Teen Love and Problems(Like Parents Like Kids)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Moving Day

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



Chapter 3 Moving Day

“Good morning everybody how’s it going?” Said Rose and Ricky as they walked into school “Wow you guys look happy today what’s going on.” Said Kate “Oh yeah we’re happy alright, happy as hell.” Said Rose “Why are you two so happy?” asked Angel “Well Angel we’re happy because were moving today. “Answered Ricky “Oh really where are you two moving to?” asked BJ “No BJ cuz we’re not moving but, us as in the whole entire crew are moving to the pent house grandma gave me.” Said Rose

“Wait a minute she left you the 19 bedroom and 6 bathroom pent house but, left us two cars each.” Said Latoya “Yeah LaLa’s right she left two cars and the pent house no fair.” Said Starlette “So ok are you moving in with us or not?” asked Ricky “Hell yeah we moving in with you.” Said Angel “What about you DJ you moving in with us too?” asked Rose “Rose I’m sorry but, Carrie and I can’t move in with you yet but, we will move in next month.” Said DJ “Cool then but we should move some of you and Carrie’s stuff in for you want have much to move next month.” Said Ricky “Sure ok I’ll do that today after school.” Said DJ

“Wait what does our parents have to say about all this?” asked Latoya “Latoya don’t worry their fine with it….especially with her new baby coming and everything.” Said Rose “Wait please tell me you two have set up a wedding date?” asked Angel “Oh yeah it’s September 18th the day we meet at the art fair of the world.” Said Ricky “Yes it is and it’s also that there we had our first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend.” Said Rose “Aw babe you remembered that.” Said Ricky as he held Rose’s hand

“Wait let’s play a little game since it is lunch time.” Said Angel “Angel what’s the game babe?” asked Steve “The game is do you remember and the rules are: if you don’t remember you have to kiss a member of the Goth crew of girls guys and if we don’t remember we have to kiss one of the nasty track jocks.” Said Angel “Cool we can do that.” Said Ricky “Alright then ladies you go first.” Said Joey “Ok then Joey when was the first time we had sex?” asked Renee “Well it was on my birthday at the Hilton Hotel last summer in suite 112.” Said Joey “Alright girls we got one point so now it’s our turn.” Said Ricky

“Ok then April what was I doing when we first meet?” asked Mike “Let’s see I had just walked in and you were serving the second table from the window coffee and cake.” Said April smiling “Well sorry guys she’s right.” Said Mike as he kissed April Ring! Ring! Ring, “Hey mom what’s up?” “Rose it’s not good.” “Mom what is it are you crying?” “Rose your dad has been shot and he’s not doing so well.” “Oh my god are you serious?” “Yeah we at the hospital so grab everyone and come up here now.” “What how did this all happen?” “Sorry baby girl but we don’t know but, don’t worry.” “No mom we are coming down there right now.” “Ok bye baby.” “Yeah see you when I get there.”

“Rose baby what’s wrong why are you crying?” asked Ricky as he hugged Rose “Oh my god I can’t believe they would go this far. They shot my daddy.” Cried Rose “Oh my god Rose is uncle Davon alright?” Asked Angel and Latoya together “I don’t know but, mom said that he’s in pretty bad shape.” Cried Rose “Yeah man some moving day.” Said Ricky

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