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The point of view is from the main character, a boy, and his adventures/misadventures.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Random story :S

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



Chapter 1

“Tommy!  Tommy!  Come on!  Papa is leaving already! We must greet him off!”

Elise is Tommy’s older sister. She is eight years of age and Tommy, her brother, is six.  Their father comes from a long line of nobles that had always served under the king. He is currently wedded to the fairest beauty of the land – Margret Reeze, a loving wife that couldn’t possibly be any more ideal.  Father Thorne works for the king under a special secretive unit called the STF, short for Special Task Force, and he is their leader. Tommy, Elise, and their parents along with all the house workers live in a cozy and moderately large home on top of a hill separated from the rest of the village.  At dawn and dusk the sun strikes the gorgeous flowered hill and creates a dazzling spectrum of light that dances across the cosmic skies.  Most of the townsfolk would spend some time gazing at this wonderful scenery and wonder what fortunate family could be settling on top of that cozy hill. The children of the village would play with their toys and the girls would brush each other’s hair while the elderly would sit in their rocking chairs. Tis truly were a wonderful sight to behold but every marvel comes with a foe. For the forest that no one dare enters was the closest to that hill and the villagers would build their homes as far away as they could. What lurks behind those trees and in those murky mounds no one knows. For whichever lost soul would wonder inside they would never return whole, but enough about that, let’s talk more about Tommy and Elise.

Now these two children never leave there home on parents orders so they mostly frolic in the garden. They obey their parents’ wishes and so the only playmates they could have are themselves and of course their pet sheep dog.  The garden is taken care of by the gardener who plants roses and daisies, the two most widely known and abundant flowers in all of the land of Canaria. 

“Tommy, you can play with your toy horse later.” Elise says in her insisting voice.

“I’m sorry Elise. I’m coming now.”

A birthday party was held for Tommy yesterday and he received a marvelous toy horse sculpted by the finest craftsman his father Thorne could find. It depicts a human carrying a horse on his back instead of the other way around. It is an unusual gift, but another fine piece of work to add to Tommy’s horse collection.  Thorne has come on this special occasion but rarely ever comes home due to the amount of work that is piled on him. His visits are short and his wife Margret is ever so lonely in that large empty house of hers. Today, Tommy and Elise will once more say goodbye to their father and see him off riding on his horse with a small group of STF members.

“Papa!  Papa!  Will we see you again? Me and mummy have been knitting a sweater for you. When you come back we would be ever so delighted if you wore it to work with you.” said Elise

“Oh ho, sure thing sweetheart. I will be gone for a couple of days but when I get back the first thing I’ll do is put it on.” Thorne looks at Tommy “And I can’t forget about little Tommy now can I? Make sure you prepare that sweet tooth of yours of all the chocolate you can eat.” Thorne gives a big hearty cheerful laugh with his large booming voice and big brown beard. “How did you like your present Tommy, I thought you might like it.”

“Oh I love it Papa. I’ll play with it all the time. I want to be like you some day. I want to ride a horse and work with you in your job.” Tommy is only six but greatly admires his father. Wanting to work with him is his way of saying he wants to spend more time with him even though he doesn’t actually know what his father does at his job.

“Ha Ha, I’m sure you will one day” Thorne says as he rubs Tommy’s head “Make sure you two listen to your mother and do your schoolwork” Tommy and Elise are home schooled by mother Margret who is not only a young beautiful women but knowledgeable as well. “Oh and Margret dear, make sure they stay clear of the forest” Thorne says as he rides of in the distance.

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