It Goes On And On

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013



Mason could already sense their cold presense. The Icy Ivies came into the densite. Frost was missing.

"Mason, a word." Said Shiver.

"I think not-"

I think so," He snapped.

Mason rolled his eyes and padded to where Shiver stood. His broad shoulders were pulled back as if to make him look rather larger and tougher.

"It's about Frost."

A chill ran through Mason's spine. He hated talking about Frost. He couldnt stand the fact of older and experienced wolves teasing his crush. Which made things worse because he was one of them just to hide his feelings.

"She ran off." He explained worriedly.

"I am sure she will come back" said Mason as sure as he could.

"She just found out her only family died. She WONT come back after that." Shiver growled.

"What do you want me to do about it?" said Mason as cooly as possible.

"I need you to go get her. She doesnt talk to anyone else in the pack other than me, you, and Stream. I have the Icy Ivies to control and obviously Stream is dead."

"Fine I will go!" Mason said.


His mision started the next day. He said his farewells to his own family and set off. He couldnt stop thinking about the silver she-wolf. Half because she was rather beautiful, half because its even too cold for an Icy Ivy to be out here.

His pads melted away the snow a bit rather harshly. The tiniest puffs of smoke formed from the bottom of his paws, nearly impossible to see.

The forest of thick pines clouded his vision as the cold grew harsher and Mason couldnt feel any heat at all. Slowly he felt himself dropping into the bare, white snow.

He felt his vision cloud as he thought he saw something grew come towards him. No, he thought, I am imagining it...

But her knew that wasnt true when the wolf touched him with its muzzle. Not long after, his vision blurred out completely.

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