Chapter 13:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“How,” I asked and looked from Wes to where Sam once stood. My heart was racing and everything was changing. I didn’t feel the same anymore, I wasn’t dead. My heart was once again alive and pumping my own blood. My head was full of all my forgotten memories and I even still had many questions. It was all way too much and my legs gave out, but Wes was too quick. He caught me in his arms and I looked up at him.

He hadn’t aged a day.

He moved the hair out of my face and I could see something on his face that I knew all too well. His compassion had returned and he was no longer the Wes I had met when he was a boy. “I have waited for this moment longer then you could imagine,” he said in a voice so soft it caused Goosebumps along me arms.

“Sam…” I started to say before my voice trailed off.

“Sam was the vampire part of me, I let him out to find you when it was time. He didn’t know about anything and that was why he couldn’t answer your questions.” He said and as he spoke I could see that part of Sam inside of him.

“Why him, why not you,” I asked him and his gazed only softened.

“Because that was the safest way, after I died a lot of things happened. I was no longer a human. Your blood hadn’t only made me into a vampire but a demon as well. I went back to Fredrick’s home and he helped me. I went into the demon world and found out about the rebirthing of certain demons,” he said and it caused me to smile. This seemed to have confused him and I sat up on my knees looking at him no longer needing his support.

“Why did you work so hard,” I said and while he was knelt down I realized how mature he had gotten. His body language changed and he wouldn’t meet my gaze. There was something he wanted to say but he didn’t know how. He finally gained the confidence and looked back into my eyes.

“Because I couldn’t live without you,” he said and the words made me freeze. I didn’t know what to say. I knew the way that I felt about him, but I didn’t realize that he had felt the same way.

“Is that why you told me that I was your bride,” I asked and I could see that he was slightly embarrassed but quickly that turned into confidence.

“No that isn’t why I told you that,” he said and stood. He held his hand out to me and I took it also standing. Once I had my feet planted he pulled me into his arms and looked down at me. I hadn’t realized how tall he was until this moment. “I told you that because it’s true if you will have me. All the time you have been gone I have been proving myself to be your match and that is how I was named the most powerful demon in the world,” he said and my heart raced.

“I had no idea you felt that way Wes,” I said to him and he gave me a small smirk.

“Are you kidding me, I have been crazy about you since I was young,” he said in a joking tone but I could hear the seriousness behind his words. “The only way I could name you as mine was if I was the most powerful of them all.” He added and I looked at him with my brow raised.

“Why would it have mattered if they threw me out when I was young,” I asked.

“You were taken from them and no one knew where you were,” he said. “That is why I had to separate myself from my vampire side so that I wasn’t caught with you, they would have found a way to steal you back especially since you didn’t have the power to stop them as a human or even just as a regular vampire,” he said and I nodded slowly.

“Why would it have mattered if they threw me out when I was young,” I asked.

“You were taken from them and no one knew where you were,” he said. “That is why I had to separate myself from my vampire side so that I wasn’t caught with you, they would have found a way to steal you back especially since you didn’t have the power to stop them as a human or even just as a regular vampire,” he said and I nodded slowly.

“Why am I so important to them anyways I wonder,” I said more to myself then to him.

“You were meant to be married to another really powerful demon and that is all I know. I spent my time making sure that didn’t happen so I didn’t figure much of anything else out,” he answered and I slightly pulled out of his arms. I nearly collapsed without his support and he held my arm to keep me upright.

“I need to go to Brent, I need to stop them,” I said without looking at him.

“Relax first, you have enough time for that,” he said and I nodded with a slight smile. He picked me up in his arms and walked to the car where I saw a small head peeping up into the window. He opened the door and she hopped into my arms.

“Where are we going,” I asked him and he looked down at me giving me one of his smiled.

“A very familiar place,” he said to me before his huge wings came out of his back. He jumped into the air and we flew. The wind whipped through my hair and it was very relaxing. The stars in the night sky beamed down on me and I looked at Wes. His face was serious and looking forward. He was focused and I could see the person I had fallen for all those years ago. The serious, confident, protector that he always was to me, but I could also see Sam. The funny little tease that he was, all those parts were now into one person.

We landed and I looked around. It was where I had lived when I stayed with Fredrick. My home. Mother Nature had rooted her vines all over the mansion and the stone was starting to fall apart in random places, I walked around the yard making my way to the entrance with Wes holding me upright. I pushed the door open and when I looked inside it was dark and empty, but it was surprisingly still very clean. I looked around and it looked exactly the same.

“Do you stay here,” I asked Wes and I looked at him. He nodded at me and I looked back at the hallways, the lights came on and it felt as if I never left.

“It was the only thing I had to remind me of you,” he said and I put my hand on my chest in shock. I turned to him and hugged him tight. It was the best thing anyone could have ever done for me, this was my home and when I left it was the most horrific thing I had ever done and it got me killed. But I wouldn’t change a thing because it meant that I got Wes back.

I had started to weep while I buried my face into Wes’s chest and he took notice of this. I felt his soft hands grasp me tighter and I knew one thing for sure. I didn’t want to hold back the way I felt anymore. I felt very faint and my grip loosened as my legs caved beneath me. Wes caught me and scooped me up into his arms. I watched Kala explore in the opposite direction.

Wes walked me in the direction I knew so well, my bedroom. He opened the door and it looked the same as it always had. He put me in the bed and I grabbed his hand before he backed away. This took him by surprise.

Now what?

I patted the bed next to me and scooted over giving him room. I sat up but leaned up against the headboard since that was the only thing that could keep me from falling over other than Wes himself. He sat down facing me and we just looked into each other’s eyes. His one unique red eye showing that he was no longer the human boy that I had once befriended, and his beautiful green eye that still contained the humanity of his soul that had been taken from him.

I brought my hand up to his face and ran my fingers along his white perfect looking skin. I traced the scars on his eye that I had left and then I traced a single finger along his soft pink lips. It was all too hard to believe but it was true. I could see hesitation in his eyes and then our lips met one another. For the very first time. The kiss was very soft and sweet as if we were too scared that we would break one another.

We pulled apart and looked at each other with a deep desire in our eyes. “Yes,” I said and caught him off guard.

“What,” he asked and I smiled.

“I will be yours,” I said to him and I could see the light in his eye brighten but his expression was serious. “Right now,” I added and he turned around quickly. I frowned and started to say something but he held a hand up motioning for me to stay quiet. He was sitting very still and I stopped to listen as well.


There was someone inside the house. No there were several people inside the house and they were headed this way. Some were vampires and the others were something I couldn’t recognize but familiar. Wes stood and his body was in defense in front of me. The bed was farthest away from the door and Wes was in the middle. The first ones to come in were demons. That was the smell that I found familiar but couldn’t place.

They came for Wes and I started to panic but when he raised his hand to them they stopped and went to the ground. They were trembling under his presence. Some of the demons took the form of a human and others were disgusting looking monsters.

“Who sent you,” Wes demanded in a voice so harsh I could feel the daggers in his words. The one knelt down in front of Wes spoke up.

“We don’t know, we were just made to come here and attack,” he said in a trembling voice. This one was in a human’s body. “We are sorry master,” they said to him and I could hear the vampires coming close. I stood up and kept my balance.

“Leave,” I commanded and they left faster than they had come. The vampires had entered the room and I could tell that they were also ready to rip out anything’s throat. They were glaring at Wes with blood lust and then they looked at me and stopped. They looked completely unsettled and some of them looked at me with sorrow. I recognized one of the men in the group and he pushed his way through until he was in the front.

“It’s you,” he said and he knelt down. Soon the others followed his lead. He was in the group of vampires I changed before burning down the town.

“Stand,” I said to them and they did as I said without a seconds hesitations. “Who sent you here,” I asked.

“Brent,” he answered with a small bow. “He sent us and the demons here,” he added and I looked at Wes.

“How did he take hold of the demons,” I asked looking at them again.

“There is a very powerful one that works with him, his name here is Darion.” He said and I rose an eye brow.

There was no way.

“I am very disappointed in you, I gave you a new life to live and this is what you do with it,” I said in a cold voice.

“We are sorry mother,” they said together and most of their heads were down, the others wouldn’t make eye contact.

“I have a new duty for you, tomorrow I will put an end to this. I want you to tell every vampire that exists that I have returned. No more of you are going to have bloodshed. Now go,” I said to them and they left as commanded.

My legs wouldn’t take anymore and nearly gave out once again but Wes helped me back to the bed. I sat back against the headboard as I was once before and he took his seat next to me.

“Did you mean what you said,” he asked and I knew that we were going back to where we left off now that we were alone again.

“Yes,” I said to him and the sun started to come up, the beautiful colors in the sky returned just like they used to when I was young. The sun no longer would kill me but it still hurt a little, but I enjoyed it. “What do we have to do,” I asked him still admiring the view.

He turned my face towards him and our lips met again. Our kissing wasn’t as soft and sweet as it was the first time. Instead it was filled with more passion and force. I could feel the heat between us and he pulled me into his arms. It was gentle but also very firm. My arms were wrapped around his neck and I knew what we had to do to make it official. 

Submitted: February 04, 2015

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