All my loving

Book by: Nens


Just trying to write something.
Fan fiction based, freely inspired by some fanfics about Tina Fey.

Let me know if you liked it!

Chapter4 (v.1) - Flashback - Six years before.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 18, 2013




Six years before.


That morning, Nancy received an unexpected call.

"Hello?", she said on the phone while biting a cookie.

Daniel's heart skipped a beat as he heard her voice; it had gotten sweeter, and he realized how much he have missed it over the summer holidays. "Hello, hi Nancy, it's me, Daniel!" 

"Oh Dan, hi buddy! What's up?" 

"Great, everything's great! What about you?" 

"I'm fine, I'm..perfectly, actually."

"Awesome then." He remained silent for some seconds, and then added, "Thomas and I are organizing something, like a little party, just for, uhm.. Don't know, meet up I guess, before the next season starts again! How'd you like to come?" 

"Oh, that sounds fun! When would that be?" 

"Uhm, next saturday, nine o'clock, I can email you the address!" 

"Terrific! I'm definitely in." 

"Great! Yeah, amazing. See you there then!" 

"Of course! Bye Daniel, thanks again! Love you," she said.

"You're welcome Nance! See ya."


Nancy put the phone on the table, as she finished her cookie.

"What is terrific?" Jeff had showed up behind her, hugging her waist.

"A party. Daniel and Thomas, from work, are having a little party before the season starts." 

He kissed her neck, "Daniel? Didn't he work on scientific essays and stuff?" 

"Yeah, but now he moved to literature and novels, so the editors made us team up." 

Jeff sighed. He had clearly noticed how that dude kept flirting with Nancy, and now he had changed his area to work with her? Come on! But he remained silent, he didn't want to sound too jealous for bringing the topic up.

"I think I'll go, I mean, that'll be fun. Plus I haven't seen Daniel since April, when he went to Vancouver to attend those french courses." she added.

Jeff grimaced, but she couldn't see him since he was behind her. 

"Anyway, it's next saturday. Are you coming with me?" 

Jeff laughed, "I don't think the invitation included the sentence 'bring your husband with you'!" 

"Well no, but you're friend with Thomas, I'm sure he wouldn't mind, on the contrary!" 

He turned her wife around, so that they were now face to face. "No honey, don't bother, I'm perfectly fine. Plus I have tons of work to do in this period of the year, you know that, I'm not sure I would have had time to come anyway." 

He kissed her neck again, and she giggled. "Most importantly, do you feel like going?" he asked, serious. 

"Sure I do Jeff! I'm pregnant, not sick. Stop treating me like I'm going to explode, I'm not even six months along." she grumbled. 

He moved his hands on her paunch, and coddled it smoothly. "I know, I just don't want you to get too tired." 

She smiled, "I don't want to either, and I won't, I promise. Now step back, I feel a bit nauseous, I don't wanna barf on you." 

"Have you always been so classy?" he laughed. 

She grimaced and walked barefoot towards the bathroom.

Jeff looked at her wife's figure: she was perfect. It was the middle of August and it was boiling outside, so she was wearing only panties and one of his t-shirts, that fit her perfectly since her belly had evidently begun to grow. He couldn't take his eyes off of her body as she walked around the house tidying up, she was everyday more attractive, and he was everyday more in love.

Lunch was almost ready, and he was setting the table, when Nancy entered the kitchen and opened the fridge. 

"Sit down mommy," he said, "let the baby take a rest." 

"Oh please, I woke up an hour ago, we're not tired anymore," she replied, tapping on her belly. 

He took her between his arms and kissed her gingerly, and she reacted with a passionate long kiss. 

"Stop being obsessively careful, spice it up a bit!" she whispered, between one kiss and another.

"Oh you want to spice it up?" he replied ironically. 

"With every fucking fiber of my being," she winked. 

"Then I guess lunch will have to wait," Jeff pulled Nancy on the couch as she laughed sneeringly, and began to tickle her and kiss her all over her body, while she moaned with pleasure.




On Saturday afternoon, Nancy came out of the shower, wore a large towel around her body and went to explore her wardrobe to find something nice to put on for the party.

The house was incredibly silent: Jeff was at work and he didn't manage to come home at noon, so she have been alone since early in the morning. She was very excited about the party: she hadn't really have many chances to go out the past month, because it was incredibly hot and it wouldn't have been the best thing for the baby, plus she suffered of a pretty strong morning sickness, and she didn't really felt like going shopping and stuff.

That day though, she was feeling great: she was looking forward to see everyone from work, they were quite a connected team, all good friends, and she hadn't seen many of them in months. Also there was big news now: no one knew she was pregnant, because she didn't really show it until she entered the fifth month, so she hadn't felt like telling everyone about the pregnancy, but now everyone was gonna notice!

Now her baby bump was pretty visible, and she couldn't wait to see her friend's reactions.

She picked a nice tight blue mini dress, and high heels. Well, not really high, that would have been extremely uncomfortable for her now that she had to deal with the pregnancy extra weight, but she wanted to look pretty anyway, so she chose a pair of nude decolletés.

She slipped off the towel to put on her underwear, when she noticed a piece of paper under the wardrobe: she bent over carefully, and she picked it up. It was a photograph of her, who was probably around 20 years old or something, in what seemed to be a library, or a bookshop, and she was throwing her head back in laughter, clung to a guy that was probably kissing her on the neck.. 

'Wait a minute, is that Daniel? Oh my gosh, yes that's him! With long hair!' she realized, and burst in a genuine laugh. 

On the back of the photo she could read "april 1999, daniel and nance", and she smiled. They went to Paris together with a bunch of friends from college on April 1999, she remembered that well. She knew Daniel since they were 17, they met when she changed her class from spanish to french, and they immediately became close friends. That trip to Paris had been the greatest fun.. She had not met Jeff yet, and she was single and happy about it. Daniel and her have been constantly flirting during the whole journey, well, probably even after that, but they never actually were together, she never understood why.

She was absorbed in all those pleasant memories, went she felt a couple of soft kicks at the base of her stomach. "Well, someone's having fun in there, huh?" she said to her belly, smiling.


The doorbell rang twice, and Nancy walked in her lingerie to see who was looking for her.

"Hello," she said, opening the door a little bit, just enough to see who was outside. 

"Hi girl! I was passing by and I thought I could come up to say hello!" 

"Em!" Nancy flashed a large smile; her best friend was the only one who was always welcome, and she was glad it was her. 

"Come on in," she opened the door, "Sorry, I just jumped out of the shower," she said.

"Oh well, I've seen you in your underwear so many times, it doesn't really bother me," Emma joked. 

They hugged, "Gosh, your bump has grown!" she said surprised. 

"Yeah, finally," Nancy touched it gently. "Wanna something to drink, eat.." 

"Oh no I'm fine actually, I just had my third coffee today, I think I'm done." 

Emma sat on the arm of the couch. She looked stunning today: her short blonde hair were messy but cool, and she had a white dress that emphasized her tan. 

"Sooooo, do you finally know what's the sex?" Emma asked impatient. 

"Well, Jeff doesn't want to know.." 

"Oh come on, so you haven't even asked the doctor?" 

Nancy smirked, "I haven't said that.."

"SO YOU KNOW!" Emma jumped up from the couch and went closer to her friend. "So? Please tell me, pleeeease!" 

"Alright, alright," she laughed. "It's a girl." 

"YES! I KNEW IT! OH GOD YES! Please let me help you with the names, please!" 

"Definitely! I promised you that. But I don't have much time now, I have to leave in half an hour.." 

"Where to?" 

"Daniel and some buddies from work have organized a party for the beginning of the work season, so.." 

"Uhuhhh, Daniel, I see.." 

"Stop that," said Nancy, trying to zip up her dress. 

"Here, let me help you," Emma closed the back of the dress and looked at her friend. "I like it, you look hot. Can I do your make up?" 

"Yes please!" Nancy said relieved. 

They both went to the bathroom, and Nancy sat on the toilet, while Emma began to work on her face. 

"So lady, how's everything going?" 

"Not bad Nance, not bad. Delivery is the best. I mean, I can stay at my house cooking all the time, then when someone calls me I take the orders and I take everything to them. It's wonderful, I'm really enjoying it. Plus I have so much more free time, I even took up painting, I mean, awesome. And Matt..he is so sweet. This thing is getting serious, you know, I really love him." 

She put the lipgloss back in her purse. "Okay, I'm done." 

Nancy stood up and went in front of the mirror: Emma was a terrific at doing make up, her eyes seemed wider and deeper, she looked really hot. 

"Oh my, I love it!" She hugged her best friend, and looked at the clock. "Fuck, it's already 8:40, I gotta run!" she said, wearing her shoes. 

"Well, I can drive you, my car is right outside!" 

"Oh thanks Em, you're my savior." Then she put on a nice cardigan and they went downstairs.

© Copyright 2016 Nens. All rights reserved.

All my loving All my loving

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Just trying to write something.
Fan fiction based, freely inspired by some fanfics about Tina Fey.

Let me know if you liked it!
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