Teen Love and Problems(Like Parents Like Kids)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Telling of Secrets

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



Chapter 2 Telling of Secrets

Ring! Ring! Ring, “Hello hey Ricky you need to take DJ home now because I don’t think we gon’ make it to your job tonight.” “Why what’s wrong is Rose alright?” “I don’t know she’s worse than we left the school.” I’m taking off for sure now because I will not sit back and let her go through all of this pain because of me.” “Ricky look it’s not your fault that this happened.” “I know it’s our dads fault and if they hadn’t been fighting in the first place we would’ve never went to the pier in the first place that night alone.” “Ricky look it will be ok just trust me it’s cool but, take DJ home first.” “Ok I’ll call as soon as I drop DJ off at home.” “Oh yeah Ricky watch out for my uncle Davon and please bring BJ and my twin Starlette home with you to Aunt Honie’s house.” “Alright peace out see you when I get there.” “Yeah ok Ricky sees you when you get here”

“Rose Ricky’s taking DJ home as we speak and he said that he’s taking off work to come see about you.” Said Angel “Are BJ and Starlette coming home too with the rest of the crew?” asked Renee “Yeah they are coming too.” answered Angel as she sat on the bed next to Latoya “Oh no it’s happening again I can feel it in my chest.” Cried Rose Ring! Ring! Ring, “Hello oh hey Ricky where are you?” “I’m in front of the house.” “Ok well we need to take Rose to the hospital she’s in much worse pain now.” “Ok I’m coming in.” “Alright.”

“Hey where is she?” asked Ricky as he ran in Latoya’s room “Omg baby come on get up…. Jump in my arms because you miss thing are going to the hospital.” Cried Ricky “No Ricky if I go then they will have to call my parents.” Cried Rose

“Rose look I don’t care if they find out as long as you are my fiancé and our baby is alright but, other than that I am taking you to the hospital and that’s that.” Said Ricky “Ok I’ll go but only because I care about me and my baby’s health.” Cried Rose in pain “Look Aunt Honie I don’t care if you tell mom or even Ricky’s mom but, please do not tell our dads we want a crack at them ourselves.” Said Rose “Ok I’ll meet you at the hospital.” Said Honie “Ok baby we at the hospital.” Said Ricky as he helped Rose out the car “Alright lets go.” Said Rose “Alright come on let me carry you in.” said Ricky as he swept Rose off her feet “Wow baby you are so sweet to me……..”Said Rose before she passed out “Rose baby wake up….Rose sweetheart…..Rose….somebody help me!” yelled Ricky as he entered the hospital with Rose in his arms

“Omg Rick what happen?” asked Tiesha as she ran to Ricky “Ms. Tiesha she’s pregnant and we were just talking then all of a sudden she just fainted.” Cried Ricky “Ricky look it’s alright just put her in that room over there and I’ll take care of her.” Said Tiesha as she kissed Rose’s forehead “Ms. Tiesha please because if something happen to her and our baby I don’t know what I’ll do.” Cried Ricky “Come on Ricky stop crying and look this wasn’t your fault this is what happens to the women in this family….so don’t worry she’s going to pull through this in a couple of minutes.” Said Tiesha as she hugged Ricky tightly “Ok thanks Ms. Tiesha.” said Ricky

Ring! Ring! Ring, “Hey Honie what’s up?” “Hey lil sis I got something to tell you and it’s really important.” “What is it Honie?” “Well I’m just gon’ come out and say it Jayla…. Rose is pregnant and she’s going through what we went through.” “What wonder why didn’t she tell us?” “She didn’t tell you guys because…… you know just come to the hospital with me and bring Davon too.” “Ok Honie what should I tell him?” “Do not and I repeat do not tell him a thing the kids want to tell the dads their selves….. Brittany already knows so Anthony and her are on their way as we speak.” “Ok see you in a little bit.” “Oh Jayla come outside.”

“Hey Honie how’s it going.” Said Davon as he got in the back seat “Hey Davon how you doing.” Said Honie “Baby why is Honie looking at me like that?” asked Davon “Oh nothing it was something I told her earlier.” Said Jayla “Ok we here and just in time.” Said Honie “Come on hurry up.” Said Jayla as she pulled Davon out the car with her “Ok I have one little question why the hell are we at the hospital?” asked Davon “Well because Mr. Smith your daughter is here.” Answered Honie “What happen is she alright?” asked Davon “Oh she’s fine now just got a text from her.” Said Jayla “Why is that bum Anthony here?” asked Davon “Oh the Blacks are because their son is here too.” Said Honie “Good he deserved whatever he got.” Said Davon as sat on the hood of Honie’s car

“Brit why are we here?” asked Anthony “Baby our son is here.” Said Brittany “What happen is he alright?” asked Anthony “Oh he’s perfectly good now.” Said Brittany “Why the hell is that job stealer here?” asked Anthony “Baby the Smiths are because their daughter is here.” Said Brittany “Good she deserved whatever she got.” Said Anthony “So Davon what you saying is that Ricky deserves to be having a baby with Rose and that he’s engaged to her.” Said Jayla as she held Davon back “Wait what he doesn’t deserve that not at all.” Said Davon trying to get away from Jayla’s grip “So Anthony sweetie what you saying is that Rose deserves to be having Ricky’s baby and that she’s engaged to him as well.” Said Brittany as she held Anthony back “Wait what she doesn’t deserve that not at all.” Said Anthony

“Your daughter will not be marrying my son because I bet she seduced him into having sex with her.” Said Anthony as he tried getting out of Brittany’s grip “No wrong your son will not be marrying my daughter because he probably seduced her into having sex with him……damn Jayla I forgot how string you are.” Said Davon as he tried to get away from Jayla’s grip “You listen here Davon you listen good face it your daughter is a whore and a bitch.” Said Anthony “Dad what the hell is wrong with you don’t ever call the mother of my child, my fiancée that ever again.” Said Ricky as he got in Anthony’s face “Yeah Anthony listen to that bitch of a son of yours he has a point.” Said Davon “Woh! Dad don’t ever call him that because so help be good I will tell mom to beat you down and you know she will.” Said Rose

Dad all this could’ve been avoided if you two punks weren’t fighting every fucking time you see each other.” Said Ricky “You know what if you two don’t stop fighting you will not be invited to our wedding and I do mean that no joke.” Said Rose “If you two weren’t fighting on my birthday Rose and I never would’ve snuck out and ended up at the pier alone.” Said Ricky “Yeah nobody pressured or seduced anyone it was because we wanted to.” Said Rose “Yeah we knew the consequences of us having sex would bring and one of them was ending up getting pregnant.” Said Rose

“So what our kids are saying is that if you two weren’t fighting at Ricky’s party they would’ve never had sex in the first place.” Said Jayla as she tightened her grip on Davon’s arm “Thanks mom but I think I’ll back to Aunt Honie’s house pack my clothes and move into my penthouse that grandma left me when she died because I can’t and shall not stay in the same house as this man.” Said Rose “Ok baby but, I think I should stay with you tonight.” Said Jayla “Mama it’s cool Ricky’s going to be staying with me.” Said Rose “Ok just let me know if you need anything from the house and I’ll bring it over if you don’t want to come to the house.” Said Jayla “Well bye mom I’m sorry but, I can’t stay under the same roof as him he’s jerk….mama I’m so sorry but I do love you.” Said Ricky as he hugged his mom “Yeah baby boy I know you love me now be careful and make sure you treat her right and also call me when you get a chance.” Said Brittany

“Ok bye mom I love you so much, come by tomorrow for we can have dinner.” Said Rose “Of course I will baby want miss it for the world.” Said Jayla “Daddy look at me….listen I know your mad but, you brought this upon yourself but, remember this I still love you no matter what.” Cried Rose “Aw my baby girl I love you too now don’t forget when you at your pent house.” Said Davon as he kissed Rose on the forehead “Come on baby let’s roll out.” Said Rose “Man I tell you that was some telling of the secrets.” Said Ricky as he kissed Rose on the cheek then drove off the hospital lot

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