Chapter 11:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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(Hello friends I decided to give you a back story of Rains other life, the memories that she had forgotten. It will mostly be important details of her life because writing the whole thing would be entirely too long. So that you understand why it feels normal for her to feel like she is changing into someone else. Also you will learn why Wes is a big part of her life. It will also make since on why Brent insists on using her as a weapon.If you have any questions feel free to ask. J )

I stood in front of the pond I was so used to visiting daily. The reflection showed my golden eyes shine and my hair blow around me in the breeze. The long dress also blew in the wind, the red complimented my white skin tone and eyes. I threw a rock into the water and it skipped across a few times before skinning deep beneath the surface meeting with several others that had met the same fate. I listened to the birds chirping in the distance like music to my ears, I turned around to be faced with my father. I ran into his arms and hugged him tight.

His hair and beard grew white, and he was nearly 75 years of age. He was taller than I was by nearly 5 inches. His eyes were blue and he had chalky skin. I could have killed him instantly if I squeezed too tightly because he was only human and I was something else. He found me as a baby and took me in as his own. He is also a scientist and tries to figure out things about what I am. Living in his castle like home has been nice and he treats me like his princess.

“What are you doing all the way out here Fredrick,” I asked him and he gave me a soft smile.

“I have a surprise for you Rain,” he replied and my smile brightened.

“You didn’t have to do that for me,” I asked him and he handed me my meal in a cup. I took it politely and sipped through the straw. The warm thick blood ran down my throat deliciously and my thirst died down. He held his hand out to me and I took it in mine. He was the only thing I had as family.

“Well you have been here for 20 years and never once ask for anything on your birthday so I decided it was about time that I surprised you,” he said as we walked together slowly on the path. “You are 21 now and you don’t seem to be growing a day older anymore, that is also very interesting,” he said and I flushed a little.

We approached the doors of our home and he opened them. I was greeted by a small boy with medium length black hair that hung slightly in his face. His eyes were bright green and his skin was almost as pale as my own. He was a slim boy but I could tell that for his age he did contain muscular features. He only looked about 12 and the second I walked in he bowed to me with one arm in front and the other behind him. When he stood straight again I realized he was in black pants and a white shirt, the over coat was open and the back end of it looked as if it was a tail split down the middle.

I could smell the blood pumping through his veins, this human boy was staring at me and standing tall. He didn’t show any signs of emotion, he was almost standing there like a statue. I would have mistaken him as one if it hadn’t been for the bow previously. I looked up at Fredrick and he gave me a smile. “What is this for,” I asked in confusion.

“I paid for him to serve you and keep you company since you aren’t supposed to leave the grounds,” he answered and I looked back at the boy. “He is yours so be nice,” he finished and walked away before I had a chance to say anything.


I looked back at the boy and he hadn’t moved. His chest went in and out with his small breaths and he just stared ahead of him. I took a deep breath and released it before giving a smile to the boy. I held out my hand to him.

“My name is Rain, what’s yours,” I asked and he looked at me with his bright green eyes.

“Wes,” he replied but he didn’t take my hand to shake it. His tone was flat and as emotionless as his expression. I dropped my hand and there stood an awkward silence between us.

“Well hello Wes, it’s nice to meet you,” I said to him and he just nodded. Again stood another awkward silence. “Let me show you around the place,” I said and he just gave me a small bow and we started to walk together. His stance was tall and extremely proper. He didn’t look around but instead forward. It was a little odd.


It had been weeks since Wes had entered my home and we spent nearly every second together. Not much had changed with him and he was the closest person I had as a friend. I was looking out the window while the sun started to set. The sky was filled with a burst of beautiful colors of pinks and purples. The view was breath taking and I continued playing the beautiful melody my violin released. I heard the door open and I turned to see Wes enter the room with a platter that held a cup.

“Your food miss,” he said and gave a small bow after I took the cup in my hand. He stood there and looked out the window.

“Thank you,” I said and sipped the blood from the straw. I almost chocked on it when Wes spoke for the first time without having to be spoken to.

“What are you,” he asked and he was looking as me as I was drinking the blood. I wiped the corner of my mouth and regained my breath. I sat the cup down and put my hands in my lap giving him a small smile.

“A vampire,” I said in a silly creepy voice and used my hands to try and make the word come out creepier. I didn’t even get a smile out of him just the flat emotionless expression he always held. “Why are you always like that,” I asked a little harshly and for once his face changed, but it turned angry and he faced away from me.

“I was sold into this life as a child and I always end up sold in the end,” his words were harsh and I stood. I pulled him against me and hugged him. I could feel how tense the action made him but I didn’t care. I held him tight and soon I felt his body relax. I finally released him and we looked at each other.

“I’m not going to sell you, you’re my friend and I know what it feels like to feel unwanted. Fredrick isn’t my real father, and when he found me I was only a child. About one year old and I was abandoned. I don’t remember if I even have parents. I just remember that night being left in the rain all alone and in the dark. I knew I was different and that is why I am not allowed to leave this place,” I said and Wes no longer looked angry or even emotionless. 


After that confession we became close. 7 years had went by like it was nothing. We still spent almost every waking moment together discovering everything about each other and becoming best friend. Wes was 19 now and I still looked the same as I did when we first met, not aging a day. He grew tall but stayed slim, more muscular and attractive. His hair stayed the same length because that is what he wanted me to cut it as.

He held the umbrella over me as we walked along the pond I enjoyed so much. The sun’s rays burned my skin and eyes a little more than usual and that was normal for some day’s but Wes was always there to protect me and keep me company.

“You never age,” he said to me abruptly as we walked and we stopped. I looked at him and nodded.

“Yes that is a part of what I am, I guess I’ve grown to my maturity and now I stay the same,” I replied and he looked at me softly.

“For the 7 years that I have been here you have stayed exactly the same,” he said and I could hear something in the back of his voice.

“Does this bother you,” I asked and I could see the hesitation. Before he could say anything I took his hand in mine and wrote something on the side of it in red marker. To him it looked like it a bunch of symbols but to me it was my name. He looked at the red markings and then at me.

“What is it,” he asked and I smiled.

“When Fredrick found me this was the only language I knew how to read and write. We don’t know where it comes from but we will now be together forever. It’s destined,” I wrote his name on the side of my arm as well and put the red marker away. I felt something wash over me and I started to feel a little faint. Wes helped me sit on the blanket he had set up for me. I caught my breath and thanked him.

“So what did you write,” he asked.

“My name is on your hand and yours is on mine,” I answered and this made him smile. His teeth were white and perfect.

We stood up together and started walking back to the house before the sun started setting. As we walked down the hall I noticed that one of the swords from the walls were missing and I shrugged it off, which happens all the time. Wes and I hung out in the room as the sun started to set and I was teaching him how to play the violin. We did this ever night before I decided to go to bed. He couldn’t play as good as I could but he was getting good.

My door burst open and Wes stood in front of me in response. A man stood in the frame holding the long sword that I had realized was missing from the wall earlier. He was terrifying as well, he didn’t look human. His eyes were pitch black and his face looked like it had nearly melted off. I noticed that he had aimed to jab the sword forward so that the instance it entered his body he would die.

I ran in front of Wes to try and prevent this action and the sword entered through me. Going straight through my chest and entering my heart. I gasped from the pain and I heard the gasp escape Wes’s lips to. I heard a loud thud behind me and I turned to look. The sword was so long that it not only entered through me but Wes as well. I felt myself weaken from the blow. I stumbled to him instantly and fell to his side, blood was everywhere. His warm, thick crimson blood.

It didn’t hit his heart like it did mine but he was bleeding out. I started to cry and the tears fall on his face. He looked at me with pain in his eyes and I felt myself slowly start to drift as well. The said one last thing before he was gone. “Like you said. Destined forever,”

The life exited his eyes and there was nothing left there but a cold lifeless body. Our blood was everywhere and mine was pouring out all over the top of him. The guy who did this was frozen in place, in shock at how I was still standing. I wouldn’t be for long and I knew it but I was angry and upset. I stood up weakly and attacked. I sunk my fangs right into his throat and with such force I killed him. I fell to the ground and before I knew it all the things around me went black.


I bolted forward and looked around. I was in Fredrick’s lab and I could hear the sounds of soft voices in another room. “Fredrick,” I yelled out in panic as I started to remember that I was supposed to be dead, but the first thing I cared about was Wes. He burst into the room and he hugged me tight. I cried in his arms and he tried to soothe me.

“How am I still alive,” I asked in tears. “Where is Wes?”

“I hooked you up to a blood bag, I found you just in time. When I entered there was so much blood and Wes was gone,” he said.

“We have to find him,” I said panicked and I tried to get up.

“Rain, you are too weak. You need to rest and gain your straight,” he said but I wouldn’t listen. He was the most important and he deserved to be properly buried.

“I am leaving Fredrick, I have to find him. The guy must have had a friend that took him,” I looked at him and he could see the seriousness in my eyes. The anger was boiling within me and I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Before he had a chance to stop me I walked out. For the first time in my life I was going to leave my home. My safety zone, and I was going into the world that I was so different from.

I was walking down the road when someone approached me. I stood away from him keeping my distance. “I know were the body is,” he said and instantly my attention was caught.

“Wes…” I said and he nodded. I looked him over and he looked nothing like the guy who had killed him. I narrowed my eyes. “Take me too him,” he nodded his head and I followed him. We walked in silence and it took more than 10 minutes to get out of the trees. We walked into a small town and I still felt the rage. How did this guy know I was looking for Wes’s body, and why would he know where it was? I didn’t care though as long as I got him back.

Finally we stopped walking and he turned to me, except he wasn’t the same looking guy that had approached me before. He was even more inhuman than the guy that was in my room but the eyes were the same. This was a trap and I walked right into it, but this time I didn’t have anything else to lose. I needed my strength for a fight like this though. There were a few other people on the road walking and I took notice without alerting the monster.

I used my speed to reach the person and I drained their blood in seconds. I already felt a hundred times stronger than before and I did the same thing to the others that were out here. They didn’t have enough time to run or scream but something strange happened. They didn’t die like they should have. Instead their appearance perfected and they became just like me. I could smell it in their blood. The only difference between us was that they didn’t have a beating heart anymore and I did.

I used this to my advantage and in rage I pointed to the man that tricked me. His face was a mixture of confusion, shock and understanding. “Hold him down,” I demanded them and they did exactly what I said. I approached the guy as he tried to escape their grasp.

“I am not alone,” he stammered as he watched me approach him.

“I don’t care now tell me where he is,” I yelled in his face. I could see him tremble beneath their grip.

“We took him to the building over there,” he said and looked at a normal looking home directly behind me. I turned to it and started walking to it.

“Keep him there and if anyone comes into the house grab them too,” I said and they bowed in response. I walked into the home and instantly I was watched by over 20 different monsters. They were ready to attack and I ignored them.

“Where is his body,” I yelled and I had so much rage built into my body the carpet beneath me caught fire. It didn’t burn and I was just as shocked as them. They all began to back down and some even knelt down. In the crowd of people I heard one person say something beneath his breath. I glared directly in his direction and walked a few steps forward. The floor caught fire as I walked but I didn’t care.

“What did you say,” I demanded.

“It’s you,” he said softly.

“What does that mean,” I hissed at him and his body trembled.

“You are the demon child we lost years ago,” he said and I growled.

“I want Wes’s body and if you don’t give him to me, every single one of you in here are going to die,” I said in such a harsh voice that I could hear a woman somewhere among them start to whimper. The guy in front of me spoke up.

“We don’t have him,” he said and I let all that rage and anger leak out of me all at once.

“Then die,” I said and the entire house caught on fire along with every single person that was inside the house. I walked through the flames and walked outside. The entire town was on fire and was burning down. I stood directly in the middle of the chaos and it didn’t burn my skin or anything.

I demanded the ones I had turned to kill my first capture and leave. “Live a normal life and don’t let anyone find out what you are,” they disappeared and I stayed. Someone grabbed my arm from behind and I turned with my long sharp nails and sliced into their face. He had his hand over his left eye and blood was pouring over the top of his hand. I froze in place and looked at Wes.

I fell to my knees and all that anger was instantly gone. The eye that I could see was bright red instead of the beautiful green that I was so used to seeing. He moved his hands from the injured eye and it began to heal, leaving nothing but three giant scares from my nails. His eye was green and familiar. He came to me and I hugged him tight. I didn’t feel strong anymore, I felt tired and happy once more. I touched his face and we looked into each other’s eyes.

“You died,” I said softly.

“I did but I woke up surrounded by strange people. They looked human but I could see past their masks,” he said.

“My blood, it went all over you and probably went into your wound before you died,” I said. “Wes those guys are demons, I am one of them,” I said and he could hear the horror in my voice. His expression went flat like it had so long ago.

“You are not like them. Maybe you are one but it looks like I am one too,” he said and it made me feel a little bit better.


A sharp agonizing pain went through my back and I gasped. It had happened so fast that Wes hadn’t seen it coming. One of the demons had made it out and had my heart in his hand. I fell into his arms and I could die peacefully knowing that Wes would still get to live a long life. “I am always with you,” was the last thing I got to say before my life ended there in his arms.

Submitted: January 29, 2015

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