A Prelude To Drowning

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sign of a Storm

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012



A Prelude To Drowning...

By N.G.Guerrette




Aes was the night...Let it darken with obscurity...

Let us begin with a story to tell. The exception is that this particular story is mortally terrifying to behold...But it must be told by someone...so it can never be repeated...

It was March in the village of Black Lake, Finland. March had come uninviting as its fierce winds overtook the horizon and replaced happiness and joy with depression and agony...The citizens believed that March is the Everdarkgreen, or the Depression Of God. For it was told by the prophet Eero that each peoples should try to examine each other as then they would understand life with ease. But this, of course, was not the factual representation of the Everdarkgreen, for the actual being of the Everdarkgreen was to avoid all signs of possible intrusions of faith and to examine everyone was so the Government of Religion could identify who was anti-religion

The whole of this anti-religion war begins very simply...it begins with a boy...

His name was Jani. He was the youngest in a family of 6...The family known as the ones with no last names...

And so begins the pouring...
Light Frozen
Down Snowing
Her name was unknown to even Jani and she was constantly on his mind...what else what happen if the same imaginary vision of light was haunting your subconscious every second of sleep? What Jani was actually seeing was a ray of light that resembled a feminine body. Nothing else...but he constantly had the vision of a girl draped in emerald robes...

Night was falling and Jani was sleepless. He could not even shut his eye. For he was mortally afraid of fading into obscurity...and letting the unknown girl take over his dreams...Every night since his mother, Annikki, had been brutally murdered, Jani would be screaming in agony, and the girl would be laughing at him, with a hellish grin she would fade away into the subconscious of Jani’s mind...

And so tonight was not to be that night when he screams in despair and sorrow over the girl, he would have to go to the chapel...and pray to the Lord whom we all adore...

This was crucial to be in the Black Lake Society Council...

Jani entered the Chapel.
Sign of the Cross
Jani had been doing that since birth...

He continued his prayers until he heard voices from outside the chapel. They sounded like shouts echoing against the stone walls of the Chapel. Curiosity got the best of him to look at what the commotion was about.

“Are you sure...these sorrow work?”

“I am sure of it...as I am the one who designed it...have I ever been wrong?”

“No father, you have always been correct in every way...”

Jani could recognize one voice; it was Father Matti. But that other voice was unrecognizable, the voice seemed to be lost within a dream as it was a plaintive voice that was a counterpart to Father Matti’s strong, deep growl.

Though Matti could understand one voice, he had absolutely no thought in what they were talking about.

Matti was walking along the lake by the chapel when he heard Jani creeping up on him; stalking him and listening to every word that passed. Unfortunately, Matti spoke out into the night and called Jani forwards.

“ Yes, Father?”

“ What are you doing out so late, my boy?”

Jani thought of lying, but that was wrong...

“I keep having a dream, I believe it is symbolic...”

“What about.”

“A girl”

“A girl?” Father Matti paused then continued. “Is it the girl in the house next to the Chapel?”

Father Matti pointed with his forefinger in the direction of the Chapel...That girl was named Tarja...she was an odd girl who seemed to fancy Jani...

“No I am sure it wasn’t Tarja.” Said Jani, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“Then who was in this dream or yours?”

“I...don’t know.”

Jani was telling the truth this time. He honestly had no clue on who this girl was. All that remained in his conscious mind was a girl in green robes. So Jani described the girl to Father Matti. When he was finished, the look on Father Matti’s face was somber. Full of distress, sorrow, depression....defeat...

After what seemed like hours, Father Matti finally spoke.

“Come to the chapel....I have a...gift for you. He said, with a plaintive mourn.

The chapel was about a mile from the lake and it was home to all the priests of Black Lake since the year 107. Matti was number 6067. Silently, a loon was heard, singing a hymn of sorrow to the earth...


And so began the Sorrows
Light Frozen
Down Snowing
So when Father Matti and Jani entered the Chapel, they did the usual bow and genuflect, but instead of praying, they talked...

“I have something very important I need to tell you before we part.”

“Yes, Father?”

“First of all, don’t call me Father when it’s just us, which will be most of the time, Just Matti will do, do you understand me?”

“Yes, Matti.” Jani chuckled at the thought of calling an adult by their first name.

They paused.

“Now then, next thing...your dreams...I suppose they do mean something, they symbolize something which I cannot place in my head now...I shall re read the Catechism once more...”

“I do remember...a massive amount of light...and screams, terrifying screams of sorrow and pain that fill my heart with lead...” said Jani

“Enough. Enough. Please do not continue.” Matti was crying. A silent cry that showed true emotion...Then came the screams...

Matti was shaking with fear, sorrow was overpowering him, Obviously there was pain behind Jani’s dreams that provoked Matti’s past. Thoughts that should be expressed.

Matti’s words were drenched with screams, the only distinguishable word that Jani could pick up was Falls, what was Falls? Some sort of name.....?

The Aftermath was over. The sun was rising over the town of Black Lake, the pedestrians were chatting among themselves. They didn’t have terrifying dreams every night. They don’t have to worry about girls named Falls....

* * *

Matti was still breathing heavily, each breath becoming more violent. Until he stopped breathing altogether. After a minute, though, he started up again. And Matti uttered a word that would stay in Jani’s heart forever...

“Water” Matti croaked this word as if it were his last...

And so, Jani fetched the water from the town well. Though when he returned, Matti wanted not well water, but lake water...

“But...there are leeches and parasites in the water...”

“Not Black Lake”

Not Black Lake...

For it was true there was no such harm in lake water in Black Lake, but Jani hadn’t of known that until now...

Jani returned with a pitcher of lake water and gave it to Matti. Then Matti drank like he hadn’t seen water in his life. Water, what importance it has to the whole of mankind.

Jani was waiting for something but he couldn’t just say what he was thinking, as it would be very rude to do so. He wanted his gift that Matti had said he would give him...

And as if Matti could read minds, he smiled and gave Jani a bottle with a note in it.

The note said...

*This note was of particular importance as it was the inheritance of Jani...his only inheritance...


By My Healing Shores...I Cleanse You

The pair walked by the shores everyday and talked of what was to happen as a result of Jani’s recurring dreams. Matti soon came to a conclusion, one midsummer night while walking on the Trail of Eero next to Black Lake.

And this conclusion happened to be one that would involve the most terrifying event to ever take place. The Black Lake Sorrows...

The Black Lake Sorrows was originally a convention in the early medieval ages when the reforming catholics would burn witches, Pagans, and other “undesirables” on the stake. It was a holocaust of religion. Soon the victims would revolt leading Priests in a battle with other Priests and it was a war for survival. The Catholic Church then devised a series of plots and traps for Raven Culture. Then Raven Culturewas wiped out on the whole of the earth forever...until now.

Now, however, Raven Culture is on the rise. They are on the run, hiding from Catholics, ready to revolt.

“I shall describe the conclusion to you...when I return from my visits with Pope Eero. But for now...you will stay in care of my friend...Lasse...He will train you for what is to come...”

The ride to the country of Finland was a tedious one but eventually they would arrive at their destination...this case, their destination was to Lapland. Northern Finland. Why? He didn’t know.

Jani knew almost nothing of what was to happen to him or to Matti, he had no idea the suffering the world was soon to be under...

* * *

They arrived in Rovaniemi at 4:34 am. The vehicle came to a halt in front of an abandoned shack in the middle of a forest. Jani originally thought the shack was abandoned until he saw a man walk towards him. This, Jani thought, was Lasse...

Though the rain was still falling on Jani’s shoulders, he felt rather warm and safe with Lasse. As if Lasse had an aura of safeness or the fact that Lasse was a wall compared to skinny, frail Jani.

With this said, Jani entered Lasse’s house, if you could call it a house, entered his room to stay in, if you can call that a room, and ate home cooked meals prepared entirely by Lasse’s wife, Alli. The food was fantastic, as all Finnish women’s meals were. Smoked Herring and Glogg withRönttönen....

Here the dreams of the girl in the emerald robes were never dreamt of by Jani. This was a relief as the screaming that usually followed this particular dream would have made Lasse believe that Jani was possessed by a demon.

“Ages tighten to become aes....”

Those were the words written on the note paper that was given to Jani by Matti. What could it possibly mean? Jani contemplated this over and over and over and over again but his mind was as blank as the backside of the notepaper. He couldn’t be the judge of that, he hadn’t seen the backside. He flipped it over and words were inking themselves on the paper. Matti’s handwriting was soon on the paper. This is what it said:

“This is the First Sorrow you possess
And so begins the training of you
The light is gone
The time is missing
The darkness is spreading
Like a wildfire...”

Like a wildfire, the darkness was spreading over the landscape overnight, infecting the earth with cyber crime in America, the nation that was not to be...

* * *

America was the greatest country on Earth.For the 2012-2013 election of Ron Paul saved America until Ron Paul died of natural causes, God Bless Him...

America is now known as The Barrens...America is now home to criminals, illegal immigrants, whores, and cyber criminals hacking into the government’s archives...a complete anarchy...

And so America is gone with technology and people are starving and dying on the streets from plagues and diseases and women are being raped and used as sex slaves...Technology has ruined America...

So the rest of the world abandoned Technology and soon Earth was back to its medieval ways, except for America that is...

* * *

Jani woke up with a start because of the loud shouting that Lasse was doing.

“Why are you shouting?” asked Jani, slightly annoyed

“To wake you up, of course!” replied Lasse, quite enthusiastically.

They met up at the head of the forest on the outskirts of town.

“Ready?” asked Lasse

“Ready for what.” questioned Jani.

“Good, let’s go in.”

And together they trekked into the woods. Passing streams as they went until soon they met up again near the River Sytio

Once the duo met up at the river, Lasse spoke to Jani.

“Jani...do you trust me?”
“I trust you until I die.”
“It might be soon.”

And with that, Lasse pushed Jani into the waters below them.


I swear to the world, I will destroy what will come...

The water screamed despair to Jani as he sunk into the endless abyss. The abyss known to some as Morningrise Pond. Let us begin a story of this locality.

Morningrise Pond is bottomless, though it is only a couple hundred meters across, a bridge has just the right diameter to span over the pond. Folklore has told that those who cross the bridge will be able to see the balance of light and darkness. The balance of light and darkness keep the Religious World together. Whoever sees it will have an epiphany soon that will end the “Great War.”

Jani’s soul was creeping out of Jani...for the water was so cold and dark that one’s body would become extinct in the bottomless pit in Morningrise Pond. His body was lost in a dream. Ethereal moments of ambience and silence overtook the landscape....and suddenly he knew...
* * *
He awoke to dark clouds above him. Lasse was watching him in the far distance, head in his hands...crying to himself silently. Depression overwhelming him almost as most as defeat...

Jani suddenly felt this pain. He embraced it. The pain convinced him of his existence. He walked over to Lasse and started to comfort him.

Comfort. That was all he had needed.

Lasse was born in Rovaniemi in the year 2062 during a very unfortunate snowstorm that swept the landscape in white for 3 years.

Lapland was now known as the Cold Waste. Food was scarce and so the townspeople had to go out to the Arctic Sea to hunt the whales they saw breaching over the frigid surface. Lasse’s father Tuomas was pronounced Missing in Action by the selectmen of Northern Finland. The leader of the selectmen, Armas Pelkonen was actually Lasse’s Uncle. He wasn’t very beloved amongst his people.

This scene had put a mad wave of sadness on Lasse. He couldn’t lose Father Matti’s boy....he couldn’t...

Lasse got up. It was raining again and there was a faint light on the horizon. That seemed to be moving to the steeple of the Morningrise Bridge. They had a mission to complete, to cross the bridge and to forget the past.

Then Jani said the strongest words ever spoken by a man his age.

“Lasse, I vow to destroy what corrupted our lifestyle. I swear to the world...I am the hammer...I am the lightning, I shall burn these shores into oblivion.”
“Yes, Master Jani”

And together they crossed into infinity...


We were fading into infinity...

They had faded into the darkness of the world. The wind was now overwhelming them, The trees blew to and fro, their trunks and branches swinging in the storm.

“Jani, only you must cross the Morningrise. I shall not, I am not worthy enough...I am a sinner.” said Lasse.
“Take my hand.”

And then Jani kissed Lasse’s hand in remembrance of Him. Tears were flowing away into the nothingness of the air.

They were Fading...

Jani embraced the air and took a deep breath, he then stepped forwards and walked to the end of the Morningrise. At first nothing happened...Then it came...

Such happiness flooded through the mind of Jani for the first time in his life. He was lifted into the air and was instantly...gone with Lasse on the earth gently weeping...

* * *

Pope Eero I was awake in the Apostolic Palace. He wasn’t well...in fact he decided against eating dinner. This, as you could probably imagine, was frightening the people of the Vatican. He decided to sleep it off....wait until the morning to fade away...

* * *

Jani was back at the Chapel...Father Matti was waiting for him by the Cemetery in the east. Father Matti held a knife in his hands.

Fear was spreading like the sudden breeze that shivered throughout his body. Why does Father Matti posses a knife...

“I thought you were somebody else...” said Matti
“I apologize sir..."

Jani wanted to know exactly why Matti possesed a knife.

Soon Jani looked behind him and cried out in shock. The trees were on fire and the fores was slowly burning up...Why?

Eventually...the flames died down and faded away but that left Jani awake for hours...in his endless torture of solitude...


The storms were ahead and will last for years...

The soul of the loon is everlasting contrary to the raven. The mighty raven may lose some sort of its pride to the loon when such fails to follow through what is to come...so it all falls down to a certain mindframe...which is more valuable to man...life on earth with happiness and comfort or life wretched and evil with life everlasting...?

But it will follow through in the epic battle soon to be seen...

The last official Pagan uprising was in 2032. None followed ever since the Mass Of The Raven was utterly disbanded after the Black Lake Sorrows were placed...

* * *
Silence was even the loudest thing in the whole of the world for the Bishop of Rome was inevitably ill from the evil in the world...the evil that lay across the table of Pagans. The raven was flying once more and storms were ahead for the Catholics...storms that would last for days to come.

Pope Eero rose from his balcony seat. He had a difficult time doing so as his age was his worst enemy in dark times like this. So he rose and he watched the passersby wave to him from the earth below him. He stood and waved, not a friendly hello, but a blessing of health and a forge for the coming storm. They needed it...and so did all Catholics.

Catholicism is the Christian religion as the other religions that follow through or call themselves the "true" Christian religion be the ones who don't understand the mysteries of Christ and his sorrow that were placed before him.

Matti rose at the sound of thunder that had echoed across the stone walls of the chapel. He was in the middle of the homily reading that was dealing with the topics of life everlasting. The people lay hushed as Father Matti had stopped the reading...whispers then began to crowd the chapel.

"Why did he stop...it is only thunder!"
"Perhaps he be only thinking of what remains to be said!"

Then Father Matti collapsed on the platform...next to the tabernacle and with a crucifix in hand...

Don't mourn...life has only treated you with discomfort and agony. What have you done to deserve this...more suffering is in the ways of God.

And a raven was heard...singing its monotonous song to the earth below...


Is this the mere beginning...or a way to end the process...

Jani rushed to the chapel...barefoot and bloody with his clothes ripped and torn. He was also wedded to the rain above as his robe was drenched in blood and rainwater. Father Matti layed across the platform on his side. Jani kneeled beside him, tears in his eyes. He screamed out into the sky. Anger was streaming through him and so was hate...in its due course. Jani surveyed the chapel's people who all stared at him in defeat...and disgust...how dare he befoul the Church in his bloody gown and his bare feet. Jani rose up and slowly began to rise in the air. He walked above the tabernacle and he stood a meter above it. He waved his hand in a sign of the cross motion and spoke in tongues of peace and anger...then the crowd started to scream in pain...nothing was ever so painful in all their lives...nothing. The sign of the cross was soon visible on a ghostly golden fog that shined upon the screaming and writhing townspeople...then blood began to spill from their mouths...they became dust amd they remained dust...Jani had performed his first exorcist...though he had failed it because...he had killed the population of the Mass.


Matti awoke sometime next morning...he had alread

© Copyright 2017 NG Guerrette. All rights reserved.


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