Acoustic Guitar

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Clara Devin is a typical sixteen year old ambitious teenager with the dream of becoming a famous singer but all her dreams seem to shatter when she finds out she has terminal cancer.
She has a short time left to leave but on finding her grandpa’s old acoustic guitar, she draws inspiration and has one more song to sing, and she was going to make sure the world heard it.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Acoustic Guitar

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



Chapter One

The Devin family house was not the most quiet in the neighborhood. The father running around preparing for the office, the mother taking care of herfour children seventeen year old Brook, sixteen year old Clara, nine year old Ogechi and five year old Daniel but they were a comfortable family, not rich not poor just comfortable.

“Brook come and help me prepare your brother for school, Clara I hope you getting yourself ready for school and not writing songs!” Kathryn shouted from downstairs, her children were always delaying or being delayed she always wondered what they would do without her.

“Brook downstairs now!” the bustling never ended till they entered the car even at the front door she was adjusting her husband’s tie, making sure her children’s uniform were in place and things like that but it never bothered her, she was the mother and wife and they needed her.

“Clara can you keep your song book at home, you need to pay full attention to your school books.”

“Mum I need it to show my music teacher, I need his help. Mummy please it will never affect my studied, “A” student for life.”

“If it would not interrupt your studies I will let you.”

“Thanks mum.”

“Daniel into the car now!” she screamed across the room. The fact was that everything always walked out. Joey would take his own car to the office while Kathryn would take their children in her car to their school.

The Devin children were very unique; they always stood out where ever they were.Brook was known for her intelligence and wonderful scientific skills, she was always top in all the competitions and even school. Clara was also very intelligent but was known around Western base academy for her voice. Everyone knew her because she could blow the roof off with her voice.

Everyone was proud of them, both parents’ teachers’ and friends. Even little Daniel was much matured at five; he had the intelligence of an eight year old. They all couldn’t ask for a better life.

“Clara can you help me take my bag to the bus after school?”Brook asked as they both go got off the bus together.

“Why can’t you carry it to the bus yourself Brook?”

“I have a younger sister that’s why.”

“You are only older with a year.”

“In other words 365 days, that is really, really much Clara.”

“You only have one more year before you are leaving for university you need to learn how to carry your things yourself but I will help you just for today.”

“Thanks Clara. I owe you”

“Yes you do and I will collect.”

Brooksmiled at her sister then continued upstairs to her classroom while Clara turned to the left of the hall and headed to her own classroom which was directly under that of Brook’s own.

Their family was a strange one but they loved it and loved each other even more, they would never change it for anything.

@ @ @

“What is our first subject today?” Clara asked her best friend June as she entered the class room.

“Good morning Clara.”

“Sorry dear.”

“It is ok you tend to do it a lot these days.”

“I am really sorry it is just that I am trying to balance school and writing my music.”

“Leave the music Clara and face your books.”

“My dad said that if can write eleven songs he would take me to a studio and start recording and I have ten I just need one more”.

“Then you can record after you are out of school Clara.”

“I will be old by then who listens to old people? I want to be a teenager star, as in a shining star June.”

“Alright do what you like but do not forget your best friend when you become a star.”

“I asked a question earlier.”

“You are going to dump me when you become famous.” June said sarcastically.

“Of course June I cannot forget you, now answer me what is our first subject for the day?” Clara asked getting frustrated. June could get frustrating at times especially important times.

“We are having biology practical today, this morning.”

“That is really bad!”

“What is it?”

“I will have to skip the class.”

“Skip class? Why? You never miss your classes.”

“I will have to today. I need to see our music teacher privately for my music.”

“That is why you are skipping class?”

“I would have gone during our lunch time but he would not be around by that time so it is now or never.”

“I do not support this Clara.”

“It will be fine.” And she was gone down the hall and disappearing behind the stairs.

June watched as her friend took to her heels. The girl was so ambitious. She had a lot she wanted to achieve in her life time June actually thought she needed another life but she loved Clara they were best friends for ever even in extremely annoying situations like this.

@ @ @

“That is perfect Clara absolutely wonderful so are you thinking of recording?”

“Yes my dad said that if I can write eleven songs then I will go to the studios, he actually has a friend that will help me.”

“That’s good you all ready have ten just one more and you will be ready to go.”

“I know” she said excitedly. “Thank you so much Mr. Simon, I have to go back to class so I won’t miss another class.”

“Alright then, I will send you on your way.”

“Thanks a lot sir for your help.”

“Whenever I am around you can come to be I will be glad to help.”

She was only a few steps from her class when she heard her name. It was June. It turned around to face her.

“I was just looking for you; Mr. Seun would like to see you now.”

Mr. Seun was our biology teacher, she was hoping he wouldn’t notice she was not in his class; he wasn’t the kind of teacher you want to hate you.

“Why is he looking for me?” she asks as if the answer want obvious.

“Let us see, he asked a question in class and he called you to answer it only you weren’t in class and that was rather strange because he saw you this morning.” June took a few steps closer to her before she continued, “everyone knowing I am your best friend ask me where you were and I couldn’t lie.”

“So you gave me out, how could you?”

“Did you want me to lie?”

“I don’t know.”

“I didn’t lie at the same time I wasn’t totally truthful.”

“What do you mean?”

“I told him you were taking care of something important so it is up to you to explain yourself.”

“Thanks June.”

“Hurry back for English class we are going to have a test.”

She left June standing in the hallway as she hurriedly passed her class and headed straight for the biology lab. The biology lab was the only lab separate from the other labs.

The room had a wet, musty smell whenever one entered it; at the far corner were a pack of books which were as old as the school itself. Not far from on the wall were the pictures of students who had excelled in biology since the year 1985. Mr. Simon called it ‘the wonder wall.’

For this year the only two people qualified for the position on the wall are Dylan and Clara. And she wasn’t so sure of her position because if her little stunt today. Mr. Simon was always quick to disqualify.

She really didn’t mind because she was already sure of an award in English, economics and geography.

She walked slowly to Mr. Simon’s table which was right inside the lab. He raised his head and saw her approaching.

“miss Clara, I am aware of your disappearing act would you mind enlightening me on what this important thing you had to do that made you miss a practical.”

Mr. Simon was the typical African teacher, oversized clothes, oversized glasses and a really oversized ego. But now wasn’t the time to analyze him; she had to find a way to escape his trap.

“I was busy with something.”

“I think we have already ascertained that fact so what precisely where you doing during my class period.”

“I...had a meeting with the music teacher.”

“So the music teacher now has the right to us my time. This must get to the principal.”
“It is not his fault sir I arranged the meeting with him.”

He hit the table then rose to his feet and looked down at her. “You better tell me what is going on or I will call your parents.”

There was no escape now, she really wished she had not skipped his class but she could not turn back the hands of time.

“I wanted him to help with my music and he was free doing your class period I had to use it. I am very sorry sir.”

“I can’t believe you Miss Clara! You are telling me you missed biology for music. This should be the last time something as fatuous as this should happen. I’m I distinctively understood?”

“Yes sir.”

“I won’t call you parents but forget about your picture being put on the wonder wall.”

“I understand sir.”

“Good, now get out of my office before I regret my choice.”

She turned around and walked away faster than she had come in. she didn’t head for her class instead she went into the rest room. She had come here to cry. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to follow her dream of music anymore or was she not balancing her education and passion well?

She spun around to face the mirror and right there on her face, streaming from my nose was blood.

@ @ @

Clara had finally wiped off the blood from her face and went to her classroom. As expected the English teacher was in the glass. Gladly he didn’t ask her any questions on why she was late for his class. He just handed Clara her test question and sent her to her sit.

She had not even hadher sit when June started attacking her with questions.

“What's wrong? You look pale... where you crying?”

“June please can we talk about this later...”

“Clara Devin and June May Damilola stand.” it was the english teacher.

Both of them stood simultaneously and looked at him the same way half of the class was focused on them.

“Are you aware a test is on going?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, I do not want to hear your voices.”

“Yes sir.” And they sat down on their sits not looking at each other again.

A few drops of blood fell on Clara’s test sheet. She touched her nose and noticed it was bleeding again. She had being feeling sick for a while but was not enough to explain the bleeding.

She quickly reached for a tissue in her bag which she had placed beside my desk. Clara wipedher nose but the blood still dripped out and soiled her paper. Now she had to explain why her paper was soiled with blood.

Her day was not going well.

The bleeding had died down but she still kept the tissue on her nose just in case. She could feel June gaze on her but when she turned looked at June she quickly turned away.

Clara wrote her test in silence hoping to finish before June did so she could hurry to the restroom and clean herself up but it didn’t work out that way. June had finished and immediately Clara handed in her paper and stepped out the door she began to attack her again with questions.

“Clara what is wrong? I saw you bleeding in class now.”

“It is nothing.” she said back to her. Clara didn’t look June in the eye because she knew June always found a way to know she was lying.
“This is not anything Clara. Have you told your parents about it because if you haven’t you better do because this could mean several things.”

Clara pulled June aside to the corner of their classroom to explain herself.

“The bleeding just started today but I have being feeling sick for some time. It is not a problem. It is probably because I haven’t being sleeping well. I will be fine June.”

“Still tell your parents in case it is not as minor as you think, Clara please?”

“June you are my best friend you should know I hate going to the hospital but I will tell my parents and you will see that there is no problem.”

“You are bleeding.”


“You are bleeding right now Clara!”

Clara placed her hand on her nose. She was bleeding again. This was getting serious.

“Come on I will go with you to the rest room.” June put her hand around Clara’s waist and they walked together to the restroom.

A few drops of blood had fallen on her school uniform. One way or the other her parents would find out and it would be better if she told them herself.

“Hurry up Clara you are staining your uniform.”

When they got there, there were two juniors in there. The good thing about being a senior was authority over all your juniors so June sent them out and they were alone and undisturbed.

“Stand here.” She said to Clara then went and cut as much tissue as she could and began to clean her nose but she didn’t know what to do about Clara’s stained white school shirt. “I am going to meet the school authorities and they are sending you home.” She said throwing the blood drained tissue in the dust bin.

“I am not going home June.”

“And I am not listening to you Clara. I will go now I see what I can do. I will not let you kill yourself.”

And June was off. Her passion to save her best friend driving her all the way to their school principal’s office.

The principal Mr. Owoh was in a meeting with two of the school teachers but less than five minutes later he was free and she went in to see him.

“How can I help you young lady?”

“Good morning sir. Please my friend_ classmate...her name is Carla Devin and she needs to go to a hospital.”

“Take her to the school sick bay. They will take care of her there.”

“With all due respect sir I think she needs the help of expects, this is serious.”

“And you are saying our sickbay is not well equipped to take care of her? Take her to the school’s sick bay if she is really sick. If not leave let stay in her class till school is dismissed.”

“I am not trying to disrespect and insult the school or the school facilities but I think we should contact her parents so that....”

“I have given you my orders, take her to the sick bay or you wait till school has dismissed now live my office.”

“But sir_”

“Leave my office!” he said it with so much rage that June turned around and left.

“Yes sir.” She said her back faced to him.

June hurried back to Clara hoping she hadn’t left the bathroom. She didn’t have any other choice but to take her to the sick bay that is if she would willingly go.

No matter how miniature the problem was with Clara she was always concerned.

She opened the door expecting to see Clara immediately but she didn’t. Her eyes moved round the room, her gaze seeking Clara’s presence but she wasn’t there, maybe she had gone to the classroom.

Just as she was about to turn around she saw the blood trail that led to one of the toilets. She was there in a second and there was Clara lying on the floor, bleeding.

Blood surged out of her nose, all over her mouth, her body then onto the floor. Her first instincts were to go out and get help but she couldn’t get herself to leave Clara_ her best friend.

She called out to anyone nearby to come to their rescue. Clara had stopped bleeding but she wasn’t responding.

“Someone help! Please help us!”

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