Taken Two Case.

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Tyson Lee Burlegh is a back with a new case! Stay tuned into what's happening.

(A Tyson Lee Burlegh Series Two.)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012



Chapter One.

Yes I am back with a brand new track so everybody go mad! No not really just messing with you all. At this point you’re meant to laugh? Well I’m back put it this way, you should be happy if not then what the hell is wrong with you?! I’m back to sort out another good case again, yippy! Looking forward to it are you? You should. Anyway on with the novel I’ve said my piece they always won’t be like this but today I wanted to.

I was sitting at my desk with my feet up on the desk and hands behind my head. I was lightly dozing there was nothing else to do right now. No cases no investigating no nothing. However I did push myself out of bed it was only to get my ass into work and make an effort to come in, I simply could have stayed at home with Jace, Raven and Amber but no, I came in. Jace and Raven where now little gits they could now walk talk and run a riot also Jace had always tried to get his hands on my guns if I left them in his reaching range or he would take them out of my pocket he really was a little devil! So now all my guns lived in a cupboard out of his reach. I could tell he was going to be a shooter when he was older and possibly a PI like me. Raven loved getting her hands in Amber’s make up bag and putting it on and marking the walls it drove Amber mad! I just sat and smirked, in return I would get a slap but otherwise Raven was pretty good and loved her cuddles with me, we had great fun together all four of us. Amber was fine as normal apart from tiding up like a freak, being the queen of moods and being loveable and fun. I still loved her more than ever though. I on the hand is fine just loving life apart from I was now aged 25 man I was aging too quickly and two years had passed since the murder case I did. Hell that case was annoying. I never looked back into that case file again, not with all the shit that went on anyway and to be honest it’s too long to explain. Life must go on as they say.

I was still slightly dozing when the door went. I pulled my feet of the desk and sorted myself out. It didn’t sound like Ant or Lewis. “Come.” I called.

The door opened and very upset woman walked in, she looked like she had been crying all day possibly weeks. Immediately I passed her some tissues, I a great man was so kind to do this I hated seeing people like this. She looked like she was thankful but the tears kept falling. I sat in my chair whilst she pulled

Herself together. I was patient and waited for her to speak. Whatever it was it troubled her greatly. I kept offering her tissues. She finally stopped about two minutes later. I was glad in away.

“Hello are you Mr Burlegh?” She asked quietly with a slight sniff.

“Yes, how may I help you?” I asked softly.

She took a seat after I indicated for her to sit.

“Mr Burlegh I wanted to talk to you. My…my two daughters went missing this morning. I saw them one moment together laughing and messing around with each other and then the next minute I turn around. Gone.”

I pulled out some paper from the draw and wrote down what she said it was the normal information I needed to write down and it was a normal routine.

“Okay. What is your name and your daughter’s names?” I asked.

“My name is Mia Herndales and my daughters are called Kinleigh and Calleigh Herndales.”

I nodded and took note.

“Where were you when your girls went missing?” I asked.

“We were at pleasure beach queuing up for one of their favourite rides. The Grand national both of them love that ride.”

“Did you see anyone acting suspicious? Like watching your children for example.”

“No not as far as I am aware but I did see the same couple from time to time but they didn’t look suspicious.”

I nodded and took note.

“Did you not hear any of the children scream?” I asked.

“No they went silent as a mouse.”

Pleasure beach was probably most likely for crime with it having so many customers each year and it is so easy to lose people in such crowds.

“What time of day was it if you can remember?”

“Err…probably around 6:00pm when it was just starting to get dusk.”

Yes defiantly time when muggers come out to play.

“I will run their names in the system and get some information to log about them. I will do my best Mia trust me. I’ve never failed a case and I will try and get the girls back to you as well.”

“Thank-you Mr Burlegh.” She faintly smiled.

“You’re welcome. I just have a few more questions for you to answer.” I spoke softly.

She nodded and I carried on.

“How old are the girls?”

“Calleigh is thirteen and Kinleigh is twelve.”

I nodded.

“Was anyone else with you at the time?”



“My husband-Simon.”

“Did he see them disappear?”

“No. I don’t think so.”

“Where the girls behind or in front of you?”


I scratched my head. It was pretty obvious the girls looked alone therefore anyone could get them.

I thought Mia was doing pretty strong in telling her story instead of flooding my office at least that was something.

We spoke for half an hour. I had everything I needed all it was doing today was informing Ant, talking to the farther and typing up evidence.

At least Mia left my room feeling much better about it and that I was going to sort out her daughter’s mugger. This was a warm case that only happened yesterday.

I made a phone call to Ant. It took five rings for the idiot to answer.

“Hello Private Investigator Anthony how may I help?” Ant asked.

“Yo bro! It’s me the dude who is a floor above you. I’ve got a new case.” I spoke with a smirk.

“Yes I know it’s you Burlegh you can be a goon at times. Oh really? Awesome I have to.”

“I know and so can you. Oh really? What’s your about?” I asked.

“A murder case that’s ran cold.”

“Oh how fun good luck mate. So I guess I’m not going get help on this one?”

“No sorry bro. I’ve got my own case this time.”

“O check you out!” I laughed.

This was normal; normally we did this on the phone to each other. Ant was a twat put it that way but a great best mate who knew how to me mess around.

“Oh shut up Burlegh! You can’t talk you were once like this so yeah shut your mouth.”

“You shut up.” I smirked.

“Burlegh got to dash someone is at the door. See you later bro.”

“Okay, see you later.” I spoke before putting the phone down.

Damn playtime over for today how shit.

Now I was stuck doing another interview and then case writing. Oh how fun. I searched for Simon’s name on the system and rang his number. The phone rang a few times before he


“Hello? Who’s calling please?” He asked.

My number must have come up private like normal.

“Hello Simon, I’m Private Investigator Tyson Burlegh I’ve had your wife in this morning pretty upset she’s told me her daughters went missing yesterday. Now I need to hear your side of the story is it possible you can come down to the Agency for interviewing?” I spoke.

“Yeah sure, I will be right over.” He spoke.

I gave him the address of the Agency before hanging up.

I sat and listened to the world around me I loved the light buzz that came from outside my door and the traffic four feet below, when there was no movement in the halls and the traffic at a minimum was much better. I got up and made myself a coffee and looked out the window to the streets below, there was not a lot of movement down there but sometimes the odd tourist here and there. Where would Blackpool be without its tourists? As I was peering out the window the door went.

“Come.” I called.

I turned around and Simon walked in.

“You must be Mr Burlegh who called me right?” He asked.

I nodded. “Yes, the one and only.”

Simon smiled and I turned around to face him.

“Please sit down.” I spoke.

He did so and I walked over to my desk and sat down.

“So Simon. I believe you were at Pleasure Beach yesterday correct?”


“Now did you see your two girls wonder away from you?”

“No not at all.”

“Was there anyone looking suspicious? Like someone watching your children the whole time?”



“A young couple. The male looked mean and savage whilst the female looked shy and timid.”

Okay so there was a submission technique being used. I thought.

I nodded and carried on with the questions.

“Do you think they could have taken your children?”


I nodded.

“Your wife said they were standing behind you two in a line, now did you ever see them wonder off or them two walk over?”

I asked.

“No. However both of the girls looked at them and smiled. That was two seconds before they had been taken. As I was watching them the whole time.”

“So between you not looking and the girls looking at them these to random people walked over to them and took your children?”


“Did you see the couple before, like watching you?”

“Sometimes not all the time it’s normally me who is the nosy person and looks at everything around me.”

I nodded.

I kept Simon talking and the questions coming. This one was going to be bit hard and it was going to require a CCTV look, Simon couldn’t remember what they looked like so that was a job for tomorrow was a surveillance watch. How fun. I typed up their interviews and filed them in a new file. Boy I loved knew case files and files altogether until they got loaded with shit but good shit that means something. So I spent the rest of my day typing up interviews, the best thing was that I was undisturbed which meant I could get loads done.


I arrived home later that evening to a quiet house. I wondered where everyone had gone.

“Amber where are you?” I called into the house.

“I’m upstairs having a bath the children are asleep up here as well.” She called back down.

I nodded to myself and walked into the kitchen to off load my pockets and to make sure my gun wasn’t in reach of Jace before heading up stairs to Amber.

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