The Sins

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Long ago, Pandora was given a box and was told to never open it. She did anyway, thus releasing the Seven Deadly Sins.

Today, these sins have been confined into a small room in the back of a church. The night they are set free, they meet a mysterious young man.

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Submitted: March 19, 2011

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Submitted: March 19, 2011



Chapter 1

“When are we gonna get out of this freakin’ room?!” Ira screamed as she kicked the wall with her golden sandal.

“Father Andre said we had to stay in here forever,” Acedia reminded her. Acedia was usually Ira’s voice of reason. Despite having no enthusiasm for anything, Acedia was rather wise.

“I don’t care!” Ira screamed again. “I wanna get out!”

“Calm down, Ira,” Invidia almost demanded as she stood up from her corner.“We’re all envious of those on the outside.” Invidia looked out one of the small windows of the room and watched a service being held.

“We will all commit a sin, but that’s why Jesus died on the cross!” Father Andre was giving a sermon about the Seven Sins.

“He’s talking about us, isn’t he?” Gula asked, rubbing her stomach. “If Pandora hadn’t have opened that box, none of us would be here.”

Luxuria looked out another window and watched the same service. “Father Andre’s looking as good as ever. I’d love to tap that.”

“Oh, Lux, you’d love to tap anybody,” Avaritia glanced out the window just in time for the offering to begin. “Aw… I gotta run a church when I get outta here! They make big money!”

“I saw that coming,” Superbia mumbled. “Avaritia, you’re so greedy!”

“You’re one to talk! You never take her eyes off that mirror!”

“Yeah,” Ira agreed, getting a bit calmer. “The only way you’d know what we looked like is if you saw our reflection. Makes me mad.”

“What doesn’t make you mad?” Superbia griped.

“That’s it!” Ira screamed as the rolled up her sleeve.

“Ira!” Luxuria shouted. “Don’t get violent in this tiny room.”

Ira stomped over to the one of the windows. “HEY ANDRE!! GET US OUTTA THIS HELLHOLE!!”

Father Andre stopped the service and went to silence her. “Ira, please do not use that language in a place of worship.”

“I’ll use whatever language I want, you piece of crap!” Ira kicked and punched the wall.

“Ira, I’m going to need you to be quiet,” Father Andre tried to stay as calm as he could, but he wasn’t entirely succeeding.

“I’ll only shut up if you let us out!” Ira demanded.

Father Andre didn’t know what to say. Letting them out would mean repeating Pandora’s mistake. Releasing these girls to wreak havoc on the citizens would only spell trouble. But that’s exactly what Pandora did years ago. What harm would letting them loose again do? He sighed and responded with, “Come with me.”

The girls gasped. Were they actually being set free again? Father Andre led them to the front of the church. The stood in a line with Superbia first and Luxuria last. “Ladies and gentlemen, these are your sins,”

Father Andre said to the crowd. He walked to Superbia. “Selfish, arrogant, self-centered. They all mean the same thing. And they all describe Superbia, or Pride; putting you before God.”

Next was Invidia. “Yearning and jealousy. This is Invidia, also known as Envy; not focusing on God’s gift to you and only focusing on others’ gifts.”

Ira was next. “Anger, hatred, and no temper control. Let me introduce Ira, or Wrath; putting vengeance before God.”

“Feels pretty good to be out,” Ira said proudly.

“Right,” Father Andre moved on. “Apathy, despair, laziness. Acedia. She’s standing against her will. Acedia, please do what you want to do.”

In the blink of an eye, Acedia fell to the ground. The crowd gasped.

“Sloth, ladies and gentlemen. Neglecting God,” Father Andre continued. “Materialism is the only word I can think of to describe this one.”

“Can I have that offering bowl?” Avaritia asked.

“No, Avaritia,” Father Andre shook his head.

“Why not? What do you even do with the money?”

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Avaritia, Greed; putting money before God.” He moved along. “Over-consumption, over-indulgence, wasting food that could go to the needy.”

“The needy can kiss my butt!” Gula screamed.

“Gula, Gluttony; withholding food from the needy.

“And lastly, loving others more than God, meet Luxuria, AKA Lust,” Father Andre concluded. “At the dawn of time, the first woman in Greece was given a box and was told to never open it under any circumstances. Her curiosity took over her, and she opened the box, thus releasing these girls. They were able to be contained in a small room at the back of this church.”

Everyone was stunned. Actual embodiments of the seven sins were in front of them. How else were they supposed to react? Cheering was most likely out of the question.

“So, what do you think we should do?” Father Andre asked the crowd. “Let them go free or put them back in their little room for all eternity.”

“LET US GO!!!” Ira yelled.

Everyone was silent for a moment, but eventually someone raised their hand in favor to let them go. The girls got really excited. Soon enough, it was unanimous that they be set free.

“Father Andre, they all vote that we go,” Gula stated. “When should we leave?”

“Tonight at closing,” Father Andre replied.

At closing, as promised, they said goodbye to Father Andre.

“Goodbye girls. May God have mercy on your souls,” Father Andre said as he left.

The girls waved at him as he closed the church doors. “So, now what?” Avaritia asked. The girls pondered that question for sometime. They hadn’t really planned out what they’d do after they were freed.

“I believe I can take you in,” a male voice said.

Superbia turned around. “Who’s there?”

A young man came into view. He appeared to be in his mid-20s; fit, slim, shaggy brown hair, and small, red, cat-like eyes.

“Who are you??” Ira yelled impatiently.

“You can call me…” his voice trailed off.

“Call you what?” Acedia asked.


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