A Test of Time: A Victorian Era Love Story

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - A Prisoner.

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



\"Why would you do that?\" Robin hissed at his father. Fiona had just been taken away to be locked up until Jules could deal with her. She hadn't fought, or even pleaded. She just went. Robin knew she had lost her trust in him. It was true, at one point he would have been prepared to dispose of her, but not now.... Not since he laid eyes on that pretty little face in the green house. But she was gone, and he probably wouldn't be able to see her again. Oh, the foolishness of young lovers.

\"I did it because you are weak. WEAK! If you form attachments, then you endanger yourself and us by losing focus! If you had listened to me, we would have been home by now! You are a selfish boy!\" Jules yelled. He spun around on his heel, leaving Robin in the middle of camp. There was nothing he could do. His Father would doubtless have Fiona guarded, so there was no chance of smuggling her out. He could go to Glover... No. He wouldn't understand. He would believe it was a trick.

With no reason to be standing out in the cold, Robin made his way to one of the big Arabian tents. He pushed his way in. Rory and Harabi, the most skilled physician in medicine that was available, were in the corner. Robin walked over and stood over his brother. His chest was bleeding again and the boy was drenched in sweat. Harabi glanced up at Robin, and in decent English said, \"he is not well. The blade that cut him was bad.\" By this he meant rusty. \"He needs better physician. I cleaned the wound and will put fresh bandage on, but that is all I can do. It is spreading quickly. He will be dead by tomorrow.\"

Robin shook his head and frowned. He knelt down next to the cot and clasped his brother's hand. Harabi left the two alone to talk.

\"You'll be fine. I'm going to get us out of here by dawn.\" He said quietly.

Rory turned his head to look at him. His blue eyes were glazed and had a far away look in them. \"How?\"

\"I'm going to get the key myself.\"

Rory leaned his head back against the cot and sighed. \"That's a bad idea.\"

\"It's my only chance at not having father kill Fiona. He's got her locked up right now. But if he doesn't get what he wants by morning, he WILL kill her, Rory. I know he will. Father's gone crazy. If I sneak in and get the key, We can leave without alerting Glover and causing any more trouble.\"

\"What about her?\" Rory asked with a frown.

Robin's heart sunk deeper. He didn't reply. He didn't want to acknowledge the fact that she would stay, and he would leave, and they would never be together. Even if they did find each other in the future, she would be well grown and much older than himself. An elderly woman by then, if not dead.

Rory sensed Robin's thoughts. He clenched his brother's hand tighter. \"Then bring her.\"

\"No... Father would never-\"

\"Forget father! He is just a grumpy old toad. If you love that girl, you'll bring her goddammit!\" Rory abruptly stood up and pulled his coat back on.

\"What are you doing?\" Robin asked, standing up.

Rory almost fell over. He right sided himself, then quietly exclaimed, \"You are going to get that key. I'm going to get your girl.\"


Fiona was in a dark windowless room. It was small enough to be a pantry or broom closet, but it had a bunch of locks and latches on the outside. She had been put there by a much gentler and kinder man by the name of Lancelot. He was a medieval knight - he had a polished suit of armor, a stubby beard, and dazzling green eyes.

Lancelot had kindly given Fiona a bowl of hot soup and a blanket. He had even stayed and spoken with her for a while. She had asked him if he had known of a King Arthur.

\"Ah, yes. My king. A valiant man. I am a knight of his table - a most honorable position. Well... I was. Tristan and i were sent here long ago while we were out hunting. I have heard of the legends of modern times about him. They don't even contain all the splendid acts of my most Glorious king.\"

But then Jules came in and kicked the Sir Knight out. The man gave Fiona a small nod and left. She had a hunch that he would be nearby if she was to be hurt or molested.

He had yanked Fiona up to meet his gaze. \"Damn you, witch. You have no clue what trouble you've heaped on my head.\"

Fiona had cowered away from his whiskey scented breath and venomous words.

\"Tell me where the key is.\"

She whimpered as he yanked her hair a bit more. \"It's under the mattress, in my bedroom.\"

Jules let go and watched her for a moment. He said finally, \"if it isn't there... You'll be in for it.\"

Now she was huddled in the corner, thinking about the circumstance. Her body quaked - not from cold, or anger, or sadness. But from shock. The past few days had hit hard. Everything was lovely, and then it was like life had been stuck with a knife. Fiona was most shocked about Robin. The sweet lad had had the potential and intentions to hurt and kill her. But... Why hadn't he? Fiona knew that he loved her. With all of his heart. They had only known each other for a few weeks, but it had been sufficient. Now, they would be ripped away from each other. By the time he was to reach the time he had been taken from, she would be an elderly woman, if not dead.

Fiona tugged at the necklace that laid across her chest. It was a blue cameo her uncle had given her. The jewel had been Valentia's. On the night she had been murdered, he had taken it from her neck and had always worn it on his wrist. Now, it was in the girl's possession.

What about him? Robin had been right. All he had wanted was the key. He may have played his cards indirectly, and maybe not said it aloud, but his intention had been revealed the other night when he was drunk. Fiona believed that he DID love her. Maybe not planning to, but he ended up doing it. What if he was just trying to prevent her from suffering the same fate as his dead lover?

And Clavin... What the hell was his problem? Why would her brother betray her like that? The boy should have come directly out and spoken to her about the situation. Not tattled to Glover. That was a childish thing to do.

But now it was too late to change anything. Fiona sensed that she would be dead by morning. Whether Jules got the key or not, he would kill her. He wasn't the man to provoke - and Fiona had done just that, stretching his limits until they were almost snapped.

She prayed that the accursed key was still there and hadn't been found by Glover. She didn't want him hurt, and especially not Edith. There was nothing she could do but wait for the results.

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