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Bring up children the right way from early age.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Manifesto

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



My ManifestoJuly 24,2012

By Nicholas Maganias


The name is ignorance and enlightment is the answer. We beat the taboos. The road to success and happiness is at our public and private schools. The knowledge from the very tender age, from the elementary school continued up to high school. As soon the state can place a hand on our children, the main teaching is the subject of civilization. We begin with the very basic anatomy of the human body that contains the genital organs of men and women. The purpose of them in other words the perpetuation of the species. Later on the perversions. The avoidance of early and unwanted pregnancy, especially the teen years.

The laws governing those acts, the democratic system, the sciences, the abuse of the narcotics, the alcoholism, and the smoking. Love for the country.

Extensive coverage of the international literature of becoming a lady and a gentleman. The dysfunctional families with no information about prejudice, of race, color, and national origin.

Our children are shouting in the streets for help with cussing language. Instead of teaching them that our political system is the Democratic system and have nothing to be ashamed of other totalitarian political systems, because it is based on the opinion of the many, majority of the people, and not only the few. Out the barbarian ways of controlling the sex, liberation from the taboos, misinformation and prejutisism.

From the time the state will be able to control the growth of our children and save them from the dysfunctional families, but also from well-meaning misinformed families.

Christ said the one who has ears let him or her listen. Everybody has ears but unfortunately very few get the message.

For how long we are going to tolerate the situation of corruption? Hurry and pray for the best.

Our politicians should get involved by approving those principals and include them in their programs by declaring “Save our children.” This helps them being elected and saving our beloved country.

We shouldn’t remain quiet and tolerant anymore. We are the last of the Mohicans in a planet that is slowly but surely dying. Wake up! We are at the edge of the cliff. We have the obligation to deliver a new generation, spiritual, and body that we will be proud of it.

Break the taboos of ignorance and enter the light of the truth and the knowledge. Break the statue of the hypocrisy and carry the torch of knowledge.

We are winning, called the marathon runner, so we do.

Push aside the mediocrity and advance ahead by becoming contemporary and modern.

Teaching the anatomy and physiology of the genital organs, their purpose, and function. The terrible consequence of the narcotic substance. The development of the dependency by development of antibodies in the body and the impossibility to fight back the addiction or very difficult to do so. Early knowledge is the game and not later that perhaps will be too late.

I decided to publish this idea by My Manifesto and offer the hope the humanity. Hoping some powerful people will listen and will accept and promote this idea, for the benefit of our young and old and the colonization of our nation.

I personally have no political visions but I will be glad to help in this effort in any way I could.

The different chapters that will be included in these series of books, starting from the first grade of elementary school and progressing to the last grade of high school are the following.


As to other subjects the education concerning sex has to start slowly, but from the elementary school, not us it is now applied to teenagers, who by the way have already established their habits about sex based on rumors, here say and their life experiences. Their information concerning sex could come from a member from their family, friends, streets, or from their traumatic experiences, from perverted individuals during their childhood. Victims from other individuals who are themselves have fallen victims from others and so on and so forth in a chain of vicious cycle, based on ignorance of the truth.

Some cultures they use the circumcision even for the female in order the event the pleasure experiences and also the signal to the growth center of the brain, that the individual is sexual mature and all processes of growth to stop including but not limited to growth in height, the growth of the brain itself with the results of the inferior individual, with diminished functions of memory vision etc. and the term the children use for each individual is (jerk) etc.

By teaching the children from the early age the importance of the natural sex for the propagation of the human race, and not only for pleasure. This will be accomplished by teaching the basic anatomy and physiology of the sex organs in a progressive manner to the full picture for the older individuals.


The role of the Human Genome. The role of genes and chromosomes and humans as well as in animals. When in animals the urge of sex is accomplished by the nature itself with the term in heat, for certain fertile season, when in man the superior cerebrum gets in the way and sex is used at any time for disturbed at times reason of punishable crimes for dominance etc., as the physiology teaches us.

The instincts and the hormones that at time have terrible results, the corruption, the dominance by the dully to the weak. The homosapience should control his emotions he has to think for the weak and help him instead of seeking his own gratification.

The laws are there punishing such acts but the best law is the prevention, that achieved by the knowledge of the truth. The prevention concerns all aspects of life, and is a way better than the treatment. If we start from the early age of the elementary school teaching our children the right thing because of the family, the schools, the law as they are now is not enough, plus of course what exists now by avoiding strangers offering candies, car rides, touching parts of the body, encouraging of talking about things with your parents, teacher, and others.

Masturbation is not the answer but the problem. Because it has the bad results in the early age on the growth, as was explained above, deprives the enjoyment of the maturation of the teen years and has psychological effects upon the individual, problems that remain perhaps the rest of their life. Pedophilia, necrophilia, and other perversions have the source at the early age. Healthy mind and healthy body. The lewd passions can be suppressed as any other bad acts by the knowledge. Other bad habits originated in the early age like corruption, hate, malice, laziness, impatient etc. Those books we suggest will help by exposing those things. The ignorance is the mother of all evil.

The sharp acts and wild acts being avoided and replaced by softness and low voice. Avoid disturbing others. Fraud, theft, lies, has been replaced by the feeling of justice. The fights can produce bodily harm. The use of violence, arson, fanaticism, all of the above to be entered in the books with examples and stories from the literature. Those principals to enter the little body and take roots for the later life.

The teaching of sex with soft pictures of the genital of men and women, this way it will loss the aura of imagination. Protection of the weak, the women, the animals, and the elderly. All these at the first books in generalities, but later in details.


The tragedy of the unwanted pregnancies, rape, the abortions, and the results on the mental health of men and women. All these being concentrated in a later book. The difficulties of the unwed mother etc.


Narcotics and habit forming substances, alcohol, smoking. The dealers and well-meaning friends. Heroin, marijuana, hasis, cocaine, and other chemical substance like the angel dust etc., they produce addiction which is almost impossible to get rid of. The alcohol dementia, delirium tremens, hallucinations, and delusions, the pink elephants etc.

The smoke, cancer of the lungs, chronic pneumonitis, inability to breathe, cerebral vascular accidents, cardiovascular, gangrenes etc. We have to help our children so they know their dangers.


Venereal diseases results of unprotected intercourse, AIDS, HIV, with no definitive treatment, syphilis, gonorrhea, could destroy the whole body up to death. Herpes genital can destroy the embryos in the uterus, scabies and other dermatological diseases.


The dysfunctional families. The parents passing to their children their problems. The inhibitions and taboos all over. The child that lives with shame becomes inhibited, the child that lives lies, learns to lie. The child that lives with thieves learns to steal with root becomes rotten, with fraud becomes dishonest with hate learns to hate, with laziness becomes lazy, with ignorance becomes ignorant etc. The family that is consider the unite of society can become the unite of disaster.  

The knowledge is remedy to the that. This way we can have a better generation and a better tomorrow.

Ignorance is a bad consultant that leads to tragedy. We have to awaken our children from the early tend age through our school system and save them possible destruction. Hit ignorance with no pity.


Our political system and our Democracy. The majority rules but the minority protects excess. Power could lead to corruption. The system, the congress etc. the states smaller governments. The counties the mayoral. The constitution, the independence. The revolution etc. the President. The law makers, the Supreme Court, and the Federation etc.


The Laws, the courts, religions, the police, the protecting, and helping citizens by enforcing the laws of the country. The judges, the justice, the external and internal enemies. The army, navy, and air force protect us etc.


The civilized men has to develop constantly to higher levels of chivalry by controlling his instincts with guidance by the society, schools etc. The civilization and culture that is very important. The arts the performances from the early beginning.


Do not steal. Do not kill. Do not lie under oath. Respect your parents. Love your fellow man. Even your enemy. Be soft, nice, good humor. Be proud to be a U.S. citizen.

Negatives, no hate, nor jealousy, nor greediness, no dirtiness. No bad thoughts. No hypocrisy. But love and conciseness. Goodness, chivalry, the thoughtful, the honesty, the prominence, the honor, the help to others, and the altruism. The voluntariness. The humor, the humanity, the truth, the respect, the patience, the pursuit of the right, the protection of Democracy, and the human rights. The self-controls. The exercise. The love of animals and the love of nature. The keeping of good body. The cleanliness, the deep thoughts, and the logic. Know you, the health of body and mind, and the arts.


The above are a shading of different situations of this fundamental works. But is just the beginning for more work that has to be done by other sources of knowledge of the country. In other words create those books, for the different grades by a group of experts, including doctors, teachers, religious leaders, government workers etc.

I will be glad to help in this effort, as being the first who thought of it in order the effort to be successful. The chapters have to be worked carefully from the most basic to the most advanced.

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