Jesse's Girl

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Charlotte visits her father in Texas where she meets Jesse a ranch hand working for her father. The two of them hit it off while trying to deny feelings towards each other. But then the economy goes bankrupt from all the robberies and they have to find a way to save the ranch, or Jesse get's fired. Will they be together after all? Or does fate have a different idea?

I would love some feedback! It's my first time writing and I'm not really sure if I like the way I wrote this! Thanks!(:

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Jesse's Girl

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Submitted: January 05, 2013




Charlotte rocked back nervously on the balls of her feet, tapping the boarding pass against her thigh as an impatient gesture, hoping that the line would move faster. She was anxious to see her dad who lived in Texas on a ranch in some local neighborhood miles away from an actual city, she was sure. She didn't mind that they wouldn't have much to do, she had just missed him so much, living with her mother was harder than she had originally thought. As the people in front of her slowly moved forward it took all of Charlotte's will to board at their pace and not sprint to the front of the line. Once she handed the attendant her boarding pass, she stepped onto the plane and choose a seat at the back of the plane by the window so she would be able to see her father's ranch from afar, and settled in for a flight from Ohio.


2 very long hours later Charlotte stepped off the plane and headed to the baggage claim to pick up her 3 bags of clothes packed in tightly. She walked down the aisle, drifting her eyes over the crowds of people and instantly locked eyes with the person she was looking for. 



Charlotte's father ran over to where Charlotte was standing and squashed her in a huge hug, picking her up as if she was still 5 years old, even though she was almost 18. Laughing, Charlotte hugged him back and once she was set down, took his arm and led him to the baggage claim, catching up with him on the walk there. He scooped up her bags and tossed them on a cart they managed to find and led her out side where his pick up truck was parked. Tossing the bags in the back he flashed a smile towards Charlotte and began telling her all about his ranch and the new animals and employees they had received. She leaned back in her seat and got comfortable for a 2 hour ride. 


Charlotte stepped out of her dad's pick up truck onto the yellow-green grass lawn that ran up to an old country looking porch. As she walked around the car to unload her bags, she noticed another person standing behind the car. He looked to be about 6 feet tall and had light brown hair with a hint of blonde in it, with lean muscle showing through the sweat stains on his grey shirt that clung to his body. A strip of skin was showing between the bottom of his shirt and his faded jeans. Charlotte tried not to stare and completely avoided her eyes while looking down at the ground.


"Hey, I'm Jesse, one of the ranch hands working for your father" He cocked a smile at Charlotte while throwing all of her bags over his broad shoulders.

Charlotte, her mouth hanging slightly agape, stumbled out an " Hi I'm Charlotte" and tried to attempt a smile while trying to stop drooling. Jesse headed up the steps of the porch, opened the front screen door, and walked into the house, gliding up the stairs. Charlotte's father saw Charlotte eyeing Jesse's ass and started chuckling at her. 


"Whatt?" Charlotte stated innocently, her father just gave her a look and gestured her to come in further into the house.

"Jesse will be taking your bags up to your room, which you can see later, but first come here"

Her father gestured towards the back screen door and Charlotte walked towards him wondering what he could be talking about. When Charlotte stepped outside onto the back patio she took in her surroundings: a horse barn, a garden, a pasture for cows, and a hen house. Nothing out of the ordinary. She stared up at her father trying to guess what he meant. He sighed, "Look inside the barn". Charlotte walked cautiously forward, opened the barn door, and took a step inside. In a stall a magnificent red-colored horse was pawing the ground, definitely new. "He's yours". Charlotte turned around with a big smile on her face, her brown wavy hair tangled from the wind, and flung her 5'4 ft  body at her father in a hug. "Thank you so much" was all she could get out, for her throat was thick with emotion. Her father just chuckled and said " Well, ya better go unpack cuz we have stuff to do today" and began walking back to the house.


Leaping up the stairs excitedly to go unpack her clothes, Charlotte reached her door and looked into her room. It was utterly transformed from a pink princessy 6 year olds room to a modern sophisticated but cute 17 year olds room. A bed was in the middle of the wall with a bookcase and desk on one side and then a bean bag and chair on the other. Her dad had even gotten her a new laptop. 

"So how do you like it?" a deep voice behind her sounded. 

Charlotte whirled around and found herself staring into incredibly blue eyes. Jesse smirked.

"Oh uh great" Charlotte stumbled. 

"Awesome, I moved the furniture myself." Jesse gave her a wink. "We're having lunch now and then we're gonna go out and check on everything on the ranch, if you want to help." He waited for her to follow and led the way down the stairs, calling out "Hey Pete, Charlottes gonna join us today, what's for lunch?" and smiled another cocky smile, like he knew how attractive he was. "He probably does" Charlotte thought. "He must make some girls go insane".She slumped down the stairs and ate her sandwich.


Pete was making a sandwich for himself when he noticed how hard Charlotte and Jesse were trying not to look at each other, "Ah" he thought. and smiled inwardly, "Something could happen there".

"Hey Jesse why don't you and Charlotte take the horse barn and the cow pasture, and I'll take the hen house and see how the garden is coming along" Pete said it with so much authority that Jesse and no choice but to nod along and try not to make a fuss out of it. Charlotte looked at Jesse and noticed the expression he wore on his face. He definitely did not want to work with her, for some reason that made her chest hurt and she looked down trying not to show any of the hurt that she felt from being unwanted. 


Jesse looked up at Charlotte. "Damn, she is beautiful" He thought to himself, "those gorgeous hazel eyes, I would love to tangle my hands in her long brown hair while I kissed her senseless". He stopped mid bite as he realized what he had just thought. "No I do not want to kiss Charlotte, she is Pete's daughter and is not interested in me". Once they were done eating Charlotte and Jesse walked out to the stables.

Jesse turned to look at Charlotte when they had arrived, he stared at the delicious curves on her body that her tight ripped jeans seemed to flaunt and the dip and skin exposed at the neck from her flannel and tank top. He tried not to stare at her cleavage but it was so hard, how was he going to concentrate with her by his side?? "Charlotte first we need to clean out the stalls and muck them, then refill them with hay and give the horses new water and food, the finally we need to brush the horses and if they're dirty enough we can wash them." Charlotte couldn't figure out why his voice sounded so constricted and hoarse, but she agreed and decided to start with the new horse. Jesse laughed under his breath "So you're starting with the new horse, I nicknamed him red, he's got some fire in him". He began whistling and walked away to work on the stall next door.


Charlotte cautiously approached the stall. Her daddy had taught her to do this at a young age but it's been years since she's seen a horse, let alone be near one. She began to clean the stall and guided Red out to brush and clean his coat. Once he was hooked up she re-filled the water and food trough and bucket and went back out to clean her new horse. "Hey Jesse, I think I'm gonna wash Red, he's just so dirty and has some mud on him." "Alright, well just use the hose and there's some shampoo and a sponge in the office!" Charlotte got the supplies she needed and quickly hurried back. "Well it's time to wash you off Red. huh, have you been a naughty boy rolling around in the mud?" She asked affectionately and turned on the water. She got all of his coat wet, though it was a challenge because he kept moving around and ended up getting water on herself, then turned to get the shampoo bottle and lather him.


Jesse walked out of the stall he was working on and saw Charlotte with a big smile on her face, looking like she was enjoying herself. He hid from her sight, no need to take away this moment from her. And then he heard her laugh and it was the sexiest thing he had ever heard, he shook his head at his thoughts and stole another look at her, the front of her shirt was soaked, almost see-threw, and she had splotches of water on her jeans. She bent over to pick something up and Jesse got a glimpse of a pink, lacey thong . He tried to control his breathing and concentrate on work, but he was just having a hard time doing that, so he took off his shirt to try and cool himself off.


"Jesse!! I can't turn off the hose!" Charlotte called. Jesse stepped out from behind his hiding spot and walked over to the hose, careful not to look at her and only at the ground. He tried turning the nozzle with ease and found that it was stuck, so he put some muscle into it to turn it off. And when he looked over at Charlotte she was staring at him with such passion, it made him heat up.


When Jesse had walked over to turn the water off, Charlotte thought she just might faint at the sight off him, he looked good with out a shirt. All the muscle looked very natural, toned but not so much that it was too much, but just the right amount. She caught herself licking her lips at the sight of him. And she just about died when he turned the knob, because his muscles constricted and Charlotte could clearly see how strong he was. That put thoughts running through her head, wondering what it would be like to run her hands over his arm muscles. She chastised herself at such foolish thoughts and tried to rid herself of them when Jesse turned around.


The first thing Jesse noticed was that now he could see her nipples through her shirt and he couldn't stop staring, they just looked so perfect and he loved knowing that he was the cause of it, either him or the cold water, but he tried to pretend that it was him. Charlotte noticed his stare and looked down. Oh great she was so horny that her nipples decided to say hello. She quickly covered them by folding her arms across her chest and said "thank you". Jesse pulled his eyes away to meet her eyes and felt a blush creeping up his neck. "Oh, yeah, anytime" and backed away quickly to return to the safety of working. 



Charlotte was pretty sure that her face was a burning shade of red, that encounter with Jesse was so embarrassing. She just couldn't concentrate when working with him, although they worked well together, they finished only 3 hours later, a record time. As they headed back to the house they tried to make little conversation with each other and they soon passed by the garden.

"Are you guys having any luck with any of the crops your growing?" Charlotte asked.

"Nah, nothings been working out too well and we had to fire the gardener" "Oh well I know how to garden and I'm pretty good at it" Jesse looked up in interest at Charlotte and saw that she was blushing again and he smiled knowing that his stare was the cause of it. "Well we could definitely use your knowledge then" throwing her a quick smile he walked inside. 

Charlotte took a deep breath and walked in, she headed up to her room knowing that she was going to have to shower because she was sweaty and it was disgusting. She went to the bathroom and realized the problem…there wasn't a shower. Walking downstairs she called out to her dad but instead of him replying Jesse called back. "He's still out working, what can I help you with?" Charlotte stuttered "Uh.. the… show…. shower.." She blushed "Wheres the shower?" Jesse looked up at her amused "Oh yeah sorry about that we forgot to tell you, it's right by my room further down the hallway". Charlotte paused." Wait your room is down the hallway? Then whats the other house for?" "You're father has a few other people working for him, but I'm favored, so I stay here. Here I'll show you where it is". Jesse explained and led her upstairs.


Charlotte followed Jesse and noticed something she hadn't before, the hallway turned and inside the little nook was the door to Jesses room and the door to the bathroom. "Great", Charlotte thought to herself, "the bathroom and his room are right across from each other". "Thanks" she voiced out loud. "No problem and you can knock on my door for anything at anytime" Charlotte nodded and Jesse walked away, leaving her in the secluded second hallway. She walked into the bathroom and started the shower. A few minutes later she had forgotten that Jesse's room was right across the hallway and began to sing.


Jesse headed back upstairs to his room to change into new clothes since he had gotten mud on the ones he was wearing now when he heard the most amazing sound, dazed he walked towards it and found himself right up against the bathroom door. Absent mindedly he began to stroke his semi-hard dick. He immediately stopped once he realized what he was doing. This women was making him hard just from the sound of her voice, but he shouldn't pursue her! She was his boss's daughter and only 17! He was 19! But really that didn't matter to him. He then realized that the shower had stopped and he backed up into his room closing the door partly. Hopefully she didn't see him other wise she would think he was perverted but he didn't care, he WAS perverted. He cracked the door a little bit so that maybe he could catch a glimpse. He saw her pretty little face peak out to see if anyone was out in the hallway and she was biting her lip. He couldn't help himself, his cock was getting harder by the second, so he began to touch himself through his pants. She stuck out her legs and damn, he couldn't breathe for a second, they were perfectly shaped and had water droplets clinging to them. Once totally sure the hallway was clear she stepped out and he stuffed his had down his pants. The towel she had covering herself was the smallest he had seen. It barely covered her ass and the top of her breasts could be seen. He began stroking faster and harder trying to be silent so he wouldn't be caught. She started walking away when suddenly she turned around and went back to pick something off the floor of the bathroom. When she bent over the towel didn't cover everything and Jesse could make out the pink little slit of her pussy. He groaned and exploded. But at the same time Pete came home and slammed the door and Charlotte couldn't hear the moans coming from Jesse and she walked back to her room to get dressed. Jesse leaned back against the wall, trying to catch his breath. "I shouldn't have done that" he thought. Never again. 


Charlotte got up the next day sore and exhausted, she sleepily slumped down the stairs for breakfast to find Jesse cooking. He turned around and his mouth dropped. Charlotte was only in a camisole and sleeping shorts from Victoria's Secret. He cleared his throat and passed a plate of breakfast to her. Charlotte happily yawned, glad that Jesse was cooking pancakes, her favorite. Once eating and full awakened Charlotte quickly ran upstairs to change embarrassed by the lack of clothes. She came back downstairs dressed in jeans shorts and a white shirt tied up showing off her belly button piercing. Jesse suggested giving her a scenic tour of the orchard and the lake near by and then having a picnic for lunch. Pete looked and the two of them in amusement. They decided they would ride horses out to the grounds by the lake and headed out the back door.

Jesse ran off to get the horses while Charlotte waited for him to return and once he did he helped her up on, holding onto her ass longing that was necessary and looked at her with his smoldering eyes and when she returned his smile, he gave a little squeeze and slid down a little further. She was almost certain he could feel the heat coming from between her legs but he let go of her and hopped onto his own horse.




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