The Moon Caster

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Chapter 7: Rogue Casters

"I know some Casters,,,that is not in any castle", Kagari said. "Huh? You mean Rogue Casters?", Mikoto guessed. " guessed it", Kagari agreed. "Who are these people?", Raiya asked. "Daisuki, Shiranui, and Hiashi", Iwashi said happily. "Hiashi is my lover", Kamizuki cofessed. "Huh?", Raiki mumbled. "He's been my lover since we've met", Kamizuki confessed. "Yeah..they always kiss infront of us", Iwashi said annoyed. "Anyway, they're in the Hagane Forest", Kagari continued. "Well..what are we waiting for? Let's go!", Katou suggested. "Okay come down", Raiya commanded. "Me and Kamizuki will go!", Iwashi volunteered. "Okay...I think that's a good idea.", Kagari said.

Kamizuki and Iwashi stopped when they heared the horn (The Rogue's signal). "Hmm....that's them", Kamizuki said. As Kamizuki and Iwashi continued walking, Daisuki jumped out of the river in her swimsuit (as usual). "What are you two doing here?", Daisuki asked as her breast wiggled. "We need your help", Kamizuki answered seriously. "Huh? What help?", Daisuki asked again. "The Demons declared war on us", Kamizuki answered. "'ll have to talk to boss", Daisuki said. "Hiashi?", Iwashi asked. "Yup....Kamizuki's lover", Daisuki agreed. "What's going on?", someone asked from behind. "That's boss", Daisuki said. "Kamizuki?", Hiashi asked. "HIASHI!", Kamizuki yelled as she ran up to him. "Baby!", Hiashi yelled back as he picked her up and started kissing her. "Hiashi...we need your help", Kamizuki said. "Huh? For what?", Hiashi asked. "Demons declared war on us...all..even you", Kamizuki answered. "Hmm...well anything for my baby", Hiashi agreed as he squeezed Kamizuki's butt. "Oh..stop", Kamizuki said as she kissed him again.

"Shiranui!", Hiashi yelled. Shiranui ran up to him. "Yes..boss?", Shiranui asked. "Call our Ents..we are at war", Hiashi commanded. "Yes..sir", Shiranui agreed as she ran somewhere. Hiashi kissed Kamizuki as he squeezed her butt. "We will win this war", Hiashi said. "I know we will", Kamizuki agreed as she kissed her again. "So...Daisuki...still swimming in those rivers?", Iwashi asked as she stares at her breast. "Yup..still in inspection duty", Daisuki answered as she stares at Iwashi awkwardly. 


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