Teen Love and Problems(Like Parents Like Kids)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Shooting and Revenge

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



Chapter 4 Shooting and Revenge


“Oh my god! Aunt Tiesha where is he?” asked Rose as she ran into the hospital “Rose he’s in room 211 girls.” Said Tiesha “Mom how did this happen to Uncle Davon?” asked Jamey and Chris Jr “I don’t know babies but, stop crying and go see him.” Said Tiesha as she whipped her eyes “Oh my god, daddy I can’t believe you got shot. I’m so sorry daddy but, I can’t bare to see you lying here.” Cried Rose as she laid next to Davon

“Uncle Davon when we find out who this they are going to get it real good.” Cried Angel “Pops I can’t believe you lying here shot up, it hurts to see you like this dad.” Cried DJ “Please uncle Davon wake up, I mean you can’t leave us not now and besides if you leave now you want be able to see your grandchild as he or she grows up.” Said Latoya “Please baby wake up you can’t do this to me again not now….when you know what I just found out today.” Cried Jayla “Oh mama’s he’s not waking up it’s my entire fault I just had to be engaged to Ricky and on top of that have his baby too.” Cried Rose

“Rose sweetheart go home and rest I’ll be there soon.” Said Jayla Ring! Ring! Ring, “Hello Ricky where are you?” “I’m outside come on let’s ride out you need to go home and rest.” “Alright I’m coming out now…. And I bet I can beat you to the pent house using my short cut.” “Alright but we ain’t going home right away we taking a detour to the diner so race you there.” “Alright I’m still going to beat you.” “Alright you’re on and if I win I get a massage and the same for you.”  “Cool.” “Bye Rose.” “Yeah bye boo look in front of you.” “Cheater.”

“Hey what took you so long?” asked Rose as Ricky walked from his car “Oh I so hate you right now.” Said Ricky “Oh really is because I beat you to the diner and now to the house…..now get yo sexy butt up stairs for I can get my massage.” Said Rose as she kissed Ricky “Hey don’t start something you can’t finish.” Said Ricky “Hey babe the fam home.” Said Rose “Damn you right I wasn’t really paying attention.” Said Ricky

“Ricky stop look.” Said Rose as she opened the door to the house “What baby?” asked Ricky as he grabbed Rose by the waist “No for real baby my mom is here and she’s crying.” Said Rose “Oh my bad Mrs. S.” Said Ricky “Ricky it’s ok really.” Said Jayla  “Wait the only time that the fam is together like this is when something bad happen…so lay it on me.” Said Rose

“Rose baby you might want to sit down.” Said Bryan “Uncle Bryan don’t do that is my dad alright?” asked Rose “Rose we’re so sorry we tried everything he just didn’t make it.” Said Tiesha “Wait a minute you telling you’re a doctor and you couldn’t save my daddy.” Cried Rose as she fainted into Ricky’s arms

“Now Ricky the bad news for you is that your father is the one that shot my dad you son of a bitch!” yelled DJ “DJ stop don’t hurt him it’s not his fault that his dad is a cold hearted person with no remorse.” Said Jayla as she stood up “No mom I’m sorry but if he would’ve never started hooking up with Rose in the first place all this could’ve been avoided.” Cried DJ as he grabbed Ricky by the collar of his shirt throwing him to the ground “DJ stop it’s not his fault it’s his father’s fault for holding a grudge for so long against daddy for something that happened a long time ago, so you should be taking your anger out on him not Ricky.” Cried Rose on the couch

“No baby it is my fault because if would’ve listen to them Mr. S would’ve still been alive right now.” Cried Ricky with rage in his eyes “No Ricky look at me it is not your fault please don’t say that.” Said Rose as she grabbed Ricky’s hands in hers “No Rose please let me go I have to take care of this…..I’ll be back.” Said Ricky as he walked to the back room “Ricky bro don’t even think about going back there and getting that thing!” yelled Mike following Ricky to the back “Mike I’m sorry it’s the only way…. I don’t care I’m getting it either you with me or you not.” Cried Ricky “Bro you know that we’re with you but you are not using that unless you have to…..it’s only to protect our penthouse not to be used in this way.” Said Brandon “Yeah dude we’re all with you.” Said DJ

“DJ son please I don’t want you back in the juvenile justice center or worse jail for something like this.” Said Jayla  “Mom listen I don’t care this nigga killed my father and he’s going to pay….and we’re not going to shoot him we’re just going to ruff him up a little until the cops come.” Said DJ “joey baby be careful and please be safe and here take this it’s for good luck.” Said Renee as she hugged Joey “Nee-Nee baby I’m going to be fine and thank you.” Said Joey as he kissed Renee “Steve you know I love you so please be careful.” Said Angel as he kissed Steve “Ok baby look I’m going to be ok I promise you I will come back home to you.” Said Steve as he kissed Angel “Ok boys all of you be careful and I want all of you to come back in one piece.” Said Latoya “Ricky I don’t agree with you hurting your dad but, if you do please get everybody out of there before the police come because I don’t need my little bro going back to juvey.” Said Rose as she kissed Ricky with passion  “I know baby now you just rest up and don’t worry about a thing….all you call got to worry about is that baby.” Said Ricky “Ricky please protect my brother he’s really a good kid.” Said Rose “Alright baby I will.” Said Ricky

“Ricky Trey Black where do you think you going with that gun?” asked Jayla “Mrs. S please I know but, it’s the only way….he hurt my family.” Said Ricky “Ricky I don’t care you are like my son now so I don’t you doing anything stupid that you will regret so give the gun.” Said Jayla “Mrs. S I’m so sorry it’s all my fault.” Cried Ricky as he handed Jayla the gun “Look Ricky call me Jayla…..now he’s your father you kill him like this…. You have a family to up hold now.” Said Jayla “Thanks Jayla.” said Ricky as he hugged Jayla “Alright let’s roll out boys we got a score to settle.” Said DJ “Wait DJ if something happens to you I don’t know what I’ll do without you.” Cried Carrie “Carried baby I promise you nothing will happen to me, I mean I’m not going to leave you and our unborn alone…..not now and not ever.” Said DJ  “Ok now we can roll out.” Said Ricky as he got in his car 

“Ok we’re here let’s go get this fool.” Said Mike “Hey mom is dad home the crew and I got a bone to pick with him.” Said Ricky “Yeah baby he’s in his study and what’s wrong?” asked Brittany “Oh mom come on he didn’t tell you.” Said Brandon “That’s it Mike and Brandon go get him and I don’t care if you have to drag him out.” Said Ricky “Yo dad what’s up?” asked Mike as he knocked Anthony out his chair “Oh hey boys didn’t see you come in what’s up?” asked Anthony as Brandon slammed him into the desk “Boys what’s going on?” asked Brittany “Go ahead pops tell mama what you did are so help me god I will stump your face in with my hard steel boots.” Said Anthony “Go ahead dad tell her what happen at the bar this afternoon.” Said Mike

“Anthony what the hell is going on what the hell did you do to Davon?” asked Brittany “I’m not telling you nothing bitch because you’ll just turn me in.” said Anthony  “No you the bitch because if you don’t tell her I’ll put three bullet holes in your head like a bowling ball big boy.” Said DJ holding a silver gun close to Anthony’s head

“Damn DJ I thought you put it back in the car.” Said BJ “Alright, Alright I’ll tell her just put the gun away please.” Said Anthony “No DJ don’t because pops here is going to tell mama right now with that gun pointed at his head and I mean he’s going to tell her the whole fucking truth and I mean everything and if you don’t I’ll let him kill you right here right now……oh by the way I’ll even tell the police he shot you in self-defense.” Said Ricky “Damn it Anthony just tell me and if you don’t I’ll let him shoot you.” Said Brittany “Ok dang well I went down to the bar after I left work and I happen to see Davon, so I told him to meet me out back and then that was it I shot him in his chest twice.” Cried Anthony

“Anthony ain’t no sense of crying now because I can’t believe you would hurt your son like that and especially one of my best friends since the first grade….Davon was like a brother to me.” Cried Brittany “Mama you ok?” asked Brandon “No I’m good but do me a favor call the police and an ambulance for me please.” Said Brittany “Mama what do you need an ambulance for…..whoa mama stop let him go….stop you need to calm down.” Said Ricky as he grabbed Brittany by the arms “Mama stop your pregnant no sense of losing the baby over this fool we called dad because of today I disown you as my dad and also you will never see us again not even on visitations.” Said Mike “DJ calm down and put the gun away.” Said Ricky “Alright I’m good but remember this Mr. Black you will never be a threat to any of us again.” Said DJ as he walked out the back door “Ok now that we got our revenge can we go home now to our girls.” Said Steve

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