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Meet Tianna shes not your regular teenage girl. Sure she goes to school and acts like a normal girl, but under this mask shes Anne-marie summers Street fighting extraoidinaire. It all started with her father, When her mother died he decided to bring her to the ring and it started with her first kill. But what happens when Tianna finds out the reason behind her abnormal strength isnt her exstensive practicing but because she is a werewolf? and what about this handsome stranger willing to fight her? what is this attraction towards him? and why does her wolf keep saying 'mine' when he is around? May the fantasy be unravelled...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - im a fighter

Submitted: April 19, 2011

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Submitted: April 19, 2011



This is the first part of my book its not much but i decided to give you a quick taster for you to tell me wether or not to continue

Chapter 1

'Welcome back Anne-marie, Josh' Ring master David calls from the opposite side of the ring. He nods at father and winks at me, I let a small smile escape my lips as i wordlessly climb into the ring, My father climbs in after me and hands me water, I see my opponents manager giving him a gum shield. Father would never give me a gum shield, not like a need it anyway. I take a small swig of water saving the rest for later, it wont go to waste.

'All spectators to the ring, we have an especially fun show tonight our reigning champ Anne-marie is back and her newest victim is our favourite macho man Devin Cole!' I listen to David ramble on about our weight and our strong and weak points. I smirk to myself, I only have one weak point and even that is quite strong i'll have fun tonight. 'Ok competetors step forward and touch gloves' Devin and i do as we are told smiling to ourselves, Me because i know for a fact devin hasnt got a chance and Devin because he honestly beleives he does. 'LETTHEMATCH....BEGIN!' David screams into the microphone i hear my dad whispering to himself about his bets. He knows i can hear him thats why he puts large bets on. He gains money from my wins.

Devin and i circle each other cautiously, I wink at devin before lunging forward feigning an uppercut i quickly swerve and puch him in the stomach. He doubles over and i round-house kick him in the side. I hear ribs cracking, Smiling i grip him by the hair and bash his face in with my knee. Devin stumbles back and i turn, He thinks i think he's finished. He lunges for me and i turn kicking out at the same time, He lands on the other side of the ring unconcious. I raise my fist and do the peace sign, My sign for victory

'ANDSHE'SDONEITAGAIN!' David screams into the microphone and i see a small smile creep up my fathers face as he jumps into the ring handing me my water.

'You just won me a million' I smile up at him, a fake smile as he grins like a maniac 'And since you finished him quickly i think i'll give you a twenty pound note from it' Yes! money he's actually giving me money tonight.

'Thank you Daddy' must keep up an appearance, happy families as its called. I stay seated in the ring as my next opponent steps in, Gary hes a very well built man of about thirty-two, anybody would think he could take me easily but no he's tried four times already and each time i have wipped his sorry butt. He comes back each time, he likes the thrill of somebody actually beating him up rather than being too scared to actually take him on. I laugh as some new comers cheer for him thinking he will win.

'PIPEDOWN!I need to concentrate if im going to beat her' I let out a chuckle as he puts his concentration face on.

'Smart boy' My father says behind me. He steps out of the ring and stands watching.

'OKTHISISOURANNUALFIGHTANNE-MARIEANDGARY! LETSSEEIFGARYCANACTUALLYSTAYONHISFEETTHISTIME' the crowd erupts into fits of laughter and gary looks pissed. I smile as the dinger goes and Gary lunges forward i easily step to the side and kick his head. Gary punches forward i catch his hand midpunch and twist it at the same time i bring my knee up and kick him in the face he falls back and tries to jump forward i step behind him andwrap my leg around his waist he freezes shocked i dig my elbow into his back making him arch it smiling i push him down to the ground and pull his arms behind his back i pull him so his back is arched in the floor.

' 1...2...3...4...5....6....7....8....9...10! GARYISOUT!' I smile and father hands me my water again. The night continues this way as per usual i win every fight.

*end of the night*

'Get to bed! i dont want to see your face all night' i walk wordlessly up the stairs and into my room. I change into my tattered pyjamas and climb into my bed, i wait. I know he will be coming into my room later tonight. He always does, Its a regular routine. He sends me to bed then creeps in later that night and has his discusting way with me. It doesn't take long for me to hear the familiar opening of the fridge door and the russling within for him to find his beer cans. He drinks, i hear the can hit the floor and his heavy footsteps walking up the stairs. I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep, if i was awake he would hit me. The easiest way is to just let himm do what he wants and 'wake up' during it. The door creaks open, i pretend to shift to my side, the way i always do when i'm in a deep sleep. The bed dips beside me and for a brief moment a cold breeze runs up my thigh.

His hand runs up my leg, over my hips until he reaches my breast. I fight the urge to flinch away from him, i feel discusting. He cups my breast and rubs through my tank top while is other arm shifts me onto my back. I don't fight him, last time i did that he beat me. Then both of his hands are on my breasts, squeezing them. I hear his breathing deepen, it discusts me. His hand goes lower, he touches me...there where nobody should ever touch. That's when my eyes open.

"stop" i manage to whisper through my fear.

"don't tell me what to do bitch" he snarls and hits me across the head. I feel something wet, I look up and he's hovering above me. He has nothing on, he stands up and grabs me by the hair. You'd think for a street fighter i couold fight him off, but he tought me how to fight he knows more tricks than me. He knows my style. He grabs me by the hair and lifts me up onto the bed again. He straddles me and i try to fight him off but he throws me across the room. My head cracks against the corner of the desk and everything is black again.

*grunt* i can hear something happening but it's hazy like a ringing in my head. then it comes again. My lower parts hurt. I try to open my eyes but they wont budge. I can feel something going inside me and then out again then back inside. My eyes open then but everything is blurring, something is moving and i try to focus on that but it's too blurry. "So the bitch has decided to awaken" i know that voice. Why do i know that voice

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