Mortal Kombat

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This is a mortal Kombat book If you like Mortal kombat please read my book!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mortal Kombat

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012



Chapter 1. Mortal Kombat Island


This boat is a piece of crap, said Johnny Cage. Why cant we ride a plane to this little island? Lui Kang was meditating in his room on the boat.Hey whats he doing? Said Johnny to Sonya. How the hell am I suspose to know? You dont have to be such a bit.... What did you say! Said Sonya, Nothing said Johnny. Just then they were arriving at the Island, Finnaly said Johnny Cage. 

Sonya left to a spot where she could get a signal on her wrist communicator. Im on the island, I repeat Im on the island. This is a big island It will take days to find Jax. Dont worry said Stryker from the base, He'll turn up.

Just then Sonya found something on the ground, Its Jax's Powered Gauntlets, He must be close!

Then a loudspeaker said EVERYONE MEET AT THE CASTLE! Sonya then made her way to the castle, She saw lots of people Johnny, Lui Kang, A man is a big hat, Ninjas, Martial artists, and a Old bearded man.

My name is Shang Sung said the Bearded man, This island is the home of the famous Mortal Kombat! Excuse me but what the hell is Mortal kombat?Said Johnny Cage. Its a Special tournament where kombatants fight till there is one standing! Well, thats nice said Johnny cage. Im taking you out, you out, and Im taking you out to dinner he said to Sonya. She scowled at him. Shang Sung said the tournament will begin tonight, I sugust you all get rest.

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