Chapter 12:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I woke up breathing hard and looking around. Sam had just gotten up and turned to look at me in surprise. My head was pounding, it felt as if it was splitting in two. I placed my hand on my head and nearly fell back down. Sam came to me and knelt down so that we were looking at each other. His bright green eyes looked at me with so much familiarity that it was driving me crazy and it even made my head hurt more to think about it.

“I need blood,” I said to him, my throat was dry and sounded hoarse. He nodded his head and I gave him a small smile past my aching head.

“Alright, just sit here and relax,” he said before getting up and leaving the room, before the door closed Kala ran into the room and into my lap. She was huge in a matter of a day she had grown from a baby kitten to almost as big as a regular sized dog. She was pretty heavy as well, not that it was a big deal being a vampire and all. This defiantly was not normal.

“What do you have to do with this mess,” I asked with a small smile. “You weird beautiful creature,” I finished. She looked at me and gave me a very soft meow as if answering my question. I petted her and walked to the bathroom were she followed me graciously. I looked in the mirror and there she was again. That woman in my dreams.

“Save them,” she said and in shock I took a few steps back. When I looked again she was no longer moving or speaking on her own. I heard a mew from Kala and shook my head. I had to have just imagined it. I went to my little but not so small kitty and picked her up in my arms which she began to purr. I walked to the shower and turned it on. My headache was slightly subdued since I got up but if I wasn’t careful I know that it would knock me straight on my ass.

I let the water hit my favorite temperature and I put her back down to get undressed. To my surprised she ran straight for the shower and hopped right in. I laughed and she began to lick at the falling water. I shrugged my shoulders and went ahead and joined her.

The water felt surprisingly good against my skin and I put my head back to let the water soak into my long thick black hair. It ran down my body in thin lines and dripped off of random placed of my body as I stood there absorbing everything in. Kala was now standing up with her paws against my leg and I looked down at her. My heart beat slightly and it surprised me. I placed my hand against my chest and the feeling was gone. It was as still as it had become the day that I died.

I was staring at Kala and she flared her little nose at me but I was staring at her. Her golden eyes like mine were staring back and I could see something deep beneath them.

“I have to save the vampires from Brent,” I said softly and she mewed at me in response. We got out of the shower and I dried her off first. Couldn’t have a giant wet cat running amuck across the house. After she was very much dry I dried all the water off of my body, when I reached my arms I noticed something red on the side of my hand. I brought my hand up in the mirror for a better look. Red marks like the ones that I had seen on Wes’s arm.

Things were starting to get a little weird and I couldn’t understand it. Am I finally awakening into my true form? I grabbed a pair of underwear and a matching bra. I put them on and rummaged through the closet were I had made a nice little place for some of my new clothing. I grabbed a pair of my dark blue skinny jeans and a black long sleeve shirt to cover up the red marks on my hand. After I was dressed I sat on the bed and played with Kala who had suddenly grew very playful suddenly.

Sam walked into the room with a large cup full of blood, he handed it to me and I smiled. “Thank you,” I said to him and I sipped the blood through the straw and the warm thick liquid of delicious blood went down my throat causing me to shiver in response of this glorious feeling. My body instantly felt stronger and something popped into my head.

“He plans to use you to kill all the vampires,” a voice said and I looked around in uncertainty.

“What is it,” Sam asked and I looked at him.

“I have to save them,” I said and I realized the words sounded a little shaky. What was up with me today?

“Save who,” he asked and knelt in front of me.

“The vampires,” I answered and he looked a little confused. “I don’t understand why I know this but Brent wants to kill off the race, not make them superior,” I said in a hurry and it took Sam a second too long to register what I was saying.

“Wait what,” he said and rubbed his head.

“Brent wants me to kill all of you,” I said and he looked at me.

“And why you, he has a bunch of vampires under his command to do it if that’s what he wants,” he said and I shook my head.

“It doesn’t work that way, he needs someone who can kill them all at once,” I said more to myself then to him. “Take me to the homeless man that I bit and his vision was healed,” I said.

“Rain you need to calm down and breathe,” he said and I didn’t want to hear it.

“Now,” I said in a small growl and he slightly bowed to me before standing. I narrowed my eyes at him after he bowed.

“I’ll get the car ready,” he said and was out of the room in seconds. I walked out of the room with Kala on my heels and I waited for Sam to come back. He walked back down and gave me a smile. “It’s all ready,” he said and nodded.

“I’m sorry that I snapped at you like that,” I said apologetically. He didn’t look fazed by it and shrugged his shoulders.

“Don’t worry about it, you seem to be on a mission and I am a bit curious about where it leads,” he said and I gave a short chuckle.

“Why don’t you believe me,” I asked as we started to walk out of the hidden home.

“I just don’t understand how you know all this, you have literally been by my side the entire time you have been turned but once,” he said and I thought of Wes.

Not necessarily.

Maybe in person I have been with him but in spirit I seem to have been anywhere but with him. Kala bolted to the car door and I had forgotten that she had been hot on my heels as I was walking out. I opened the door and she hopped right in the car, her tail was swaying in excitement. I got in the passenger seat as Sam got in the drivers.

Kala’s tail wacked me in the face several times while Sam laughed. She wouldn’t sit still and she was determined to see anything.

Sam was still laughing at me I wacked him with the back of my hand. “This isn’t funny. I have so much cat hair up my nose that if I needed to breathe I would suffocate,” I said as I whipped it from my nose.

We finally brought the car to a stop and got out once we had made it to our destination. I waited for Sam to take the place by my side before we walked back into that alleyway. It would have been nearly impossible for a human to see in this darkness but thankfully we didn’t have that same problem. The man that sat in his small box home instantly took notice of me as we approached. I gave him a smile and he stood.

“What did you do to me,” he said but I could tell that he wasn’t angry or in panic.

“What do you mean,” I asked suspiciously. What did I expect by coming here? I just knew that I had to come.

“I have to drink blood, and I have these huge sharp teeth,” he said and my heart started to beat fast. Sam looked at me in shock, I started to remember. The dream I had and the memories that she shown me. I was finally starting to understand.

I felt different inside and I turned to Sam. He was staring at me and I gave him a small smile. I felt as if I couldn’t control it and at the same time it was all my own actions. “I want to see Brent,” I said and he rose an eyebrow to me.

“Why, that would be suicide,” he said and I shook my head. I couldn’t hear the concern in my voice.

“Not for the goddess,” I said and his eyes had widened. I didn’t feel like that human version of me any longer. I was starting to remember who I was and becoming that part of me slowly.

Wes was now standing next to Sam and he gave me a very small smile. He was no longer wearing that large oversized robe and was now in a black jacket that showed off all that muscle that the robe was hiding. He was tall and slender but not so that he looks scrawny. He stood tall just as he always had. I could now see all the red marks on his arm and he placed his hand on the mask.

“Why do you wear it, you never did before,” I asked and he looked at me before removing it from his face. I looked at him in shock as nothing was beneath the mask but the scar that I had left him many years ago. His beautiful green eye was gone and what was left was a black hole. I covered my mouth with my hand and gasped. “What happened,” I asked him and he gave me a small smile.

“This,” he said and he placed his hand against Sam’s shoulder who was no longer moving. Sam slowly started to disappear and when he was gone I looked back at Wes in confusion. My shock continued to grow as our eyes met and his gorgeous green one was back in place. That is the reason they looked so damn familiar, because they were the same. “I had to make sure nothing happened to you,” he said softly. 

Submitted: February 02, 2015

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wait wait wait, Sam is Wes and Wes is Sam? Holy unholiness!!!! My head is going into tail-spin. How did i not see that coming?!

Fri, February 27th, 2015 7:12pm


Lol I know it is one heck of a spin right.

Fri, February 27th, 2015 11:47am

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