The Battle Of My Life

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Raindrop wants to escape the city of which she was born in. The dogs took control of everything and plan to get at the wolves next. Raindrop is determined to help get every last cat out of the darkness and into the forest. Yet this task seems impossible. Or is it?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Battle Of My Life

Submitted: November 11, 2012

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Submitted: November 11, 2012



"Claws, what do you think will become of us if we stay here any longer?"

"What becomes of most, Raindrop, we will blend in with the rocks, then slowly fade to our ends."

Raindrop and other cats had lived in the abandoned city for years and it seemed that there was never a single ray of sunlight to brighten their paths. The dogs had taken over

the city, mind uncrontrolled and dangerous. They kill hundreds of them every day.

"I heard some were heading to the forest, they were barking about over powering the wolves now."  Claws was cleaning his paw, which was bleeding by dog bites.

"Wolves? How do they plan to do so? The wolves are much bigger compared to them." Said Raindrop.

"Im sure if we had all gathered together, we would have been much bigger than the wolves. But what you don't see, Raindrop, is that these dogs had picked up something that made them invinsible. No matter how hard these wolves will try, they would not stand a chance."

"Then don't you think we should find it? what ever made them stronger might help us too. Maybe we could escape them. Escape this city." Raindrop said. "Come on Claws, you know its worth-"

"No, Raindrop. It's not worth a shot. We could get killed. The only reason the dogs survived is because their bigger and much stronger."

Dissapointment rushed in Raindrop's blood. How will they survive then, if they are not as strong? The dogs would pick at them one by one until they were all gone.

"I know you want to go, Raindrop," said Claws, twitching the tip of his tail,"But we can't take any risks. Now, come and sleep. The dogs would all be out, hunting for wolves. We might have a chance of getting something to eat."

Claws padded over to a corner of the basement and curled into a ball of smokey-grey fur. Soon, he was gently breathing and his eyes were closed.

Raindrop didn't feel tired enough to fall asleep. She climbed up the stairs that lead to the first floor of the old house. She then climbed onto a window and stare out into the world she knew, which was darkness, disloyalty, and fear.

Raindrop would do anything for all the cats to escape this horrible nightmare. She would fight the dogs herself if she had the strength. She would have been able to get both herself

and Claws out. The were the last of their family. Her mother (Snowflake) had died of going to close to one of the abandoned traps in the ally's. The door came too quickly and closed

at her side, wounding her badly and she lost too much blood. Most of her littermates died of the dogs. The only one who did not die of the beasts was Lilly. Lilly lasted longer than the rest and would have still been alive if it weren't for a hole that had been in a roof. Raindrop and Lilly were in charge of food and the dogs found them. The climbed the roof of  a giagantic 7 story building. The floor and roof had been very old and was close to it's breaking point. Lilly fell into a hole in the roof. the floor underneath her had collasped as well. The fall was too much and it killed Lilly instantly.

"I can show Claws," said Raindrop to herself. " I am strong enough to get us both out of here safely. Im not like mother or Lilly, i could do it."

Raindrop raised her paw against the glass and pushed it open. She slid out and onto a broken sidewalk.



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