Roses Bloom in Summer

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Alicia Closeem is the prettiest girl in the entire school of Somerlake Academy, though she doesn't know it. All the boys want to get her alone, but only a few are brave enough to try. When a foreign exchange student shows up and steals her heart, it's all she can do to keep the fighting to a minimum. When the boy she loves goes down in a plane accident, will she stay loyal to her heart? Or will she succumb to the love of another? Only time will tell.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Roses Bloom in Summer

Submitted: December 24, 2012

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Submitted: December 24, 2012



Hi! I'm Nia Carter, but feel free to call me Nia. I got the inspiration for this novel after I had to write about a broken heart, and lost love, in my creative writing class. This first chapter was three pages long originally, but I shortened it down to this. I really wanted this chapter to be a sample of the book, so the chapters are going to get long after this! (and steamy...)

This is the story of a romance pentagon between a girl, a boy, and three jealous others. The plot is going to take some twists and turns farther on, but I hope you guys/gals will like it!


I finished my science class, packing up my backpack to head out into the parking lot. I was the last one to leave, for the rush of students racing for their cars hinted at the day of the week. Yes, it was Friday, my favorite day. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and walked out of class with a nod to my teacher, Mr. Del.

Mr. Del was a silly thing, always interspersing his lessons with 'okay' and 'so'; but we all loved him. I smiled at one of my classmates as I walked out of the door.

Then I stopped. Staring back at me, with the most gorgeous brown eyes I had ever seen, was a boy. We held eye contact for a second before I blushed, ducking my head as I felt the heat rise to my cheeks.

Biting my lip as I walked to the bus stop, I peeked through my lashes to catch the brown-eyed god talking to one of my classmates. Relieved, I lifted my head high and continued my daily walk to the bus.

There I ran into my two followers, a pair of older boys with charming smiles but bad intentions.

"Hey, babe." The older one; Samuel, said; smirking at my attire.

Today I had gone all-out, dressing up in a short black miniskirt, tight dark grey leggings, and a crimson red top that dipped to reveal my fragile collarbone and the milky skin underneath.

"Cut it out, Sam. I'm not feeling it today." I said wearily, shaking my head.

"Sugar, don't speak like that." The other one, Desmond, said, sneaking up behind me and wrapping his long arms around my waist.

He pulled me to his chest, cradling my body against his muscular one. I bit my lip and sighed, he was so warm. Still, I knew Desmond just wanted the bragging rights to say he'd gotten to me first.

I clenched my jaw. "Des, don't. Not today." I told him, shoving him away. Both boys burst out laughing, though they went through the same routine every day.

"Hey, Leesha, we were just joking." They said before averting their eyes when the bus pulled up. I hopped aboard the pink and blue craft, sitting down in a seat by an elderly latin woman.

I rolled my eyes as Samuel put his hand up to his cheek, indicating 'call me.' I turning, smiling to the old lady, and proceeded to pull out my cellphone. It was an old thing, really, just in case of emergency. Still, it could send and recieve texts with the best, and I loved my little black nokia with all of my heart.

Suddenly, my quiet ringtone for Desmond went off. I shook my head, pressing ignore. I wanted him to know he couldn't have me, though I was having trouble staying away from him. It was better to remove the temptation.

"Get a grip, Alicia." I muttered to myself. There was no way I was ever going to be with Des, so I might as well forget about it. Still, my mind continued to wander. I almost missed my stop, but shot out of my seat and off the bus witha rushed 'thank you' to the driver.

Once safely in my neighborhood, my thoughts returned to boys, but not Des. No, I was curious about the blonde with the brown eyes. He... intrigued me, to say the least.


Well, there you have it folks! It's a tidbit of my writing, seriously, I had to edit it down to this size. My chapters are so long in the first draft :c

I hope you like it and please leave comments and critique!

© Copyright 2017 Nia Carter. All rights reserved.


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