Wings and Other Things

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Everyone thought that could never happen. Things start happening that are so wacked up. Barron, Ruben, and Seth will never be the same again...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Wings and Other Things

Submitted: June 11, 2011

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Submitted: June 11, 2011



“ Hello?”

I glanced around but saw nothing except darkness. I did hear footsteps though, finally. I was getting really sick of bending over in a uncomfortable position to try to fit in the stupid dog cage, what do I look like? An animal?

“Hello?” I yelled again. “I’m getting really bored. Can I leave now?”

“Shut up runt.” A gruff voice yelled. This is the first voice besides my own that I have heard in days. I was locked in a stupid cage for two weeks it seems like.

“ Hm, I heard something. Oh maybe it was just the wind.” I mocked. I was in no mood to beg for mercy. I was in no mood to cry for help. I was determined to get out of here.

“ I’m going to come in there and beat you.” He screamed, he obviously had low tolerance, hehe. I could literally feel the steam coming out of his ears.

“ I hear it again, they need to shut the window or something.”

The cage rattled and the door squealed open. I didn’t have much time to think about what I was going to do so I took a deep breath and charged at the figure crawling in. I was surprised by how hard I hit him.

“Ugh!” he barked as he flew backwards. After I heard a muffled crash, I looked around. The room was quiet except for the coughing of the semi-conscious guard. Rattling of a similar metal cage echoed around the empty room.

“ Barry?” a familiar voice whispered. My heart pounded and my body filled with some relief.

“ I’m here Ruben.” I replied in a soft whisper. I forgot Ruben was even here with me.

“ Can yah open my cage?” he asked. I followed his voice and used my hands and felt around. Once I hit another cage I shook it.

“ You in there?” I asked.

“ Yah.” he answered back.

I held back the tears as I looked around. We were so close to freedom. I missed my family, My friends.

As I messed around with the lock, I thought. The first few days of my capture, I was pinned to an iron table. A while ago, I was in something resembling a jail cell. Now, they stooped as low as cages.

I reached around some more and finally felt a tiny button. I pressed it cautiously. Once he heard the click, Ruben pushed open the door and climbed out. Wow, they think we are stupid. I kinda feel stupid for not finding that button sooner.

“Let’s get out of here.” Ruben Dane, my best friend whispered and took my hand. We rushed, almost panicky, to find a way out. We had no idea when someone would come in and find us. Ruben and I felt around for only a few seconds before Ruben hit something.

“I got a knob I think.” he quietly said and opened a door that led us to freedom after weeks cooped up in a cage. Boy, I was glad to get out of that joint and take a bath.

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