A Test of Time: A Victorian Era Love Story

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Torn loyalty.

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013



There was a big clearing illuminated by a massive bonfire in the center. This light allowed Fiona to make out most of the camp from the top of the hill they were on.

There were two huge tents to the north- colored red and orange and green with middle eastern patterns decorating them. The flaps of their loose hanging fabrics swayed in the light breeze. To the south was a low wooden and cobblestone building - a horse stable by the looks of it. Immediately to the right of it was a building that sat a little crooked. It was a brick, two-storied structure, with a british flag hanging by the entrance.

Robin pulled Fiona closer to the place that seemed void of human life. They scurried up behind the stable and entered. Inside was pitch black. \"Robin...\" She started to say after he let go of her hand. A beam of light pierced the darkness and Fiona found herself face to face with a camel.

\"Dear heavens!\" She jumped. Robin laughed. He held up a rusty old lantern to the creature.

\"This is Aba-Katara. The finest Arabian Camel in all of Europe... Well, probably the only one.\" He smiled at the creature. It affectionately nuzzled his hair.

\"Hullo Aba.\" Fiona said gently, holding up a hand to the 9 foot tall animal. It sniffed her pale skin and licked her.

Fiona giggled loudly.

\"Shhhhh. Don't want to alarm anyone.\" Robin breathed, holding a finger up to her mouth. They smiled at each other as they passed a couple of muscular steeds and went through the barn door. They were out in the winter air again.

Next they creeped over to the tents and silently walked by the back, careful not to let the fire create their silhouettes against the fabric.

Finally they came to the building. Fiona glanced at the words inscribed in the window: Gibson Antique Emporium - Established 1903.

The boy watched her closely. Would she finally believe him? Or somehow conclude this was a massive hoax? All the proof was there, now it just took a little faith...

They stood there for a long time.


He smiled at her tone. He knew what she was going to say.

\"It's true...?\" Fiona laced her fingers into his.

He nodded as they headed back towrpards the tree line.

The pines and evergreens swayed above them and a gentle snowfall began. The temperature was low enough for it, but there was something odd - no clouds


Robin pulled her in front of himself. They stared up at the stars and let the delicate little flakes fall on their noses. \"Magic.\" He breathed.

Fiona stood on her tiptoes and planted a sweet but gentle kiss on his lips. He wrapped her arms around his neck and passion flooded them both. Their lips moved together perfectly, and all of the bitter coldness seemed to melt away from their skin...

A twig snapped behind Robin and he was wrenched away from his lover.

\"What the hell are you doing?!\" Robin yelped as the intruder smashed a knee into the boy's stomach.

The hooded figure threw a punch, missed and was kicked to he ground. A gunshot rung out behind them, somewhere back at camp. Fiona gazed down on her brother, who was gushing blood at the nose. Robin looked very worried as he pinned the other boy under his foot. Another shot rang out.

\"Cal-Calvin?! What are you doing here?\" She gasped. He glared up at her maliciously.

\"Fetching you.\" He spat. \"I can't believe you would betray us like this.\"

Another shot - then another. Barking echoed through the forest. Robin grabbed Fiona by the hand and they made a dash towards the noise leaving Calvin in the dust.

They exited the woods and stopped at the edge of the clearing. \"WHERE IS SHE?!\" Bellowed Glover. Fiona had to catch her breath.

The man had his back turned to them. Robin glanced at her, and then back at her uncle, who was holding his shot gun up to another man's head. \"Rory...\" Breathed his brother.

\"Who in god's name are you talking about?!\" Shouted a fellow in front of the shop. He was tall and had a messy beard, presumedly because he had just rolled out of bed. Fiona guessed that it was Robin's father. There were a group of about ten others wielding swords ten yards off of Glover. They were dark in skin and light on foot. Nobody dared move, for fear of getting the boy's brains blown out.

\"MY NEICE! WHERE'S FIONA?\" He bellowed again, waving the gun in the air. He sounded... Drunk. His words were slurred.

Robin did a courageous and maybe even stupid thing: \"She's right here Glover!\"

Time seemed to stop. All eyes turned towards the two teenagers. Fiona had never felt so exposed or scared in her life. What was her uncle going to do? Never had he been so violent. Never had she seem him drunk.

Glover shoved Rory away and marched across the grass. He reeked of whiskey. Why had he been drinking so much?

\"What do you think you're doing?\" He seethed, yanking Fiona's chin up so she had to look at him square in the face. \"Didn't I tell you, to stay away from here? Out of the woods? I took you in. I fed you. I clothed you. I loved you. And this is how you repay me? Messing around with these hoodlums?!\"

Tears welled up in her eyes. \"Uncle-\"

\"SHUT UP!\" He held the gun up to Robin's head. Fiona choked on her words.


\"If I have to exterminate the problem, I will. Calvin tells me you've been meeting this boy at night for the past, what? Week and a half? Tell me, Fiona... do you love him?\"

Her knees were shaking now. She stared at the black haired boy that she cared for. There was fear in his blue eyes - something she hadn't seen from him. Daring in spirit, proud in words. And now here he was - life threatened and he was completely terrified.

\"Yes.\" She whispered finally.

Both men looked at her. A cruel smile played on Glover's lips, while Robin's expression momentarily lifted.

Glover chuckled. He first asked Fiona quietly, \"Do you know how it feels to lose a loved one?\" With a loud voice, he invited anyone else present to answer, \"DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW IT FEELS, TO LOSE A LOVER?\"

Rory ducked out of the clearing while Glover wasn't looking. \"I DO!\" He continued. \"IT HURTS LIKE HELL! BUT IF I HAVE TO TAKE AWAY SOMEONE SHE LOVES TO KEEP MY WHOLE FAMILY SAFE I WILL!\"

\"Why would you do this?\" Fiona wailed.

Glover staggered a bit. \"Tell him good bye, love. Because you won't see him-\"

Rory startled them all, tackling him to the ground. \"RUN!\" He bellowed as a gun shot rang through the air. Six men were produced from the woods: Calvin and the rest strangers. Fiona didn't have time to get a good look at them though, or wonder where they had come from. She was whisked away from the site before all hell broke loose.

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