Scarlet Amber Hyde Case....

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: November 10, 2012

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Submitted: November 10, 2012



Chapter 1

I can’t really remember when I started being a police/ .PI. (Private investigator) for Blackpool, UK. Let’s put it this way I’m well known! I am the best police P.I. for cases and staff. When I was younger I never really wanted to be a police officer or a Private investigator. I wanted to work on cars- a mechanic or a doctor but as a child I did very well in school, therefore I decided to be a police officer my P.I mind didn’t come into play yet… I used to watch policing programs I was very interested I changed my mind very rapidly and now I’m a proud police man, cracking down on crime it can be very hard at times but I loved it no matter how much criminals can be utter asses but hay learn to persevere and never give up! It’s all great! Sometimes you feel soft spots for them, because you made the wrong move or arrested the wrong person…others you really don’t! When I wanted to be a Private investigator I was 19 and wanted a slight change on my job, for my inspirational idea I read a lot of the Jim Knighthorse series by J.R Rain that’s when I wanted to be like Jim! So I signed up and got the job with one easy move and now there’s no stopping me in my investigating ways!

I lived in a quiet village in Blackpool away from Pleasure Beach, away from all the action. My house was fairly nice, three bedroomed two with none suite it was perfect for me and Amber- my wife. She was expecting our first child; I was so excited about it all she was as well. At least we were in the quietness of Blackpool and away from the crime away from work- everything. I was only twenty-three named Tyson people either called me Ty or Burlegh; it really didn’t bother me much. If I was investigating I would be formally known as Private Investigator Ty. I loved it. I loved everything about my life it couldn’t get any better! Any way my story begins with a harsh start nearly shot to my death by a maniac! It was pretty stupid but here goes my life of pure crime and investigating…

It was a normal working day at black pool police station, I sat at my desk working though cases and files it brought back some old memories of old cases and names that rang bells in my head I remembered them clearly even down to arrests. I was sad; I covered a lot of unknown things that evening. I worked mixed shifts all day, half a day or nights at the station 3 days a week and the rest of the week at the Agency. Nights at the station where awesome because more idiots with no lives come out to play, none of them stood against my muscled frame! I stopped working and listened the quietness of the station nothing moved, no radios sounded no feet falls on the marble floors nothing it was just me and the stillness of the night. I liked it when it was quiet but it bored me to hell! I wish I had my best mate with me… So I could talk to him, he was named Anthony he was a year older then butt two foot smaller than me, we grew up together we both had the same dreams and liked the same girls at school, however we both lead two completely different complex lives. We were very close it reminded me of our childhood memories when he was with me. My thoughts where shattered by a distress call that came though on my radio it made me crap myself. It was hard to hear the officer on the revising end. It sounded like:


I reacted quickly.

“Roger that helps is coming” I replied

I unlocked the draw it had Taser guns, small hand guns, Browning’s, revolvers and hand pistols the ones that made a hell a lot of mess but very powerful! We aim not to kill the offender but weaken the offender. I used my Taser more than my browning- Less damage… A Taser is an electroshock weapon is an incapacitant weapon used for incapacitating a person by administering electric shock aimed at disrupting superficial muscle functions. One type is a conductive energy device (CED) fires projectiles that administer the shock through a thin, flexible wire. Other electroshock weapons such as stun guns, stun batons, and electroshock belts administer an electric shock by direct contact. A shock round is a piezo-electric tip for a projectile that generates and releases electric charge on impact. It defiantly weakens the offender! I pulled out a Taser and a small Browning and let.

“Tango Yankee Samri Orange Newson on duty arriving at point of call. Please state location” I spoke in my radio.

I was going solo, my nerves never sat in but Adrenalin does!

The voice of another officer came on the line. “North Pier, Blackpool”

I nodded to myself and headed in that direction, the streets where heavy with traffic and tourists- bloody tourists! I was told what the offender wearing what he was looked like. He was wearing all black and white trousers- yeah big give away puff! The offender was still on scene but hiding somewhere! Some officers on foot where looking for him whilst the chopper scrambled the area. I soon pulled up. I had my Browning and Taser at the ready in case the idiot was to jump out on me. An officer approached me.

“Burlegh! Thank-you you’re here!! We lost the male. The male had Janson at gun point. We all know you’re the best at this type of action with shooting’s and murders. Janson was a mess; we got the ambulance out straight away! He’s not very stable at all!” Jones spoke.

I nodded as I listened to him speak.

“The thing is we have no evidence about the shooting of Janson we have the evidence of the break in, however if he still has the gun on him bonus! And CCTV!” I spoke. I stopped for a moment. “If we have no CCTV we are pretty screwed!” I spoke

Jones nodded and went to search the area. I left and to look for the male. I had my Taser in one hand and my Browning in the other. I could feel human presents around me as I feel close to him, I was near the end of the pier.

“I suggest you come out! Or we will open fire!” I demanded.

There was movement I stepped back a little in case he was to jump or shoot. The offender came out of his hiding spot and smirked wildly. He had a small hand rifle in his hand- Jesus! His hand was raised and the gun was loaded I could tell this.

“Good night officer!” He spoke darkly.

Before his finger even touched the trigger I opened fire with my Taser- No shoot me tonight sunny! He didn’t stand a chance against the volts of power! I walked over to him and cuffed him, I required back up to help me carry him back to the car and locked him in, before going back to collect evidence of the break in and the suspected murder. He wasn’t going to mess with me again! I collected the evidence and walked back to the car and told everyone to depart back to work or the station. They all obeyed and departed. I took my criminal back to the station for interviewing luckily he was still passed out from his date with the Taser! I drove back to the station. He had woken up he started mouthing off and swearing getting out of control. I got out of the car and dragged him out of the back of the car.

“I suggest you be quiet you’ve done enough!” I spoke calmly but firmly.

I warned the punk but did he listen? - No.

I put him in the nearest cell and ignored the abuse from him. I patted him down and took all of his weapons off him. He was not happy. I was done and left the aggressive man alone. I had my evidence that’s all I needed!

That weren’t all that bad it was just a warm up I still had a whole night full of it- Fun, great…!

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