Welcome to the Madhouse

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Tag line: Who knew one night could land me in here.

Lyric is just a normal girl who wierd things happen to. When her boyfriend is murdered in front of her eyes the truth starts to come out. After she starts seeing things that possibly couldn't be there she gets sent to a safe house for unstable teens. There she meets the only person willing to tell her the truth...she may not be crazy after all.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Welcome to the Madhouse

Submitted: April 20, 2010

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Submitted: April 20, 2010





I looked up at my boyfriend and smiled. We were at a carnival for our one year anniversary. “What are you looking at?” He joked.

I looked down at my feet and blushed. “Um…nothing.” We were both 18, yet my parents said we were becoming too close. I was supposed to be dating more than one guy…not at the same time of course. Why were they so concerned about my dating life?

Matt chuckled at my shyness, “Why don’t you decide what we should go on next and I’ll go get some more tickets?”

I nodded, “All right but hurry back.” I didn’t like being alone, weird things usually happened.

I turned around to look around but ended up running into a person behind me. “I’m sorry.” I mumbled.

I had to look up to see the person, but being 5’4” I had to do that a lot to see people’s faces. He was a good half foot taller than me. He had black hair and weird blue eyes that drew my attention right away. They didn’t look like a natural blue like my eyes but looked more silver than blue.

“It’s okay.” He smiled without showing any teeth. He gave me a confused look, then his pupils dilated. “So what’s your name and who’s your boyfriend?”

What was up with this guy? He thinks just because I bumped into him he deserves my life story. I don’t think so. “Um…I’m sorry but I don’t know you.”

Even though he was still smiling I could see the annoyance in his eyes. “I’ll be seeing you around.” He whispered in my ear then disappeared.

I shook my head. I must have been seeing things, it wouldn’t be the first time. Some one just couldn’t disappear in the blink of an eye, it was impossible.

The rest of the time at the carnival went by without anything weird…that is until we went to leave.

I could feel some one watching us but I just shook it off as me being paranoid. Matt could sense I was tense so he wrapped his arm around my waist.

When we got to the car he leaned against the closed passenger door, blocking my way. “So what’s up? You seem tense.”

I shook my head, looking down at my feet. “Nothing’s wrong, I’m just tired.”

“Why don’t you tell your boy toy the truth?” A familiar male voice asked.

I looked up to find the guy from earlier crouching on the roof of the car. Why didn’t I see him get on the roof or even hear him. He jumped down beside Matt and I and we both turned our bodies so we were looking at him directly.

“Who the hell are you?” Matt pushed me so I was behind him.

The stranger smiled, “It doesn’t matter who I am because you’re not going to be around much longer.” He pushed Matt on the ground and was on top of him with lightening speed.

“Get off of him, psychopath!” I screamed, trying to grab a hold of him so I could get him away from Matt. But the stranger back handed me without even glancing at me.

I slammed into the car and got back up. But it was too late. The guy was getting up and Matt laid there on the ground pale and lifeless. The guy turned around and smirked at me. “I’ll see you again little Necro.” And then he was gone again.

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