Air Force Love

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 16, 2008



Stephanie came out of the bathroom and ran right into someone. “Hi ya, Steph.”
“Hi, Calvin.” She said with some disdain in her voice.
“How are you?”
“I’m fine.” She looked over his shoulder and saw no one. “Where is Joely?”
“She went home early. She is not feeling well.” He did not seem that interested in his girlfriend. He seemed very intent on Stephanie.
Stephanie looked at the linebacker. He was handsome. Even though he was about 290 lbs, the 5’11” man looked like he was all muscle. Calvin was wearing tight jeans and a button up shirt that seemed stretched across his chest. His dark hair was longer than most of the guys at the party. He wasn’t her type, but he did look good.
She decided to make small talk in the hallway. That wouldn’t hurt anything. “How was college?”
“Good.” He looked at her. “Heard you are going away.”
“Yeah. I got a scholarship to Berkley.”
“Congrats.” He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. “Do you want to go somewhere and talk?”
“Not leave the party. I was thinking we could go and talk. That’s all.”
“Okay.” She had known Calvin through his girlfriend Joely who was friends with one of Stephanie’s oldest friends. He did seem nice and she had never heard anything about him. So she let him walk her down the hallway to another room. It was a small bedroom in the back of the house.
“Have a seat.” He motioned to the bed.
She took a seat and felt a little effect from the two beers she had drank earlier. Fighting it off, Stephanie took a deep breath and then smiled at him.
“So I hear you have been working a lot.”
“Yeah. I have been working for the Stepcos. I watched their children on the weekends and now I watch them during the week.”
“I don’t care for kids.” Calvin said with no thought. “Can I kiss you?”
“I think you are beautiful, Stephanie.”
“But you have a girlfriend.” Stephanie was starting to get worried.
“I just want to kiss you, Stephanie. That is all I want to do.” He leaned in and had kissed her before she could say no. It was so intense. It made her feel good. His tongue moved into her mouth and she responded back about it. His hands moved to her blouse and started unbuttoning the front of it. She felt him fiddle with her bra next. Calvin’s large hands ran over her chest and began to massage them. “Nice.”
“Calvin, I don’t think this is a good idea.” She shook her head.
“Why not?”
“I don’t want to go any further.” She rose and started to hook her bra.
“All the guys in the senior class talk about you. You are such a little tease.” He grabbed her.
“Let go of me.” The young woman tried to break free of his grip, but she couldn’t. Stephanie could not believe she was even here right now.
“No. I am tired of you being such a dick tease.” He pushed her on to the bed.
“Stop it!”
“Shut up.” He slapped her across the face and her head fell back on to the bed. He grabbed her knees and roughly opened them with his thumbs digging into them.
“Please, Calvin. Please don’t do this.” Never in her life had she begged for anything.
“Maybe you should have thought of that before now.” The man dropped his pants. He reached up under her skirt and ripped off her panties.
“Please! NO!” She whimpered and tried to struggle with him. He pinned her arms down with one hand while he entered her. His mouth covered hers and helped to keep her quiet. The football player grunted as he rocked back and forth inside of her. He did not care what was happening to her. He only cared about what he was getting out of it. Stephanie finally got her teeth to where she could bite his mouth, but even that did not stop him. Finally, he grunted one loud and exhausting grunt and she knew that it was over. He pulled his mouth off of hers and she started to scream for help. But his other big, strong hand clamped down over her mouth. He laid there inside of her and he had sweat pouring off of his forehead.
“You were good, you little sluty screw.” He whispered. “Did you think that someone would come and rescue you?” Calvin laughed at her naivety. “Everyone else is so wasted; no one will come and help you, Stephanie.”
He pulled out of her and rolled off of her. Then he picked up his pants and started putting them on. The red-head tried to hurry off the bed and started for the door. The big man grabbed one of her wrists and pulled her back. “No, slut, you stay here.”
“Please, Calvin. Just let me go. I won’t tell anyone.” She was trying not to cry.
“Oh, I know you won’t tell anyone.” He laughed. “You are so prim and proper; you don’t want anyone to know that you put out. But I think screwing you don’t even make up for all the teasing you have done to me and the boys in your senior class.” Calvin pulled the belt out of his pants. Then he grabbed the two ends in his hand and slapped them across his other hand. “Also, I want you to remember if you do decide to tell anyone, what I do to you tonight will be nothing like what I do to you when I get my hands on you again.”
Grant came into the house with the children. He was expecting her to be waiting on them. But she was not there. “Steph?” There was no answer. “Kids why don’t you go and play in the back yard while I go and find Steph?” The little ones went out to the back yard and started playing on the swing set.
He moved up the staircase cautiously. The man knew about where her bedroom was. The door was shut. He knocked lightly. “Stephanie?”
“Go away, Grant.”
He opened the door and stepped in. “Hey. Did you forget that you have to baby sit for Stacie today? We had a deal.” The room was dark as he stepped in.
“Please go away, Grant. I can’t watch the kids today. I am sick.” She pulled the covers up over her head and stayed rolled over from him.
The man came over to the bed and pulled the covers back messing with her. That was when he saw the bruise on the side of her face. “What happened?”
“Nothing. Just leave!”
Grant sat down on the bed and turned on the light. Then he gently reached over to roll her over to look at her better. Her face was swollen and bruised. Stephanie’s right eye was shut and looked bad. She had bruises along her neck, her arms and, when he pulled the covers back all the way he saw, her legs as well. “Stephanie what happened? You looked like you have been hit by a bus.”
“Please just watch the children and go away.” She struggled from him and rolled over onto the bed. “Just let me be.” Stephanie was holding back the tears to try to get him to leave.
“Stephanie, I am not leaving. What happened?”
“I got into a fight. I lost.” She just whispered.
Grant Williams got up, walked over to the window and cracked the window blinds to look at the kids. As he turned back to look at her, he saw the pile of clothes on the floor near the closet. The skirt and blouse both looked ripped and he swore there was blood on the blouse. He hurried to the side of the bed and pulled the covers back to look at her again. “Stephanie, what happened?”
“Your clothes. Something happened.”
“Please, Grant. Just take the kids and leave. They don’t need to see me like this.” She looked up at him with her one good eye and begged.
“Okay, but I will be back soon.” He gently touched her hand and hurried out of the room.
An hour later he was back at the house and he hurried up to her room. She was still laying there curled up in the bed. Grant came in slowly and moved over to the bed. “Stephanie, I’m back.”
“I heard you pull up. Why did you not just stay away?” She refused to look at him.
“Please, Stephanie, tell me what happened. I just want to help.”
She rolled over. “Who has the children?”
“I called your friend Annette. I told her you had the flu and I was coming back to check on you.” He looked at her with concern. “What happened?”
“I just… I got into a fight. There was a party last night. This girl started with me.” She took a deep breath and looked down at the bed spread. “She said something about me sleeping with her boyfriend.”
“Come on, Steph. This is not a fight with a girl. Someone hurt you.”
“I told you what happened.”
Grant knew that she was sill lying to him. But he couldn’t get her to talk to him about it. “How long until your parents get back?”
“Two weeks.”
“Good. That gives you time for the bruises to heal. Have you taken anything?”
“I took two aspirin last night before I went to bed.”
“I am going to get some stuff for you.” He got up and went to the bathroom across the hall. The blond haired man went into the medicine cabinet and found some Advil, Neosporin, a cream that works for bruises and a cold pack. He returned. The first thing Grant did was make her take the Advil with the water on her night stand. Then he put the ice pack on her right eye. She winced when he did this. “I am sorry. But this will help the swelling go down.” The he looked at her and pulled back her sheets.
“Please don’t.” She reached for the covers.
“I just want to look and clean up any of the cuts that I can.” His eyes told her that he meant it. She just nodded at him. Grant moved the covers back and checked the parts of her legs that were not covered by her night gown. At her knees were cuts that looked like nail cuts. He took the Neosporin and covered those spots. Then he moved up her legs. There were no other cuts. Neither were there any on her arms or her neck but on her face were cuts. He couldn’t tell where they came from, but he knew this was definantly no chick fight.After he had put some of the Neosporin on the cuts, then put some of the bruise cream on her face, neck, arms and legs gently.
“What is that?”
“This will stop you from bruising really bad. Hopefully I got it on in time. My mom used to put it on my wounds when I played sports.” He smiled at her.
“Thank you.”
“You may want to look at the areas under your night gown. I am sure you have some bruises there.”
“I will.” Stephanie sat up. Grant pulled the covers up over the young woman. “Thank you, Grant.”
“Don’t thank me. Just tell me the truth.”
“I did.”
He looked her in the eyes. “I may have only known you for a few months, but I know you well enough to know when you are lying to me.” Grant got up. “Why don’t you rest while I fix some lunch?”
“I am not hungry.”
“Well I am. Do you mind if I make me something?”
“Go ahead.”
“I’ll be down stairs if you need something.”
“Okay.” She looked at him and then rolled over. “Just let me know when you are leaving.”
“I am not leaving until you tell me what happened.” With that he walked out the door and down the staircase.
Grant walked around the kitchen and began pulling out some ingredients. He pulled out eggs, some fresh veggies and some meat. An omelet sounded good to him right now. He hoped he could get her to eat.
As he cut the veggies up, he thought about what he knew about Stephanie. She was a very private person. She kept many things to herself. But he thought that their friendship had gotten to the point that she would talk to him about things. Then again, if what he thought had happened to her, he did not expect Stephanie to talk about it with him, maybe not anyone.
How could someone have hurt her? She was so mild and meek. Stephanie was such a good person. She was always helping people and she was so good with children. She treated his sister’s kids just like they were her own. And she never raised her voice to anyone ever.
The young man did not realize how mad he was getting until he had cut his finger with the knife. It would not have been so bad if he had not been cutting up a bell pepper at that moment. “Damn.” He threw the knife in the sink and washed his cut out. Then he found a band-aid in the fold out drawer under the sink.
He fixed two omelets with the ingredients and then fixed two glasses of juice. He found a breakfast-in-bed tray and carried everything up to her. He knocked on the door. Stephanie did not answer. So he just walked on in.
“I thought I told you I wasn’t hungry.” The response came from her bed, but he could not see her face.
“And I know you well enough to know when you are lying to me.” He sat down in a chair next to her bed. “Sit up.”
“Okay.” Grant tried to put the tray over her. “The tray won’t fit. If I set it like you are, you will be wearing it.”
“Fine.” The girl rolled over and sat up. He got a better look at her since he had put everything on her. He laughed. “What?”
“Your cuts match your hair.”
She stuck out her tongue at him. “You are a real asshole, Grant Williams.”
“And you are stubborn, Stephanie Lawrence. We make one hell of a pair.” He took his plate and his glass. He put the glass on the night stand and started eating.
“What’s in it?”
“Stuff I found in your fridge.”
“Duh... I mean… oh never mind.” Stephanie took her fork and started eating. It had been five o’clock the evening before that she had eaten and was a lot hungrier than she had even realized. “I didn’t know fly boys could cook.”
“I am a bachelor. It’s either learn to cook or eat fast food. I couldn’t keep my figure if I ate fast food all the time.” He cracked a smile at this comment. He hoped it would make her smile, but it did not. He let her finish her food and then started again.
“Stephanie, do I need to take you to the hospital?”
“No.” She became defensive and raised herself up in the bed. “I just want to be left alone.”
“I am not leaving you alone.”
She looked at him through her swollen eye, since he was on that side of the bed. The teenager shook her head as though she had been defeated. “I met Freddy Kruger at the party and he beat me up.”
“Damn it, Stephanie.” He got up and took the tray off the bed. Grant then pulled back the covers. He was very careful to grab her arm and get her out of the bed. Finally he made her move over to the mirror above her dresser. “Look at yourself. Someone hurt you, Steph. They need to pay for it.”
She shook her head and began to cry. “Please, Grant. He will just do it again. Then everyone will know what happened. This way no one has to know.” She threw her arms around him. “Please, just let it go.”
“Stephanie.” He said her name very softly and held her carefully. Then he picked her up and moved her to the bed. Grant sat down on the end of the bed and held her in his lap. He just let her cry. But once she seemed to get herself together, he pulled her back to look at him. “Were you raped?”
She bit her upper lip and dropped her eyes. “Yes.”
Grant held back his anger. He wanted to kill someone at that moment. But he took a deep breath. “You need to get checked out. Did he use a condom?”
“Okay. Can you put on something?”
“Anything more than the nightgown hurts.”
“Okay.” He went to her closet and pulled out her all weather coat. “Put this on over your night gown.”
“I can’t go to the ER. They will call the police.”
“The police need to be involved.”
“I was drinking. It’s his word against mine.” She started to cry again.
The tall man took the smaller woman into his arms. “Okay. I can not make you go to the police. But I need to take you to a doctor.” He thought for a moment. “Will it bother you to talk to a male doctor?” She nodded her head. “I have a friend.” He helped her button her coat and go out to the car via the back door.
She stood in the exam room and was putting on a pair of large scrubs that the doctor had brought from the back for her. It was too cold in his opinion for her to be out in the night gown.
The doctor came into his office. He looked at Grant and shook his head. “Grant, tell me how you are involved in this.”
Grant looked at Dr. Max Black. Max was an old friend of his father’s and had been like a friendly uncle for the Williams children for years. There was concern and worry in the man’s eyes. “She is Stacie’s babysitter. I brought the kids over to her house and found her like that. After I took the kids to a friend’s, I came back. She finally told me that she was raped.”
“She denied that to me, but all evidence points to the contrary. I have to report this.”
“Max, she is refusing to go to the ER over this. I promised her I would do everything I could not to have this reported.”
“I know. I have tried to get her to do it, but she is upset because she was drinking. She is worried that it will be her word against his. Also she believes that he will do it gain if she goes to the police.”
“With all of the bruising and cuts, there is no way that anyone would think she had asked for this.” He shook his head. “I have collected evidence. I will send it to a freezer storage facility and I will mark it Jane Doe with today’s date and her birthday. Just in case she decides to go to the police later.”
Grant then brought up the other fact she had told him about. “He didn’t use a condom and I don’t think she is on the pill.”
“She’s not.” The older man looked at the paperwork. “I have run a pregnancy test, an STD and AIDS test. I will have her come back in a few months for another test of each. I have also given her one of the morning after pills.”
“What will that do?”
“It should cause her to have a period in the next day or so, that way if she is ovulating the egg will have nothing to stick to.” Then the doctor looked at her paperwork again. “How old is she?”
“Seventeen, almost eighteen.”
“Did she say anything about the guy or how old he is?”
The doctor got up and motioned for Grant to follow. They walked to the door of the other room. “Stephanie, are you dressed?”
“We’re both coming in.”
When they came into the room, Grant thought she looked very nervous. He tried to give her a reassuring look.
“Stephanie, I need some information about the man that did this.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“How old is he?”
“About 21.”
“Okay. Since you have told me that this was not a rape, and he is within the state law of age that it was not statutory rape, if it was consensual, then I do not have to report this.”
“Thank you, Dr. Black.” She smiled for the first time all day. But she did not do that long since her face still hurt.
“Do you have someone to stay with you tonight?”
“My parents are out of town.”
“Well I wanted to give you some pain medications, but I wanted someone to be able to watch you because of your allergies.”
“I can stay at the house with her, if she doesn’t have any objections.” She nodded at this comment and felt better knowing Grant would be nearby.
“Then here are some instructions and a prescription for a pain killer and an antibiotic.” The doctor touched her shoulder softly. “I want you to rest and come back in see me in two weeks.”
Grant was on the couch reading a magazine. He had called his sister and told her that Stephanie was sick, but he had gotten Annette to baby sit for the rest of the week. Since she had the flu, he was going to stay for a few days to make sure she was okay. Stacie did not say much. She knew that Steph was a reliable worker, so if she said she was sick, Steph was sick.
He heard her come down the staircase and looked up at her. She was standing there in a long, flannel night gown and her hair was pulled up. “Hey.”
“Hello. Are you hungry?”
“A little.”
“Can I fix you something?Or could I order a pizza?”
“How about a Pizza?”
“Okay.” He reached over and picked up the phone. “What do you like?”
“I don’t care. I probably won’t each much.” She came in and curled up in the chair away from the window and door. The red head pulled a throw over her body.
Grant ordered the pizza and sat back down on the couch. “Did you get lonely?”
“A little.” She closed her eyes. “I guess I really didn’t want to be alone right now.”
“How do you feel? How did the medication do for you?”
“It makes me tired but I am okay. I did not have any side effects.”
“Good.” He smiled at her. Grant tried to size her up. Some of her bruises were already starting to fade, but the others were still there and turning darker. He did not know how long he had been staring at her, until she spoke.
“What? Is it my hair?” Her eyes were still closed, but she could feel his eyes on her.
“How did you know that I was watching you?”
“Because you were too quiet.” She kept her eyes closed.
“Does that mean that I talk too much?”
“No. You seem to know when to say the right thing.”
“Is that a compliment, Miss Lawrence?”
She smiled. “Yes, it is.”
Then the door bell rang and the pizza guy was there. “I’ll get it.” Grant went to the door and paid the man. Then he came in and put the pizza on the coffee table. “Let me get the plates and some drinks.”
She took the pizza box and opened it. Stephanie started to eat a piece and took two bites before she started feeling bad. She hurried to the bathroom and threw up. A moment later Grant was there holding her hair back. “Shush.” Once she stopped, he picked her up and carried her up to her bed.

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