Castlevania: Requiem of Roses

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In the mystical realm of Aelor, the land of eternal night, a new threat from the world of mortals invades and seeks to make the realm its own. The threatening entity is known very much for its thirst for blood and lust for death. Takes place five years after Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. Crossover with a friend's fictional saga, Memoirs of the Rose:

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Castlevania: Lord of Roses

Submitted: April 25, 2014

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Submitted: April 25, 2014



Hello there. I see that you've stumbled across my little crossover project. Just a few disclaimers before it gets underway. The first thing that should be noted is that a very major amount of content used in writing this (setting, characters, etc.) is attributed to another original series: the Memoirs of the Rose trilogy (Read the first part here:, a saga still in progress by Erica Burnham, a good friend of mine. Many of the characters in this story are original characters belonging to that saga, and of course, all Casstlevania characters belong to Konami.

With that out of the way, we can begin. I highly hope that you will enjoy.

Chapter 1

The year is 1835. One chilling night, in an old and nearly forgotten Romanian castle, illuminated by the light of a full moon, a cursed ritual is performed by one seeking to unleash the powers of darkness upon humanity and the world. In a candlelit chamber, a woman clad in violet dress stands before an upright ebony casket, uttering words to call upon and once again summon a malevolent soul back into the realm of the living. Her arms rise toward the casket and spread as she speaks the ritual’s final sentences.

“We crave the presence of the embodiment of suffering, king of the night and ruler of darkness! Come, and make this wretched world your own!”

At this, the casket emulated a white light as thunder roared outside the castle and the structure of the castle was shaken. A chilling wind flowed throughout the castle and around it. With a few bright flashes of light, the casket was soon blown into pieces, revealing a towering and cloaked figure standing before the woman. It took a much-craved breath as the bright light faded, revealing it to be a pale man with long white hair. Blood red eyes were revealed as his eyelids opened to perceive his new surroundings and notice the violet-clothed figure before him, who stood in awe.

“At last…my lord Dracula has revived.” She bowed before the overwhelming presence of her awakened master, who surveyed the room before looking upon his bowing servant.

“Indeed…and promptly so. It feels as if only a short time has passed since my previous awakening and banishment.” He stepped down the pedestal and motioned for the woman to rise, speaking in a cold, yet slightly impressed and endearing tone. “It would seem that I have quite devoted followers.”

“Oh yes, my lord…it has been a mere five years. When I discovered the failure of Carmilla to help you achieve your true strength, I could not simply stand by and let the failure stand.” She rose, continuing to explain things to the newly revived vampire lord. “So, I trained in the arts of devil forgery here, in your original castle. When you revived in Carmilla’s castle, this place appeared in its old, forgotten location, but with no master present, it stood uninhabited. Therefore, I took residence here, and have studied and trained in my new art since.”

Her master seemed interested in what she described. “Oh have you now?” He stepped forward, observing the features of the violet devotee. “Few followers of mine have engaged in this practice over the last few centuries. You may prove quite useful to my purposes, seeing as you were skilled enough to bring me back here. What are you called, girl?”

She gave her master another small bow of respect as she introduced herself. “I am Juliana Dahlia Miklos, humbly at your beck and call, my Lord Dracula.”

The Lord smiled slightly at the signs of strict obedience. “It is a fitting name. I shall address you as such, my faithful servant.”

She nodded in acknowledgment as she once again rose up. “Yes, my lord.” She looked up to his towering figure. “Does it feel well to once again walk freely?”

He nodded as he glanced around the room. “Indeed. It has been many years since I last walked this castle.” He took steps, pacing around the room and recalling the details. “And it would seem that not a single mortal is yet aware of what has transpired, seeing as none have arrived to stop it.” He recalled the impeccable timing of the previous vampire hunters who ruined his schemes within a single night, five years ago.

Juliana smiled darkly. “Yes, it would seem that the presence of this castle has gone unnoticed, my Lord. Which is good for our purposes. In seclusion, an army can be raised here, and you can take humanity by complete surprise.”

The Prince of Darkness grinned. “Excellent…and soon enough, my vengeance upon humanity shall be wreaked.” His eyes trailed up and out an upper window, looking out at the full moon. “Though, such shall have to wait until my full power is restored.”

“Oh yes, of course.” She swiftly made her way over to make more explanations. “I was able to revive you, but unfortunately, I was not capable of restoring you to full strength. Rest assured, my master, all preparations shall be complete to restore your power very soon. And then your curse shall again reign over these lands.”

“Good.” He turned to look upon her once again, his crimson gaze meeting her dark brown. “I expect nothing less from my capable servant. I am quite confident that you shall not fail me, Juliana.” The statement was twofold, one of honest confidence, and also of threatening expectation, which sent a foreboding chill through Juliana. “Yes my Lord. I shall not fail you. I am your tool, purely existing to serve your will.”

“Most excellent. As a matter of fact, I do have a…small issue that needs attending to.” With this statement, a malicious smirk suddenly crawled across his nearly emotionless features as he took a step toward the girl, whose small stature seemed minimal and frail in comparison.

The sight of her master’s towering form suddenly approaching sent yet another chill throughout Juliana’s body. “And…what would that be, my Lord?” In what seemed like an instant, Dracula was no longer standing before her. He had appeared behind her, having taken hold of the woman’s violet-clad form. His sharp-nailed fingers effortlessly and gently traced up her neck, his index finger resting on her chin as he took hold. It required little force or effort on the dark Lord’s part, as Juliana offered no resistance to her master, though a newfound feeling of fear and exhilaration had taken root in her chest. His ice cold skin only further served to subjugate her. A breath just as chilling touched her skin as her master leaned in to whisper his answer.

“I’m dying for a little drop of blood.” With one final grin, revealing a pair of deadly sharp fangs, the lord moved to acquire his first meal in years from the dark jewel in his grasp. All Juliana could do was release a gasp of thrill and pain, and shut her eyes as the Lord’s fangs pierced her light skin. As her lifeblood was slowly drawn and consumed, she heard her Lord’s voice speak within her mind.

Do not fear. I shall not kill you. However…I believe I will be taking my time with such a delicacy. With that, a steady and relished meal was consumed by a most hungry soul.

Meanwhile, it seemed that not all others were unaware of what had transpired. A few evenings later, deep within a nearby forest, a red-cloaked traveler made his way along the dirt path towards the cursed castle. Upon reaching a clearing, he paused, not looking up to see the shadowed silhouette of his destination, yet seemed to know just where he was nevertheless. A sly smile grew across what could be seen of his partially concealed features before he continued his journey, his intentions a mystery but clearly malicious. 

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