The Dark Knight Legends #1 The Legend Begins

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Dark Knight Legends #1 The Legend Begins

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012



Chapter 1: The legend Begins

What the hell was that?! I saw it too! Shut up guys we need to think! Smash! What the hell? He's out cold. Where are you, you freak?! He was watching on the Platform above them, then he glide kicked one of the Two thugs left and Knocked him out by breaking his arm, Then he Punched the last thug out, Breaking his nose as the cops came he used one of his many gagets, the Grapnel gun and grappled away leaving the knocked out thugs there for the cops to deal with.

As the thugs where put in the Arkham Asylum Docters faciltiy one of them asked a Nurse what happend, she said you were beat the crap out of By Gotham Citys Vigilant, the so called Batman. Batman? The thug said. Yep the nurse replied he is a Hero he saved my sister from getting robbed, but the people of Gotham think he's a menace. Im just glad he's a good guy, imagine a Killer with his skills, There would be no hope for Gotham.

Master Bruce, said Alfred at The Wayne mansion. Yes Alfred said Bruce Wayne a Millinare, with lots of money, girls, and Drinks, But they dont know his secret, He is really Gothams Hero Batman, The same guy who took out all those thugs. He has trained with the best Fighters around the world, escaped from a league of assasins that trained him to kill but he refused, and Takes on thugs on his free nights.

Alfred said there was a New thug in town and a dangerous one calling himself The Joker was robbing a bank in east Gotham. Im on my way Alfred, said Bruce as he left for his Living room then he Pushed a code in on a clock using the numbers and rotating the hands of the clock, and went into a secret basement That he called the Batcave. Then he suited up with a High tect armored suit he called the Batsuit, with spiked gauntlets for blocking Sword attacks, A bullet proof chest armor, Combat boots, and A cape and cowl. then he took off in his Batmobile a Military like car With a non letal gun and a missile launcher on it and bullet proof glass. Then he took off in a tunnel, which led to a brick wall near the Gotham city railroad and went for the bank.

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