Inseparable Matters

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Bridgett Cross is a FBI agent. Cage Henderson is a Dallas Cop. Together, they are the best team to catch the Russian Mafia leader. Together, they can fall in love. Nail biting and full of romance!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Inseparable Matters

Submitted: July 27, 2011

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Submitted: July 27, 2011



It felt so cold in that abandon Russian warehouse. Bridgett Cross knew this is the right spot. She did not do research for two straight months to be wrong. Anya Koreskova, Russian Mafia leader, HAS to be here. Bridgett held her hand up to signal her team to hold their spot so she can investigate a little further. She walked a few feet and then, she heard a female voice speaking in Russian.

*translated* "Are you sure you got the goods here, right now?" Anya whispered.

"Yes boss, we do. The cocaine and heroin is hiding in those leather shoes, ready to be shipped off to Dallas, Texas in the morning," one of her collegues said.

"Good, send them off as soon as you can. We must sell this or my father will not be pleased." Bridgett cursed almost a little too loud. She knew drugs are involved. She has to stop the shipment before it's too late. She grabbed her walkie talkie and connected to her captain.

"Captain Marshall, this is Agent Cross. Koreskova is going to ship cocaine and heroin to Dallas in the morning. Do I have permission to make enemy contact?" Bridgett whispered into the walkie talkie.

"Affimative, proceed with enemy contact," Marshall said and she signaled her team to make contact. She ran out into the area with her badge out and her gun in the air.

"FBI, WE GOT YOU SURROUNDED, KORESKOVA!" Bridgett yelled and Anya's collegue dropped his weapon and put his hands in the air, Anya didn't. She just looked at Bridgett and she laughed. She said something in Russian and she pulled her weapon out and shot two of Bridgett's team mates dead. Bridgett opened fired on her, which Anya dodged and she opened fire on Bridgett. Bridgett dodged five bullets until one got her in her shoulder and another one in her right thigh. A bullet from Bridgett got Anya's right breast and her left knee. 

"Fuck you bitch! You will pay for this!" Anya cursed at her and spit at Bridgett. Bridgett heard the sirens of the FBI vehicles and she seen her captain come in and seen them arrest Anya.

"Cross, you are going to be okay. We got Koreskova!" Captain Marshall said and Bridgett fell backwards into the ground and she went unconscious.


*6 Months Later*

"Everyone, welcome Bridgett Cross back into the FBI. She has fully recovered from her shoot-out with Anya Koreskova over in Moscow!" Captain Marshall said to the group of people in the Dallas FBI office and everyone clapped for her. Bridgett smiled and waved at people and walked over to her desk. When she got shot in her thigh muscle, it caused her muscle damage. She went through six months of rehabilitation after her surgeries to retrieve the bullets from her shoulder and thigh. She no longers walks with crutches or with a limp. She cannot run as fast as she use to do, but she can still do her cases. Bridgett sat down in her desk and she began to research her next case. As she clicked on a news link, she seen a familar name.

"Anya Koreskova, which was convicted of first degree murder, drug traffikking, attempted murder and rackettering charges in February, has escaped from her prision cell in Ft. Worth, Texas Monday night. It is believed that her collegue and boyfriend, Viktor Asbervich, which surrended to FBI agents in Moscow, Russia 6 months ago, helped her escape. There is no telling where Koreskova or Asbervich location is. FBI agents in Dallas is on the look out..." 

Bridgett ran to her captain and took him to his office to get information about Anya and Viktor. She was furious that no body has told her about their escape Monday. She closed his blinds and she stood in front of him with her arms crossed.

"Why didn't nobody tell me about Koreskova and Asbervich?" Bridgett demanded.

"Because we are having a briefing about it at 1000 hours. If you plan to get involved with this case again, You better attend. We are getting Dallas PD involved since they are the ones that told us about them," Captain Marshall said and Bridgett just smiled and she walked out of his office. When she closed the door behind her, fellow agent, Candice Timmerman, walked up to her and she looked very scared.

"Sorry Bridgett, he said you we're going to find out eventually at the briefing. I don't want to get involved in this as well. I didn't get involved with it last time, and I am not again. You will have Dallas PD helping you," Candice said and Bridgett looked at her and smiled. Candice is a new agent that joing the FBI eight months ago. She started when Bridgett was assigned the Koreskova case. Candice is about four inches shorter than Bridgett, and Bridgett is actually really short herself at five foot four. Candice has her dark blond hair in a tight bun as Bridget puts her brunette hair in a simple ponytail. Candice puts too much makeup around her green eyes, as Bridgett admires her amber colored eyes by not putting make up on her. 

"That's fine, you run and do your stupid and simple cases while I do the life threatening cases that I can actually die," Bridgett said and Candice rolled her eyes and stormed off to her desk. Bridgett looked at her watch and seen that the Koreskova briefing is in five minutes. She went to the drink machine, grabbed her a cup of coffee and went to the room where they discuss upcoming serious cases. Including her, there is five men that went to Moscow with her six months ago and Captain Marshall. The other group of uniformed men must be the Dallas PD. Bridgett quickly grabbed a seat as Marshall went up to the front of the room and quiet everybody down. Another man, the captain of the Dallas PD, also joined him.

"As we all know, Koreskova has escaped from Ft. Worth Pent. She is highly dangerous and she is the leader of the Russian Mafia. We have stopped her from sending over cocaine and heroin six months ago. We believe that she is going to send them over this time, and of course, the Dallas FBI and Dallas PD are going to stop her. Here joining me is Captain Charles Pickett, he is the chief of the Dallas PD," Captain Marshall said and everyone clapped as the man shook Marshall's hand and smiled at the group.

"Thank you for letting us help you capture Anya Koreskova and Viktor Asbervich. Marshall and I have decided on two leaders of this case, one on each side. Will Bridgett Cross and Cage Henderson join us up here please?" Captain Pickett asked and Bridgett looked over and a gorgeous blond haired man looked over at her and winked at her. Bridgett rolled her eyes and she joined him and Marshall got beside her and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Cross, as us FBI agents know, risked her life in Moscow six months ago. She tracked Koreskova down and knew where she will be at a certain point. I chose her to be the head agent on the FBI side," Marshall said and the FBI agents yelled for her and cheered for her.

"I chose Cage Henderson because he has served for us for five years, and two years as an Army Ranger. I think he is fit for the job. I think you two will get along really well," Captain Pickett said and Cage walked over to Bridgett and he smiled at her.

"Well, I hope so because she is down right sexy!" Cage said and wolf whistled at her and she wanted to slap him so bad.

"Don't get fresh with me, Henderson, we are going to lead our group to get Koreskova and she will get what she deserves." Bridgett said and he smiled.

"Wow, you are feisty!" Cage said and everybody laughed along with him, including both captains, laughed. Bridgett knew she will have to deal with Cage Henderson if she wants Anya Koreskova dead or alive.

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