A Test of Time: A Victorian Era Love Story

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Strange Happenings

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013



The next morning breakfast in the Crumbling dinning hall consisted of cheese omelets, hash, and ham. Fiona ate until she felt her belly would burst or Edith would run out of food to serve. Mr. Conners wiped his mouth, commenting on the lovely weather and asked the girl if she would like a tour of the grounds. They strolled out the front door after the meal was finished and the table was cleared. They crossed the lawn in silence, following a sliver of a path up to a mound of earth. On top sat a big glass building. The sun rays bounced off, making it seem like it was glowing. \"This here is the green house.\" Stated Mr. Conners. They climbed the hill. Fiona went in the double doors to find a maze of greenery. Multicolored roses blossomed up in the first flower bed: pink, orange, crimson, blue, purple and white. \"Edith paints them. If you were wanting to know. She's an odd one, I'll give her that. She says it reminds her of her childhood.\" Uncle Glover strolled past with his hands on his hips, acting as if painting roses was an ordinary chore. They next came up to an orchard in a large planter box suspended from the roof by braided vines. Inside were miniature trees - full grown apple trees, not more than two feet tall. \"Ah, these are my favorite. Bite sized apples. Nothing sweeter.\" He picked one and popped it in his mouth. Fiona cautiously did the same. The juice from the fruit was warm and rich - it filled her stomach and sent tingles down to her chilly toes. It was like candy. Swallowing it made her throat tingle in a minty way. The rest of the green house plants were either oversized or the taste was exceptional compared to normal fruits and veggies. The tomatoes were the size of cantaloupes, the strawberries tasted like the finest any summer could brag, and the watermelon. The watermelon was easily the size of a cow. Mr. Conners explained that the fruit had been growing for 3 years and would finally be sliced for this upcoming Christmas. They left the magical green house, moving on next to the barn and stable. There were stalls running along every wall, each sized differently depending on it's animal occupant. The pigs had the biggest stall - a huge mud pit littered in freshly dumped scraps. Free roaming Goats nipped at Fiona's dress while she walked the hall. Upon entering a large airy room, there was a good many whinnies and foot stomping. Seven horse stalls each housed one of the incredible beasts. They danced around excitedly upon seeing the humans. \"Yes, this is my happiness.\" Uncle Glover patted the muzzle of a black Arabian affectionately. \"This is Melody. She rides so gracefully and delicately it sounds like her hooves actually make music.\" Fiona smiled at her uncle and then met the other horses: two fillies, three stallions and a fowl not yet named. \"You can name him if you like. You may want to get to know him first though.\" Although she didn't say anything, Fiona nodded politely. She didn't think it would be necessary for her to get to know him: the sweet look in his eye. His energy. His loving nature. She would name him Calvin. After the little brother she hadn't seen in years but missed very dearly.

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