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just a random idea so idk . . . :) It was for my history class comment if you think it needs something to spiffin it up!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - history class

Submitted: February 03, 2009

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Submitted: February 03, 2009



Dear Abbey . . .


Dear Abbey,

I want nothing in my home to be wasted and I have pieces of cloth and out grown clothing that I don’t know what to do with. Is there any way I could use this cloth for something else? – Waste not want not


Dear Waste Not Want Not,

I do recall there is something you may do with your extra cloth, and it is called ‘Washington’s Puzzle’ or ‘Washington’s Plumes.’ This is where you may sew your cloth into quilts. Presently there are some very skilled quilt makers out there now making all sorts of different patterns.



Dear Abbey,

I have a pestering question that has been bugging me, so I need to have it answered. I live as a Loyalist in the city buying all of my necessities, but have found it very expensive and I usually find myself not being able to afford what my family needs. I have heard that it is cheaper in the country is this true? – Loyalist in distress


Dear Loyalist in Distress,

I have heard of this story plenty of times, you are not alone. It is true that it is cheaper in the country only because you have to work harder for your food. You would have to tend to your vegetable garden, your animals, and perhaps even hunt for wild turkey or deer. Usually your neighbors will be willing to trade with you, but be aware they are to most likely to be Patriots.



Dear Abbey,

What will become of us Loyalists if the Declaration is adopted? – Out of place


Dear Out of Place,

It will obviously become more difficult for you and you might go off to live some where else like maybe England or Canada. Your belongings and land might be taken away and you will have to find other Loyalists to support you.



Dear Abbey,

I hear gunshots and see red fire out my window, is it the war? – Trembling and teary eyed


Dear Trembling and Teary Eyed,

Yes, unfortunately what you hear outside are the gunshots of war and what you see out your window is God’s glare on the world. It is war and it is ugly.




Eyewitness Account April 1776

by Abigail Adams


Myself and my family live in a farm house in Massachusetts. One night we were awoken by an amazing roar of a cannon. We were all frightened and when we looked out of our window we could see Penn Hill ablaze with fire. The battle continued till daylight and we could see every shell that was thrown. Still at the end of the day the battle continued, the windows of our house rattled and the house shook. The battle went on for more than two weeks. Our family was mighty frightened, but proud to see our brave Patriots fighting on with independence for our country in their hearts.








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