The Night It Happened

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Life was, pretty much normal, until he came. Oliver. The newest hottest kid in school. My life changed dramatically after that. Who would've guessed?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Night It Happened

Submitted: July 31, 2009

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Submitted: July 31, 2009



"Hey, Ellie" my best friend Olivia said.

"Hey, Olivia, have you seen Zach lately? It's like he's avoiding me or something."

"Nope. Don't know a thing" Obviously she knew something.

We walked to Vampire Sociology together. Yes you guessed it, we're vampires. If you think were so cool with awesome powers blah, blah, blah... you are so wrong. We're just like you, but we have to drink blood. Most of the time it's a burden, but it does have it's benefits. All vampires can:

See in the dark (Very useful, seeing as we live in a realm where it is always dark)
I can fly (Seeing as I'm a Vampire Princess and all, not bragging or anything.)

Can climb up walls



Mind Read (Some are good, others not so much)

Super Strength and Speed

Drink Blood

Thats pretty much it. Not alot to it is there? Where was I? Oh right.

"Miss. Selvestacana?"

That name seems familiar for some reason.

"Ellie Selvestacana?"

Now I know why it's so familiar, ha! It's my name.

"Yes Miss?" Jees how long was I day dreaming?

"I've been standing here for 10 minutes trying to get your attention, and all your doing is staring off to space. Is there somthing you would like to share with the class?"

"No Miss"

"Good, lets get started then"

After a boring hour of the Teach droning on and on about, nothing in particular I went to lunch. Thats When I first saw him. Oliver Nightingcalican. He was like a god! 6 footish with, jet black hair cut into a stylish look just past his ears. Wow! I don't know how long I was standing there staring, but it had to be awhile, because Olivia started laughing under her breath at me.

"What? Sorry if I thought he was hot" I replied

"Hey, Olivia I gotta go to the drama room for a sec, be right back" I thought I heard her telling me I didn't want to but whatever.

As I walked in, there Zach was. My alledged boyfriend was there, making out with Nadia Earnaltone. The Hoe! I quickly grabbed my phone and took a picture for proof later on. Who knows what Zach can do.

"Excuse me?" I cleared my throat. Obviously they didn't hear, so I tried again.

"Hey Zach, who's your girlfriend there?" That Got his attention.

"Oh dude, this is Nadia... Oh hey Ellie whats up?"

"Oh nothing, came to the drama room and found my boyfriend, making out with some chick, while my boyfriend mistakened me for a guy. You know the usual." And with that I turned on my heel and left. I walked two meters until I came to three steps, I was down the second step when Zach came running.

"Come on babe, it wasn't what you thought it was." I quickly walked up the steps and stood in front of him.

"Your right, babe. It wasn't what I thought it was. It was more than that. I know you've been making out with other girls then just Nadia. I just want to know how long this has been going on for"

"How long?" he said sheepishly

"Yes how long. Was it a day, week, month?"

"F..Four Months"

"Four Months! We've only been going out for three!"

"Look I'm really sorry, I can make it up to yo-" but i silenced him with my hand.

"You can never make it up to me, just walk away and go find that hoe." He then left.

Tears started running down my face, without even a warning. I sat on the stairs crying until, someone handed me a tissue.

"Thanks" I looked up expecting Olivia, only to find the new boy. How embarrassing.

"I saw what happened, I was sitting on that piece of concrete there." He said quietly pointing a piece of concrete looking like a chair, I didn't even notice him. Weird.

"O..Oh" I stuttered. Oh great way to make me look like a charity case, could this day get any worse.

"I don't think your a charity case" He said siiting next to me on the stair. Great now he's reading my mind. Too bad I'm not strong enough at the moment to block him.

"Sorry I don't mean to read your mind, its just yours is very interesting. Its full of memories you keep remembering."

"Yeah, I think of all the fun times when I'm sad, Helps me get through it I guess." Thinking of more memorires. Uh-oh maybe I shouldn't of thought of that one.

He chuckled and said "You like that memory? Of me walking through the cafeteria?" Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

"My names Oliver by the way." he said politely.


"So who was the jerk, you were fighting with?" he said casually.

I laughed and replied. "That jerk was my boyfriend." Was that jealousy I saw in his eyes? I think it was. I laughed again.

"I'm not jealous" he replied in a hard voice. I couldn't help but giggle at that.

"Suuuuureeee, your not."  I felt the suuden urge to fly. It felt like I was in a trance. I spreaded my wings and flew gracefully, in a trance, till I reached my destination. I landed and there he was. Zach was with another girl. No sorry girls. What they were doing I won't go into details about.

"Wow got over me fast hey." I said. Then it all faded away like a dream. Stupid visions!

"Woah, that was freaky. Do you have visions? Wait you have wings?" Oliver asked me. Obviously he read my mind.

"Yeah. Wanna see?" he nodded. I spread them out, and Oliver started patting them.

"Wow, there very soft." he said absentmindedly.

"Yeah, wanna go for a fly?" I asked excited.


"Ok, hold me hand and DO NOT LET GO" and with that I set off with my new friend Oliver.

It was very peaceful, until i felt a stab of pain in the middle of my back. I screamed out in pain and dropped to the ground with Oliver. Obviously Oliver was fine, because he jumped out and started asking me what was wrong. I realised then I was shaking, I told Oliver that my back hurt, and rolled my over to see.

"Stay very still Ellie, I can fix it." I did what he said. After some seconds the pain disappeared completely. Oliver told me to stand and I did. Wow it didn't hurt anymore.

"How did you do that?" I asked, it was then that I realised there was an arrow in his hands.

"I'm a healer, but you can't tell anyone. They will want me to play God, fixing everyone, but I can't do that." I nodded and swore to keep the secret.

"Who did it?" I asked

"I don't know, but I'll be late for class, you ok?"

"Yeah, I'll see you later I guess." He smiled and walked away. It was then when he spread out his black feathered wings, was that I knew he was the prince, my family wanted me to marry. Cool!

"Well, well, well. All fixed up huh?" Zach said strolling over.

"You did that?" I gasped.

"Oh don't play dumb, Ellie, of course I did it. I had to get rid of you to get my family back in power. Obviously your little friend there is a healer. Oh well looks like I'll have to try again hey?" and wth that he shot a bow and arrow at my stomach, and walked away laughing at my pain.

I fell to the ground not feeling anything, but my life draining away. It was almost over, no more pain and suffereing over life and death, I'll finally be free. That was until the pain came back, and I screamed in pain.

"" a voice mumbled in my ear.

"What are you doing here?" a voice yelled.

"I'm her boyfriend, Zach." he replied. Wait what was Zach doing here, he was the one who shot me.

"No you guys broke up near the drama room, I was there." the voice sounded like Oliver.

"Haha, dude your delusional." Zach said. I wanted so badly to open my eyes and see them, to tell Zach off, and just to see Oliver, but eyelids felt like lead. No matter how hard I tried they wouldn't open.

Oliver, Oliver if you can hear me, get away from Zach, he's the one who shot me. Twice.

"Looks like she needs more med doc" Zach said. Damn him for reading my mind!

"No she says in her mind shes find, listen for yourself doctor." Oliver said.

Yeah I'm fine but Zachs the one who shot me. Get him to leave please!

"Oh I see." the doctor said. Ohmygoodness! Zach was using mind control. The LOSER!

The voices soon got quieter and quieter, thanks to Zach and his mind control. I am not happy.

I awoke with shock. I had a terrible dream.

30 seconds ago  Dream

Oliver was flying away from Zach, but he just kept shooting. Two bow and arrows hit Olivers right wing causing him to fall from the sky in pain, while Zach came running and shot him in the heart.

"Nooooo!" I screamed allowed, because the nurse came running in.

That wasn't a dream that was a vision.

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