantville music store” open sign was already out I get out of the car.

“Ok then.” She says back as I close the door behind me. As I walk into the shop I see the lady at the counter has her head down resting it on her arms that were on the counter top. It looks like she was sleeping so I go closer to her and say loud enough hoping to wake her up, “Excuse me?!...”. She slowly lifts her head up; see’s me then lounges across the counter towards me. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you I was only wondering I you have….” I didn’t get time to finish that sentence she grabbed me and started trying to bite me. “Argh! Get the hell off me!!!”… While trying to keep her from biting me I look around for something to use as a weapon if need be.

I hear the car door close with a slam and Ebony strolls in see’s that’s I’m needing help she comes to my aid. Taking in what’s happening she asks urgently if I have been bitten by her, puzzled by the need in her voice I quickly respond with a no. So she picks up a metal pole that’s just sitting by the shelf near where she is standing and comes over behind the shop keeper ramming the pole straight into her head. I almost vomit when I hear the pole go through her brain making a squelching noise. She goes still then falls backwards to the floor. Dead.

“Give me a hand with the body…we will put it in the back room” Ebony says. I must have had a worried look on my face because she adds “I’ll explain after we move her, I don’t want her lying there for too long with her blood pouring out of her head all over the floor.”

Once we had moved her body to the back room and shut the door, we came back out and Ebony begins to talk. “…While I was waiting in the car, something came on the radio, an emergency news update… saying ‘people are trying to eat other people and the ones that are bitten change and start biting others’ then I heard a scream and the radio lost its signal” she says “so we need to get out of here and go help the ones that haven’t been bitten yet by... I cant believe I’m actually gonna say this but zombies. Hurry, find what your gonna get Danaus and lets go!” So I head towards the clothes section of the shop to look for the hoodie I want to get him that has ‘Guns ‘N’ Roses’ on it. Quickly looking through the band hoodies I see the perfect one and walk back over to where Ebony is waiting, “Found what I came here for, we can go now..” I say still a bit shaky from what just happened. I walk over to the counter and leave money for the top by the register.

“Um Zoey? I don’t think you need to do that now, come on lets go!”

“Alright” I say, leaving the money anyway.

Heading outside we see Mr. Salvatore out for his morning walk before school where he teaches history.

“Hey girls off to school now I hope?” he says suspiciously.

“…have you not heard the…” I start to say but Ebony gives me one of those ‘not now’ looks so I say “…yes we are Mr. Salvatore”

“Good I will see you there and you better be there by the time I get there.” He says over his shoulder as he carries on walking.

We arrive at school fifteen minutes later to see our librarian, Mrs. Taylor, heading towards her car.

“Mrs. Taylor?” I ask to get her attention as she passes us.

She pauses then, “Yes Zoey? What is it?”

“Have you got any ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ books in the library at the moment? We need some information like right now if that’s possible please?” I ask her politely hoping she does. I share a quick glance with Ebony and see that she has the ‘I’ve just seen a ghost’ look on her face. I give her a reassuring smile and look back at Mrs. Taylor.

“Yes… two were returned yesterday morning, meet me there in ten minutes, I just got to get something from my car.” She replies and walks towards the car park to her car.

“Thank you!” Me and Ebony shout at the same time, loud enough so she will hear.

I look back at Ebony seeing that she looks scared now I give her a hug. “Come on lets get to the library Eb’s”.

Reaching the library Ebony spots Mr. Newsted, our Geography teacher, stumbling around. “Zoey, we got to get rid of him,” she says anxiously.

“Ok it’s my turn,” I say then add “I’ve always hated him anyway”. Looking around for something sharp to use. Spotting a hammer sitting by the hall entrance I race over and grab it. One minute later I bring the hammer down on the back of his head with enough force that there’s a sickening sound of his skull cracking, followed by the noise the hammer makes as it goes into his brain.

“EWWWW!!! Zoey that was sick!” Ebony screams looking a bit green.

“Sick but awesome, come on you have to agree with me on that…”

“Yeah sure was very ‘awesome’…” she says back sarcastically. “… Now what shall we do with the body Einstein?”

“I was thinking throw him into the bushes over there…” I reply pointing toward the big tall bushes that would hide a body.

She looks thoughtful for a moment then agrees with my idea. “Come on then let’s move him before Mrs. Taylor comes”.

We get him in the bushes just in time as Mrs. Taylor is coming round the corner.

“You both have blood on you… are you bleeding?” she asks urgently noticing the blood on us.

Oh crap…. “You wouldn’t believe us if we told you.” I say back

“Try me”

“Once we are in the library…” Ebony says quickly.

Mrs. Taylor seeing our faces decides it’s a good idea not to have this conversation right here and unlocks the doors to the library. Inside we explain everything to her, the zombie at the shop and then Mr. Newsted. “So you hid his body in the bushes?!”

“Yes because we couldn’t just leave it there in plain sight…” I repeat again

“And this was on the news?”

“No not the news it was an emergency update thing”

“And that’s all the person said?”

“Yes Mrs. Taylor!” both Ebony and me shout at the same time.

“Alright, I’m just trying to make sense of it all, relax girls.”

Where are theses two books?” Ebony asks politely

“They should be still in the recent returns shelf…” she says back

“Wait, we got to make sure every way of getting in here is secure…” Ebony says to me as I start heading for the shelf for the recent returns.

“Ok we should stick together though, just incase…”

“Yeah the safety in numbers thing good idea” Ebony and Mrs. Taylor say at once.

First thing we do is lock the front doors that we just came through. Then we start upstairs at the far end where the entertainment bit is with all the Xbox’s, computers, PS3 and Wii.

Making sure the upstairs exit outside door is locked; we then go back down stairs and make sure all the fire exits are secure. After we were done checking Ebony and I headed to the recent returns section of the first row of shelves as you walk in the building. Finding the two books more or less straight away we head to the issues desk where Mrs. Taylor is waiting patiently for us. Handing the books to her to issue out for us, my phone makes its beep sound saying that I have a text message. I reach into my dark blue Jay Jays skinny jeans pocket and slide it out.

“Hey Babe where are you?” it was from Lucas, my boyfriend, just as I was about to reply with ‘in the library at school’ my phone beeps again with another message. Again it’s from Lucas, this time it reads: “I just went by your house and saw your mum getting attacked by that Mrs. Clarkson she was literally trying to bite your mum so I stopped and went to her aid… pulling her off your mum I noticed that she had already bitten her and the wound was looking infected so I’ve taken her into the hospital to get it checked out…” Oh hell I think to myself. Tapping the reply button I put in “Ok thanks Hun. I’m with Ebony in the school library, meet us here ASAP”

Submitted: April 22, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Nelly Brown. All rights reserved.


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