Inseparable Matters

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 28, 2011



Bridgett ran to her desk after running away from the briefing room. She had to get away from Cage, he really embarassed her. She reached into her purse and grabbed her Tylenol due to her pounding headache. She threw them into her mouth and closed her eyes, and prayed that the medicine wil take effect. She heard the briefing group come out and she did not even hide from them. She just leaned back into her chair and kept praying that the headache will go away. The roaring laughter got quieter and soon enough, the headache was gone. Bridgett went to the nearest water fountain and she took in some water and Candice went up to her.

"Bridgett, I was just wondering if you want to go to Starbucks with me on our break," Candice asked her and Bridgett thought about how coffee and capaccinos always relaxed her when she is tense.

"Sure, meet me at my car at noon. I have to go do some research on Anya and get started on this case," Bridgett said and Candice smiled. She went back to her desk and began her research, which is already half way done due to the case last time. She worked on the case for the next two hours without any interruptions, and ten minutes before break time, she heard someone clear his throat.

"How did me complimenting you embarass you?" Cage asked her leaning against her work station. Bridgett took off her reading glasses and she looked straight at him and smiled.

"You didn't embarass me, Cage," Bridgett said sarcastically.

"Well, your face went red as a lobster and you ran out quicker than a jackrabbit, I think I embarassed you."

"Okay, if it makes your ego happy, Yes, you embarassed the hell out of me. I hate when open-minded people speak openly in front of my collegues. To make the matters worse, they thought it was funny!" Bridgett yelled and didn't care that everybody heard her at all.

"My ego? You think I have a big ego?" he said surprised.

"Looks like to me that no body has told you about it yet."

"Excuse me, Bridgett, I think you are a stuck up bitch. A very hot stuck up bitch!"

"Oh hell no, I am not stuck up!"

"Ego-maniac as well, you didn't mention how you are not hot!"

"My ego is just fine, it ain't as big as Texas, like yours!"

"Oh, this is going to be fun. I get to work with a hot headed sexy ass woman!" Cage hooted like a cowboy and he walked back to the briefing room. Bridgett grabbed her purse and went down to the garage to meet up with Candice. When she seen Candice, she is putting on makeup with Bridgett's rear view mirror. This girl acts like a teenager! How old is her anyways, twenty-three? Bridgett is twenty-nine years old and she is not possessed with makeup. The only time she put on makeup is on special occasions like company outings and seeing her sister's family. 

"Ready Candice?" Bridgett said and Candice finished up her eyeliner and looked at her and smiled. They got into Bridgett's car and she drove the five blocks to the nearest Starbucks. When they got into the semi-long line, she knew Candice will start talking. Bridgett wanted to beat her to the talking, and she needed to get to know Candice.

"So, Candice, tell me about your hometown and your family," Bridgett said.

"I am the oldest of three kids. I have a fifteen year old sister and an eighteen year old brother that is going to Texas University. I was raised wealthy in Denton, Texas, just north about thrity minutes. My father is an Investment Counseler and my mother is a nurse with a masters degree. I decided to be an FBI agent after not getting into the masters program in journalism. Tell me about you," Candice said and Bridgett let a aggervated sigh out of her mouth. She knew she is risking when she asked Candice about her family life. She doesn't have to give the full story, just between the lines.

"I was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. I am the youngest of two girls. My sister is thirty-one years old and has a small family of her own, two little boys and a wonderful husband. My parents, well let me put it this way, they we're hardly in the picture our whole lives," Bridgett said smiling. She made it short and sweet.

"Did they work a lot or something?" Candice asked.

"No, just busy people," Bridgett nodded and thinking to herself Smart thinking Bridgett! Candice didn't ask anymore questions, not even asking Bridgett how she joined the FBI or anything. They got their coffee and bagels and they decided to go back to work with their coffees. Candice did not talk anymore since then. Bridgett felt so bad being so rude to her.

"Sorry Candice, i just don't feel like talking about my parents. I joined the FBI because of them," Bridgett said and Candice nodded her head.

"That's fine, I know some things are meant to be kept to ourselves. How they got you into the FBI?" Candice asked her.

"That's something I really don't want to talk about right now." Candice nodded her head and they got out of the car, and returned to work. Bridgett immediately went to the briefing room to check on the progress on the Koreskova case. Cage and Captain Pickett is at the computer far away from her where she cannot listen in. Captain Marshall called her over and she knew something is up when he calls her over anytime.

"Cage said that he embarassed you, I thought he was being honest about your...looks," Marshall said and Bridgett rolled her eyes.

"Cage Henderson is an ego-maniac. He knew that if he said that about me, his ego will get a good boost. I have to deal with him with this case, but I cannot wait to get away from him," Bridgett said looking at Cage working with his captain.

"Yeah, I heard that little arguement you had with him. Y'all need to get along, and quick. I don't want you two fighting and arguing all the time, we will never get this case done then!" Bridgett gave in and knew that her captain is not kidding. She has to get along with Cage. She walked over to them and Cage just looked at her.

"No progress on her, we want to track some of her collegues, so we can interrogate them," Cage said and she yelled for Mikey. Mikey is the FBI's best technology specialist, and he only does that. Also, everybody there knows that he has the world's biggest crush on Bridgett. His green bug eyes are always looking at her breast and he stutters when he talks to her. His red hair is always messy, like he has not brushed his hair in ten years and he is not in the greatest shape. Bridgett knew he has not even got laid, not even a drunk night stand. Hell, he probably never kissed a girl!

"Yes Bridgett?" Mikey asked her, obviously looking at her breast.

"Eyes Mikey, and I need you to find Anya's collegues so Cage can interrogate them," Bridgett said and Mikey looked at Cage and he made a whimpering noise. He knew that Cage has a bigger chance to be with Bridgett, and she is a lost cause for him.

"Yes Bridgett, I will do anything for you," Mikey said and he went to his computer and began his work. Cage walked over and stood beside her and he chuckled.

"That Mikey dude has a thing for you. I don't blame him one bit!" Cage said and she bit her lip and tried not to cuss him out.

"Of course he does, ain't it obvious?" Bridgett pointed out.

"My buddies and some of the FBI are going to the bar after work, I was wondering if you want to join us." Bridgett remembered what Captain Marshall said to her about getting along with Cage. Going to the bar with him will do them very good.

"Sure, I'll go. I sure can use a couple of beers," Bridgett said and he smiled.

"Good, meet us at O'Henry's over at 3rd and 15th avenue around six."

"I'll be there!" He walked off and Bridgett leaned against the wall and started at Cage. He is indeed, a very sexy man. No wonder why his ego is as big as Texas!


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