All my loving

Book by: Nens


Just trying to write something.
Fan fiction based, freely inspired by some fanfics about Tina Fey.

Let me know if you liked it!

Chapter21 (v.1) - Flashback - Truth, harmful truth.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 02, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 02, 2013




"Believe me or not, it's good news for you. You'll notice in a few weeks." Emma was sitting on the table of her living room, and Nancy was drinking a glass of white wine, as usual, in front of her.

"How can you say so? He's gone, probably for years! I don't think that not seeing him at all will help me..or will it?"

"It will damn it!" Emma jumped off the table.

Nancy sighed. "I just can't.. He never ever acted this way, never! He never told me about Lisa's pregnancy! Even when he knew I had met her, he never faced me! Why? How could he-"

"He freaked out Nancy! He completely freaked out! He thought he could keep going with both you and her, and when she left him, he was freaked out! He did not plan it! He freaked the fuck out, believe me. He had never realized what he was actually doing until Lisa discovered about you two and broke up with him. You see, you knew that you two where doing something bad, in fact you were feeling guilty, but he had not realized it until Lisa-"

"Yes but why acting like such a jerk?!"

"Because he's weak, honey! He's one of the most vulnerable guys I've ever met! Even when you had just met Jeff, When we were in college.. You probably did not know, but he was so full of complexes!"

Nancy took a sip of wine and sighed.

"But.. Now everything's ruined. Our friendship, our complicity.. All gone because of stupid libido, fuck this."

"Nancy listen." Emma put her hands on her friend's shoulders. "You are going to be fine. I promise. I love you and I'm gonna help you. And we're starting now. I think that all you need is get distracted. What about double date tonight? Sushi and a movie."

Nancy smiled. "I'd love to."

"Matt will be into it. Call Jeff?"

"Yeah. Thanks." 

She dialed Jeff's number. "Hi love how are ya? Hope I don't- Oh great. Well, how'd you like double date tonight? With Emma and Matt, sushi and movie. We can call our neighbors to babysit Liv for once, they love her!" She listened to his husband speaking, and a smile appeared on her face. "Wonderful! See ya there then, I love you!"

"See? Come on, let's get ready. You have to be super hot."

"Oh, speaking of that, can I borrow your-"

"-low cut black dress? Definitely."


Nancy and Emma entered their favorite sushi restaurant, and Matt arrived a few seconds later.

"Hi beautiful eyes," he kissed Emma, and hugged Nancy. "Wow, you two girls look gorgeous."

"Thanks," said Emma, crossing her fingers with his.

"Jeff's gonna be here in five minutes." Nancy smiled. 

They took a sit and chattered for some time, until Jeff arrived, a bit uncombed from the run.

"Sorry guys, got stuck in the traffic jam," he blurted, and Nancy got up to greet him. "Hi love," he kissed her incredibly passionately, and then they sat, while Emma winked at Matt.

"Well, please let's order something now, I'm so hungry I could eat this table!" blurted Emma, and the four started analyzing the menu laughing together.

After dinner, the two couples went out for a walk.

"Well, and what about you two? Any plans on getting married?" asked Jeff as a joke, at a certain point.

Emma and Matt looked at each other and smiled. "Well, that's also why we asked you for a double date."

Nancy put an arm around Jeff's body and looked at her friends confused.

Emma took a wonderful diamond ring out of her pocket, and wore it on her left hand. "Matt proposed to me yesterday night. We haven't planned anything yet, but whenever will it happen, we'd love you two to be our witnesses."

Jeff's jaw fell for the surprise and Nancy laughed excited.

"EM OH MY GOD!" she screamed, and then took her best friend's hands. "Of course I will be your witness, oh gosh, I'm so happy!" They hugged and Nancy felt some tears dropping on her shoulder. "Ahw Em!" 

Jeff and Matt hugged too. "Congrats man, you couldn't pick for better," said Jeff.

"I know," replied Matt, laughing, "By the way, there's really nothing planned yet, actually we were thinking about next year.. But it's gonna happen for sure, so.." he said, kissing his fiancé. 

"This is so great!" stated Jeff. "So, so great. I'm happy for you guys, you really look like you're made for each other."

Emma and Matt kissed. "Well, I say let's go celebrate, screw the movies, drinks on us!" said Matt, as his lips left Emma's.

"Yay!" Nancy hugged her best friend again and they all walked towards the nearest bar.


As Daniel and Lisa entered the small apartment they bought in Vancouver, she breathed out relieved to be home and laid on the big armchair.

"God this has been the most exhausting trip.." she complained, scrolling the bump with her hands. "If I keep this rhythm while we're here, the baby will be premature!"

"Well you're already eight months! But you don't have to worry, because from this moment on, you'll be here, relaxing as much as you desire." he kissed her.

"I can't wait."

"To relax?" he laughed softly.

Lisa smiled. "No silly, to have our baby."

"I can't wait too. An speaking of that, we should talk about names. I like both Charlie and Theodor."

"Theodor? Ew, it is terrible!"

"What? It is adorable! You can call him Teddy!"

"Oh come on! He's not going to be named Theodor as long as he's my son too." she teased.

"Well that's gonna be Charlie then."

"Well, Charlie's cute, but why would you think I don't have any names in my mind?"

"You have?"

"Of course. I like James, Andrew and Wayne."

"Uhm well, James is my father's name, so no.. Andrew, doesn't it sound like..a disney prince to you?"

"A Disney prince?" She laughed, amused. "You never cease amazing me."

"But it does!" 

They laughed. "Wayne is out of question anyway, how can you picture a child named Wayne?"

"Hey, my first boyfriend's name was Wayne! And we were only in middle school!"

"Even more reason."

She panted. "Well, so we have Charlie or Andrew."

"Disney prince."

"Stop that!" she threw a cushion at him and he tickled her. "Okay okay, no no no, no Andrew, just stop tickling!" she laughed.

"That's my girl." He kissed her sweetly and turned the tv on.

"So, would you like to order Chinese for dinner?" she asked.

"Do not change the topic."

"I don't like Charlie."

"You said it was cute."

"It is cute, but.. I don't know. I think I'll have to see him first."

"Okay. Deal. I'll come up with others great names by then. Like Connor or Kevin."

She kissed him, "Oh please, shut up."


Nearly two months later, three full weeks after the due date, Lisa finally felt contractions early in the evening.

Daniel quickly drove her to the hospital she was planning to give birth at, and the doctors immediately brought her into the room.

Hours went by, and at 8 in the morning Lisa was still into labor, exhausted and painful, while Daniel was drinking his third cup of coffee.

An old doctor entered the room at nine. "Morning madam.."

"Mills, Lisa Mills."

"Mills. Since you've been into labor the next 12 hours, the other doctor that visited you agreed that we should do the c-section, to avoid any complic-"

"No, no way, I'm gonna deliver this child myself!" 

She started pushing, and the nurse stopped her rudely. "Lady stop this immediately, you're not dilated enough to push! You don't wanna hurt your child, do you?"

"NO!" Lisa threw herself back and started crying. "I don't want a c-section! I wanna have my baby!"

Daniel got closer and took her hand. "Honey there's nothing bad about c-section! Your and the child's health are what's important right now!"

"No, I wanna give birth myself, I wanna have my baby!"

"You will have your baby honey, but calm down or-"

"Do not tell me to calm down, I will not calm- AAAAAHHH!"

The nurse turned over as she heard Lisa screaming. "Madam you better lay down."

"We have to cut." said the doctor, wearing his rubber gloves and mask. "You need to get out of here." he told Daniel.

Lisa remained sat on the bed, her hands around her belly to try to reduce the pain of the contractions.

"She's bleeding doctor Anderson, she's bleeding!" a nurse suddenly called, preoccupied.

Daniel, who was about to leave the room, stepped back towards his girlfriend, "She's bleeding?!"

"Sir you can't stay in here," another nurse pushed him outside the delivery room as he saw the doctor injecting anesthetic to Lisa, who was still crying.


A good 45 minutes later, doctor Anderson reached Daniel, who was all sweaty and anxious, outside the delivery room.

"Is he born? Are they okay?" Daniel blurted as he saw the door opening.

"Yes, the baby is born. Your wife is still under anesthesia effects, so she's asleep, but she's okay. Although, both her and the child lost a lot of blood, so we wanted to ask you if you'd agree to be-"

"Take mine, take my blood!"

"Sure, we'll be taking a blood sample from you, but we need to do a DNA test to both your wife and the baby, 'cause you still may be incompatible. And for that, I need your permission, and a signature."

"Of course." Daniel was shivering. "And she's not my wife. She's my girlfriend."

The doctor smiled. "Well, usually marriage comes in the same package with a baby! Follow me, we'll be doing the test right now."


A couple of hours later, Daniel was sitting on a wooden chair near Lisa's bed, caressing her hand, and she was still sleeping.

A nurse entered the room quietly.

"We have the results mr Cooper." she whispered.

"Oh yes, thank you." he said, giving a hint of a smile.

The nurse grimaced, and bit her lip. "I don't know if it's better to wait for you girlfriend to wake up or-"

"No, do not bother, I just wanna know if my blood can be used."

"Oh, no, it cannot. In fact, there is a problem.."

"Wh.." Daniel frowned and looked at her girlfriend. "What's this problem?"

The nurse scratched her nose. "See, we did the DNA test and the baby, you are not matching."

Daniel kept looking at the nurse, confused.

"I'm sorry mr Cooper, but.. You are not the father of this baby."

Daniel opened his eyes wide. "No, no. There must be some sort of mistake. There has to be, you see, I am the father."

"Sir, I'm sorry, but there are no mistakes, we did the test two times, as we usually do, to be completely sure. I am really sorry, but the baby is not your biological child."

© Copyright 2016 Nens. All rights reserved.

All my loving All my loving

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Just trying to write something.
Fan fiction based, freely inspired by some fanfics about Tina Fey.

Let me know if you liked it!
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