Once bitten, Twice dead

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 28, 2012

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Submitted: April 28, 2012



Half an hour later Lucas is here tapping on the library door, Mrs. Taylor lets him in after making sure he wasnt one of them. I get up from where Ebony and i are sitting doing research to meet him half way.

"Hey babe," i say hugging him and giving him a kiss

"Hi hun, so what's going on??? Mrs. Clarkson was fully trying to bite your mum ... just like a maniac, no wait just like a zombie."

"Well i think you need to sit down for this," i say starting to get worried about how he was going to react to this whole zombie thing. I grab his hand and lead him back over to Ebs who lifted her head up from the book to smile a hello to Lucas then went back to reading. "Ok now you know how you said that it was like Mrs. Clarkson was a zombie???" i ask cautiously watching his face to see if it will show what he's thinking

"Yes Babe... " he responds waiting for me to say more

"Well it's because..." i pause for a second to think of how to word what i'm going to say next, "it's because she is one of those brain eating things like from the movies... the whole town will probably almost be zombies by this time tomorrow." i frown watching his expression change from 'Oh my god this cant be true' to 'it explains alot' as he thinks about it without saying anything. "Babe?... you alright?" i add worried

"Uh yeah Hun just trying to get my head around it, its too early in the morning for this..."

"I know what you mean, Ebony and i have already gotten rid of 2 of them within two hours." i answer looking over at Ebony trying not to let the images of the dead bodies that were trying to eat us enter my head again.

That's when she looks up from the part she is reading and says "Zoey ... we need to know more about these things your meant to be helping with the reading  get back to it now that you have explained to lover boy" 

"Yes Mum" i answer obediantly grabbing the book i was reading before lucas arrived. "Lucas you can keep watch with Mrs. Taylor if you want or you can just sit there quietly..." i add before getting back to reading.



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