My Journal.

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My personal (not that personal) thoughts and things thats going on. I'm pretty bored so yerrh. Also this will just be in between Famous. The Life I Have so don't worry ;]

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Journal.

Submitted: November 09, 2009

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Submitted: November 09, 2009



I LOVE - Twin :D

Ali is my twin for ever and ever :D

Listening to : Love Story Taylor Swift

Wearing : Long trackys and large T-shirt (Trackys-Sweat pants I'm pretty sure :P)

Eating/Drinking : I was drinking red fanta :D

So today in lovely Australia it's Tuesday and still raining from yesterday. I love the rain. Yesterday though I had to wait 15 minutes in the pooring rain after school. :(It was very cold.

So on Saturday I got my belly button pierced :P It's pretty cool but itchy as hell. So today was a pretty awesome day. Like at lunch I put my school hat on and whenever I saw someone I would say Jiminey Crickets! You know from pinochio? Anyways I had heaps of fun saying it but my friends laugh shake their heads and say "How do we know you?" I just laugh and reply "Cause I'm awesome thats how."

So far my saying for now is so's your face.

Like when someone goes thats pretty weird. So's your face. See? See? It's hilarious. So by now your probably reaching for the mouse and trying to get away from this page as fast as you possibly can but hold your horses I have something for you.... *Suspense music*


Kanga - Kangaroo

Thats one big Kanga!

That is one big kangaroo.

Tracky dacks - Sweat pants

I got my tracky dacks on

I have got my sweat pants on

Agro - Angry

Jimney Crickets stop being so Agro.

Oh my goodness stop being so angry

G'day - Good day (LOL)

G'day mate

Good day my friend (LOL)

Mate- Friend

Yo mate wasssup?

Hello friend what is up?

Oi- Hey!

Oi you!

Hey you!

Barbie (No not that Barbie) - Barbeque

Lets put some meat on the the Barbie :D

Let us put some meat on the barbeque

Arvo - Afternoon

Lets do something this arvo

Let us do something this afternoon

Bathers/togs - Swimming suit

Put your bathers/togs on

Put your swimmers on

Bogan - Uhhh?

Your a true blue bogan

It means you take pride in doing little to your appearance

So thats just some awesome aussie slang :P

I reckon everytime I write one of these I'll just put some of those in there aye.


Aye- okay

Lets put some of those in there aye?

Lets put some of those in there okay?

Anyways if I write something in here you don't understand or you wanna ask me a question go on ans ask I don't mind. (I like questions)

So back to this journal thingy majig ...

So I go to highschool (I won't tell you what grade) and well in all honesty if you like highschool you have some serious problems. LOL I'm kidding. My favourite part of school these days are lunch and hanging out with my friends :P

Oh I love school when it rains too cause I get to go outside and jump in puddles when we change classes :P I love puddles :D

So just then I looked outside the window and its very cloudy and is about to rain again and I can not wait! I love when it rains at night especially thunder storms, me and my sister always go on the verhander (blacony) and just get soaked while trying to get cool pictures of lightning then after that we get tonnes of sheets and make dresses out of them and have a fashion show :P  It's really fun and if you have some problems then we'll take this outside >:l LOL jokes

So at the moment whats playing on my speakers as I'm typing this is You belong with me Taylor Swift and it just changed to.... The Best Day Taylor Swift.

Yeah I love Taylor Swift. Her songs are da BOMB! LOL thats so old but I love talking like that :P Well I'm done with this for the moment and I'll probably write some more later.

Also my Famous. The Life I Have will either be updated today or tomorrow, probably tomorrow cause I don't feel like it today :P


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