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A bunch of friends are trying to find out why children are vanishing in their home town. What they find shocks them!
(BTW the first chapter sucks, I will try to make the second one better)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Slenderman!

Submitted: November 24, 2012

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Submitted: November 24, 2012



Chapter 1 -

Mysterious Disappearences (short chapter)

Rita (POV)

I woke up from a long night of sleep and sighed as I got ready for school. Me and my friends have been trying to solve a mystery about why people keep disappearing. I like solving mysteries, I hope to be a detective when I grow up. But this mystery is getting on my nerves. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didnt realise I bumped into a lamp post. Ouch... I saw a bunch of teens laughing their heads off. I ignored them. I needed to solve this otherwise I will be so ashamed. Suddenly, my cell phone rang


"Hey, Rita!" it was my best friend Donna.

"Oh hey Donna, whats up?"

"I looked at the latest news report and it says that a teenage boy has just been kipnapped earlier this morning"

"Thats been the fiftieth one this week" I sigh and paused for a second. "It seems like we might have to quit with this one we have..."

"No we are not stopping. The more determined we get the more of a chance we have of solving this. I am not going to stop just because we still havent found anything" I smile as I hear her motivating words.

"I guess you are right! Thanks Donna"

"No problem, I have a feeling this mystery will be solved in no time" I sigh.

"I hope you are right" I mutter and I hang up, putting my phone back in pocket. I wish I was more determined like her. I always let things get in my way. As I approach school I see my friends: Stevie, Roger and John all talking on the benches. I smile and walk over to them.

"Hey guys!" I say to them as they smile back at me.

"Hey, so you heard the report" Roger asks me.

"Actually Donna told me about it and I am not shocked to say the least"

"Why does it always seem to happen to young people?" Stevie asks us

"Do you think it could be an alien?" John says, his childish thoughts consuming him.

"It could be..." I interrupted Roger as he was about to agree with Johns ridiculous question.

"Aliens dont exist thats a proven fact"

"How do you know that?" Roger asks me.

"Because... I dont know I just I believe in science and they always seem to be able to debunk the Aliens existence"

"What does debunk mean?" the three of us ignored Johns question. I am sure anyone with at least an average amount of knowledge would know what the 'debunk' means. And he doesnt have any!

"You know what I think you might as well solve this mystery by yourself to be a detective you have to have an open mind and believe that anything is possible. But if you just solve all your mysteries logically then you will never get anywhere. So me, Roger and John are not helping you anymore. See ya" I was shocked at his outburst. I was saddened by what he said to me. I might never get anywhere now that those three are gone. Even though John is not exactly the 'brightest bulb on the porch' he is still useful when it comes down to it. I sigh for what felt like the third time today and sat down gloomy. I sat there for a few minutes until the bell rang. I huffed annoyed and went to class.

"Hey Rita!" Donnas voice sounded cheerful as she came and sat down next to me.

"Donna, you might not want to sit next to her because she is ignorant, close-minded freak" Stevie said to Donna as he glared at me.

"Were still having this!" I said angrily.

"If you werent so closeminded maybe the three of us could work with you"

"I am just going to, you know go over there" she quickly ran away before she could get involved. We continued bickering, however. He was really getting on my nerves! Time went by and we just decided to ignore each other because the teacher came in for the lesson. I felt kind of guilty for always relying on my logic to solve situations. Maybe aliens, ghosts, supernatural things do exist but I am still skeptical.

It was lunch time and I was standing by my locker, I didnt know if I should talk to Roger or not since he wasnt far from my locker. I went over to him and hoped he would forgive me. I tapped him on the shoulder

"Hey Roger!"

"What do you want?" he said annoyed.

"I am really sorry for how ignorant I was being, I just I guess I am scared of the idea of it being a 'supernatural' entity and all. Do you forgive me?" I asked with hopeful eyes. He smiled and nodded. All I had to do now was get the rest of them back and we could hopefully solve this mystery together.



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