Inseparable Matters

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 04, 2011



Bridgett opened the doors to the bar and seen the group of her fellow workers and Cage's team. They are all laughing and having a good time being away from work. She has been working since she was eighteen years old, and she has been with the FBI since she was twenty-two. She never had time to go to a bar and have a good time. She wanted to be the best agent in Texas, so not only she pushed fun away, she pushed away personal relationships. After her parents tragic deaths, she wanted something with life. She never figured out what she wanted with life, or she knows but her semi-conscious doesn't want it out right now. Her personal love life has been hectic though the years. In high school, she never had a boyfriend due to her awkward shyness. When she started to work and her shyness went away, she had boyfriends. She was so infused with work that none of her boyfriends got serious enough to lead to sex or even getting to the pointof being engaged. Bridgett knew that she is the only woman in the world that doesn't even want to have sex. Bridgett looked at Cage and she smiled. Her stomach done somersalts, which that never happened in her life.

"Bridgett, get your ass over her girl!" Candice said and she walked over and sat between Candice and Cage. The waitress came over and asked her for a drink and Bridgett really didn't know what to order. She ordered herself a beer on draft and she looked at everybody and listened to their stories. During that whole time, she has learned why her co-workers joined the FBI.

"So, Bridgett, why are you in the FBI? I think you and Candy is too beautiful to be agents," Cage said and Candy slapped his arm and giggled.

"My parents died when I was seventeen by a crinimal and I was inspired by the cops. I was actually a police officer from the age of eighteen to twenty-two, and that's when I decided to work the the FBI," Bridgett said and drank her beer, which all of the sudden tasted so good to her.

"Oh, I am so sorry, that's why you we're so reluctant to talk about your parents," Candice said and hugged her. Bridgett knew that Candice, or otherwise known as Candy now, has been drunk for a very long time.

"My older sister was nineteen and already moved out with her boyfriend, now husband. I moved in with my aunt until I graduated, if you all wondered how I managed until I graduated."

"I am sorry Bridgett, but I have to say something. You always act like you have something crawled up your ass everyday. You need to get laid girl, or are you already, and its not good enough?" a female drunk collegue said to her and Bridgett did not say anything and she asked for another glass of beer. A few hours later, and five huge glasses of beer, Bridgett knew she had enough. She felt very happy and very dizzy and Candy dragged her outside and to her car. Candy sat in her passenger seat and she grabbed her makeup.

"I always LOVED makeup. I have been putting it on since I was eleven!" Candy said and Bridgett started to laugh, and she did not even know why. Candy tried to put her eye liner on and she almost poked her eye out twice. Bridgett grabbed her eye pencil and smiled at Candy.

"Let me do it, I can make you look gorgeous!" Bridgett said and Candy let her. Bridget put the eyeliner on her and she did not even notice that she missed and placed the eyeliner makeup on the bottom of Candy's eyeball. She knew that Candy is way too drunk to even notice, and Bridgett is too drink to even care enough to tell her.

"See, I told you that you will be gorgeous!" Bridgett said handing Candy a mirror and when Candy seen her messed up makeup, she hugged her and thanked her. Candy and Bridgett walked in, holding onto each other and Bridgett felt the need to dance. She went to the jukebox and chose a rock song she use to listen to in her younger days. Bridgett started to dance of what she thought of dancing very sexy. She looked over at Cage and she went over to him,grabbed his shirt collar and dragged him to the jukebox.

"You know, I think you are the hottest guy here. I think I wanna lose my virginity to you..." Bridgett covered her mouth and she laughed. Cage grabbed her arm and took her outside and when they made it to his truck, he sat her down on her tailgate.

"Bridgett, you are very drunk," Cage said and she started laughing loudly.

"Nah shit sherlock!" Bridgett blurted out and she watched him text on his cellphone and he looked at her and sighed heavily.

"I am going to take you to my place, and a friend of mine is going to take your car over there. I'm going to let you sleep on my couch until you decide to leave. I can tell this is the first time you ever been drunk, so you cannot be left alone," he said.

"Am I that obvious? I have never had sex, drank or done anything rebellious in my life. I was too shy in high school and I was into work way too much to do anything other than makeout with a guy," Bridgett said and Cage grabbed her hand and helped her into his truck. Candy and another police officer came out, which he is helping her to his vehicle, and he said something to that guy, and her memory went black...

***********************THE NEXT MORNING...************************************

Bridgett woke up with a terrible headache. She sat herself up and she stretched her arms and when she opened her eyes, her heart stopped. She is not in her bed, or her apartment. This apartment is a lot darker, and smelled a lot different, it smelled manly. She looked down at her bed and seen that she is not only not in her bed, but she is completly naked. Her heart raced and she looked on her left side and seen a wine glass with some red wine stilland about three beer cans. Her heart is now about to jump out of her chest. She looked on her right side and she felt like screaming. Cage is beside her, also naked and his hair messed up. She pulled the covers off of herself and she seen two hickies on each breast and she feared that she probably has one on her neck. She looked between her legs and see sees the dread reddish-brown stain in his sheets when he penetrated her virgin womb. She grabbed her legs and held them against her chest. She knew it was a bad idea to go to that bar last night. She could of have ordered a soda or a water. She felt like rebelling last night and got herself a beer. The last thing she remembered is Cage putting her in the truck and taking him to his place. She trusted him because he is a cop. He didn't feel safe enough for a first-time drinker to be left alone. She finally let out a wailing scream and Cage jerked awake and he looked at her and he knew right then what is going on.

"Oh no, Bridgett, I am so sorry! I should have stopped myself!" Cage said and Bridgett looked at him and knew that he is truelly sorry.

"I wish I never drank last night. I wanted my first time having sex to be wonderful and I want to remember it!" Bridgett said and Cage grabbed her and held her against his chest, which is ligtly dusted with chest hair.

"I can tell you this much, it was wonderful. If you want me to tell you about it, I can anytime."

"Not right now, just let me get dressed and let me go home." Bridgett swinged her legs around and she felt nasty between her legs. She looked at Cage pointed to the bathroom down the hall. "The second door on the left, you can take a shower if you need to."

"Thanks, I really need one," She said and as she grabbed her clothes, not bothering putting them on her, Cage cleared his throat.

"I want to take you out for breakfast after my shower, do you want something to eat?" he asked her. She agreed and she made it to the bathroom and immediatly turned the hot water on. She jumped in and she felt the nastiness leave her and she looked down and seen the cloudy blood in the water. She sat heself down and she started to cry. She heard the door opened and the shower curtain jerked open and she looked up into Cage's blue eyes and she felt like she needed him so bad.

"Cage!" she wailed out and lifted her body out of the tub and wrapped her in a warm towel. He held her against his chest and rocked her to calm her down.

"What is wrong, Bridgett? Please tell me what is so bad?" he asked her.

"I want to r-remember what ha-happened last night. I never wa-wanted my first time to be a dr-drunkened one night stand!" Bridgett said and he put some of her wet hair behind her ear.

"Who said it was a one night stand?"

"It wasn't?"

"Bridgett, I wanted our relationship to be good. I didn't plan last night at all. You asked for a glass of wine and I drank a couple of beers. You kissed me and then...well, you seen what happened next."

"Tell me, what did I do during the sex?" Cage grabbed her chin and tilted her head up so she can see his smiling eyes and she smiled also.

"You done something none of my girlfriends did when we made love. At first, you cringed with the virgin pain, which you didn't hurt for long. You moaned my name and you held me against you and you begged for me to not to stop and afterwards, we cuddled." Bridgett felt so much better knowing that her first time was romantic. She thought it may have gotten rough.

"Bridgett, I really do care about you. I really do want us to have a good romantic relationship."


"Yes, do you want one?" Is this his way to ask her to date him? She has not been ask to date a guy like this and she felt so touched that she wanted to be happy with this man.

"I do want one with you. Is this your way to ask me to date you?" She asked and he laughed and kissed her. When his lips touched hers, she seen a glimpse of him kissing her last night. His lips felt so silky against hers and his tongue was not fast or too slow, it was just right.

"Yes, it was a way to ask you to date me. I am happy that you want to be my girlfriend." he said when he let go and Bridgett hugged him. She knew she has to get over his huge ego, if he even has one now. She knew this relationship is much different than her other ones, he is her partner. Her bad morning just turned into a good one.

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