It Goes On And On

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Frost is quite the trouble maker and is not very advanced when it comes to her powers. The wolves of her pack disrepect her and treat her like an omega. Most of her life Frost does the same routine day after day until something happens...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - It Goes On And On

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



"Frost, wake up already!"

Frost woke with a start at Mason taps rather roughly on her shoulder with his paw.

"Hey, hey, hey!" She complains in a humorous tone. "Watch the fur! I groomed it only last night." She adds with sarcasm.

"Think your so funny, don't you?" He says in a bit of a growl, a bit of a worried voice. "Will you think it's so funny once Alpha Claw strays you off territory again for punishment?"

"I have had worse punishments." She rises herself in a sitting position. "Besides, he won't care since most of the morning duties are all being taken care of."

"Great observation." Mason rolls his eyes. "But haven't you thought of the fact it ISN'T morning anymore?"

Frost pricks her ears and turns her head to the entrance of her den. Mason was right. Due to the temperture and sun angle, it was mid-afternoon.

"Oh." she laughed nervously."Didn't see that coming."

"If I were you I would get up and get ready for your power training." He says. "I have to get to the Fire Ferns already. They are going to wonder where I am. And what am I to say when they realize I was talking to an Icy Ivy?"

"Oh I see how it is." She barks. "Your just embarrassed that your hanging around with the opposite element, right?"

"Of course not." he says with a flirt-like tone in his voice as he looks back to Frost as he walks out of the den. "Just embarrassed to be seen with a high ranking wolf who acts like an omega." He paces out the den before Frost can protest.

Frost just stares blankly at where he left his pawprints within the dirt. She had to admit that Mason was charming, but in a rather stubborn and bully-ish way.

Rising, Frost walks out her den and races to her element team. There are five elemented packs in the world. There is the Pack Of Clear Skies, the pack who lives within the clouds themselves and wings sprout from their backs, alowing them to fly and what makes them their pack. Then there is the Pack of Green Forests, who all have plants that relate to each wolf and their following plant sprouts rather fashionly onto their arms so they look like part wolf, part plant although they look really good. The Pack of Shadows rule the darkest parts of the world including caves, pine forests, and even thought to have once ruled hell itself. The waters are ruled by fishes inside a wolf's body that call themselves Pack Of Silver Fish. Last but not least is Pack of White Snow. This is Frost's home-pack, they are called Pack of White Snow for the fact that they live in the coldest part of the worlds.

The following elemented teams are the Fire Ferns, Icy Ivies, Water Willows, Earth Emeralds, Light Lillies, and Shadow Sprouts.

Frost passes by the Fire Ferns, which she can feel their unpleasent gaze upon her fur, laughing and tail-pointing. She can tell that Mason was among them. Why should she care if all he did was lead her to humiliation and trouble?

"About time someone actually showed up!" said a voice Frost reconized as Shiver, head of the Icy Ivies. "Now we can get some desent training done. All Icy Ivies, follow me to the lake for training today. I have something important to announce."

All the team make their ways through the snow and to the lake. Soon they have reached the large body of frozen water. Shiver climbs his way onto a large rock and lifts his head high as if he were leader himself.

"I have good news and bad news," he starts. "The good news is that the elemental packs have agreed to challege against us. The element teams would be combined as one in each pack and compete against each pack. The winning pack gets rewarded a feast and a chance to prove their pack is the strongest by showing their great powers in front of the rest of the packs."

The team gives several howls and barks of joy and agreement before Shiver raises his tail for silence. Whatever the bad news is, he sure is in a hurry to finish it.

"I am afraid that bad news must be shared as well." He saighs. "A fellow Icy Ivy has passed away."

Murmers of fear and surprise break through the team as they stare cluelessly at the team leader.

"Who?" a female asked.

"Stream has been murdered and her body was found by the Fire Ferns training grounds. I cannot say who killed her, but she was." He explains.

Frost stares at him with disbelief and couldn't help shouting. "Your Lying!" The team stares at Frost with surprise.

Gathering her courage to speak, Frost raises her head to Shiver, "She isn't dead! I only saw her yesterday! Your lying!"

"Frost," he says. "I am sorry but we cannot change what has been done. I know she was your closest friend, but you have to accept the fact that she is gone."

"No!" Frost cries. "I wont ever accept that Stream us dead! Never!" Suddenly, Frost finds herself running for the edge of her territory.



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