Air Force Love

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 18, 2008



She stood at the door of the bathroom and looked into the bedroom. He stood there messing with the TV. Grant was trying to get it to stop skipping. She couldn’t help but crack a smile at this. Finally, he turned and saw her standing there.
“You’re sleeping in that?”
“What?” She looked down at the gown.
The blond let his eyes glance down at her body and took a moment to look at the white gown. It was white with thick straps. It was not low cut, but it showed off her figure. The bottom of it looked like it was layered, almost like a princess dress that Carol dressed up in. Yet the night gown did not make her look like a child. Instead it made her look beautiful.
“Grant?” Her voice had brought him back to reality.
“It’s just that it looks almost too formal to sleep in.”
“Maybe it is not for sleeping in.”
He raised an eyebrow. This is only the first night of the trip and she is coming on to me. I will never make it through this trip. He thought but said, “Is this why you agreed to let me drive you to orientation?”
“No.” Her eyes were so soft as she moved towards him. “I just thought that maybe we could be together.”
“Steph, I don’t think it is the right time.”
“Why? Because of my leaving for school?” He didn’t answer. “Or because of what he did to me?” He raised his eyes to look at hers. She felt her jaw tighten and turned. The young woman closed and locked the door. Then she took off the gown and put on her running clothes from her bag.
“Stephanie, can we talk?” He knocked on the door.
“Not right now.” She pulled her hair up and then opened the door. He was leaned in the door way.
“Where are you going?”
“I am going to the exercise room.”
Grant looked at his watch and then back at her. “It’s 10:30.”
“Yes, Captain Williams. It is 10:30 pm. I know this. But right now I need to walk on the treadmill.” She pushed past him and grabbed one of the key cards. She took the elevator down to the lobby and then headed to the exercise room.
When she got there, she started walking on the treadmill. She walked about three miles before she even started thinking about it. Besides Calvin and the doctors, it was only Grant that knew. Now he wouldn’t touch her because of what had happened. It really hurt her. She already felt like she was damaged goods. But to be turned down by Grant made her feel worse.
“How long are you going to walk? You have been down here for almost an hour.”
She stopped and turned around. Grant was standing across the room from her. He had come in so stealthily, she had not heard him come in. “I am going to walk until I feel better.”
“Walking the equivalent of a marathon, will just make you hurt tomorrow.” He walked over and looked at the monitor. “Six miles?”
“I walk when I need to think.”
“Boy, you are in better shape than I thought you were.”
“I don’t sneak cigarettes like some people.” She got off the machine and felt her legs get wobbly. But she covered and went to get some water at the machine and took a towel to dry off with. “Why did you come down here? You needed to sneak another smoke?”
“I got worried you may have left.”
“Nope. You have the car keys, I thought about that as I was changing.” She had gulped down her water and got some more.
“Can we go upstairs and talk?”
“Maybe in the morning. Right now I just want to take a shower and go to sleep.”
“Okay.” He walked to the door and opened it for her. “Good idea about the shower.”
“Har Har, Flyboy.” She rolled her eyes at him and got on to the elevator. When they got to the floor, they walked quietly to the room. “Do you need in the bathroom? It takes a while to wash my hair.”
After twenty minutes, she emerged. She was in the gown again. “Don’t get any ideas. I forgot to pack my regular night shirt.” Stephanie’s red hair was pulled back in a loose pony tail. She walked over to the bed closest to the bathroom, as Grant was lying on the other one staring at the ceiling, as he had been before she came out. It took everything she had not to stare at him in just his pajama bottoms. Pulling back the covers, she slid under them and arranged the pillows to make her more comfortable.
“Can we talk?”
“I told you I am tired.”
“My mother always told me and Stacie to not go to bed angry.”
“Well, my mother didn’t.” She rolled over, so she was not facing him.
“What?” She said it through gritted teeth.
“It is not what you think it is.”
“I don’t want to talk about it tonight.”
Grant rolled off the bed and stood up. He went to the fridge and pulled out a beer. He took the cap off and chugged half a bottle before he started again. Then he walked over to his bed. “Look. There are a lot of reasons that I can not be with you right now. The most important thing was that you are underage, Stephanie.”
“I am almost 18.” She called from under the covers.
“I know. But in most states, even back in Tennessee, you are illegal. I could loose my commission and I could go to jail.”
She sighed.
“It’s also too soon.”
She rolled over. “For what?”
“It happened two months ago.”
She pulled her legs up to her chest. “You think I don’t know that? You don’t think I remember that?”
“That’s just it.” He moved to touch her shoulder. It was soft and tender. “I don’t want to rush into this and cause you more physical or emotional pain.”
“I already have enough emotional pain. But I am also having issues with you not wanting me because of the rape.”
“I want you, Stephanie. I wanted you the very first night that I showed up at the house. You are gorgeous and smart and wonderful. But I don’t want you to rush into this right now. Especially before you have healed.”
“I have talked to someone. I started seeing a therapist once my physical bruises healed. We have been talking about what happened.” The red head had put her head on her knees and turned her face towards him. Her hair cascaded around her legs. She looked so innocent to him at that moment.
“That doesn’t mean that you are through it.” He took another sip of the beer.
“Maybe not. But I need to feel normal. Hell, I want to feel something. I need you to hold me. Just hold me and let me know that it is okay. That I am okay.”
He put the beer on the nightstand and got up. Then he slid into bed besides her. The man wrapped his hands around her and just held her. “It is going to be okay, Steph. I promise you that.” Then he kissed her forehead.
The next morning, she woke up unsure of where she was. Then she realized that he had his arms around her and was snoring softly into her ear. Trying not to wake him, she slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom to change. She brushed her teeth, washed her face, and changed clothes. Looking at herself in the mirror, she started feeling strange.
She was feeling strange in that she felt like a child and at the same time like a grown woman. Stephanie laughed at herself, very quietly, for a moment. Here she was trying to seduce a man when she herself was nothing more than a child in both his eyes and her own.
The red head walked out of the bathroom quietly, but he was already sitting up in bed. “Hi.”
“Was my snoring that bad?” He asked slyly.
“I thought you didn’t want to be with me.”
“Do you not listen to me?” He got up and she looked at him. Grant’s hair was messed up and he had a shadow on his face from where he needed to shave. He did look handsome. “I told you that I want you. Hell I wanted you that night I first met you. But you are under 18. It is illegal in this state and many other states. The Air Force is my career, if I get caught having had sex with you, I would go to jail and loose my career. Do you get this?”
“Okay.” Then he took her into his arms and kissed her.
When they stopped, Stephanie’s mouth dropped. “I thought you said…”
“I said if I get caught having sex with you, but kissing you and sex are two totally different things.” Grant began to kiss her again. His lips trailed up and down her neck. She giggled and started kissing him back.
Three hours later, they were back on the road after one hell of a make out session. They were driving along with the windows down and the CD player blaring. They were singing at the top of their lungs.
She leaned over and felt his hand move around her and pull her close. Grant smiled as he continued to drive. This felt so natural. Amazingly enough for him, he could forget the silly little girl that he used to tease on the bus each time that he kissed her.
Stephanie reached up and turned off the radio. “I never thought a trip like this would be this much fun. I am so glad I didn’t fly or drive out here with my parents.”
“Yeah, your mom might have had a problem with your dad making out with you.”
She made the motion that she was puking. “That is so gross.”
There was a gas station up ahead. He checked the gage and decided that they needed to stop. When he stopped, she put her shoes on. He started pumping the gas while she went in to get them something to drink and snack on. Grant watched her walk away and started whistling “Sweet Home Alabama”.
“Where you headed?”
“Excuse me?” Grant looked up and there was a sheriff pumping gas at the next pump.
“I asked where you are headed. Your plates say Tennessee.”
“I’m taking my friend to her Freshman Orientation and Registration at Berkley.”
“Can I ask how old your friend is?”
Grant took a deep breath before he answered. “Seventeen.”
“You do know that it is illegal to transport a minor across state lines?”
“Yes, sir. We have her father and mother’s permission.” Williams pulled out a piece of paper and passed it to the Sherriff, as well as his driver’s license and military ID. “You can call the local police department, they have all the information on file there.”
The Sherriff handed it back to him. “I don’t think that will be necessary. But you might want to ask your friend to keep her feet off the dash board and keep her seat belt buckled. I was following you down the road before you pulled into the gas station.”
“Oh.” Grant finished pumping and looked at the Sherriff, “I will make sure of that. Thanks.”
“No problem.” The Sherriff tipped his hat.
Williams went into the store to pay. Stephanie was paying for two coffees and snacks. “Hey.” She smiled and passed on to him. “How much is the gas?”
“Twenty-two fifty.”
“I got it.” She handed this to the cashier and then picked up her stuff. She let him hold the door open for her.
“Oh, by the way, the Sherriff wanted me to talk to you.”
“What about?” He told her and she looked embarrassed as the Sherriff nodded at them. “I’m sorry.”
“Just be more careful.” Grant opened the door for her and she got in. Steph made sure that she was more careful this time, buckling her seat belt. He looked at the map and then started the car. “Boy we have made really good time. I might have you there one day early.”
“Ah. I like making out with you.” She teased.
“I was thinking maybe we could spend a day in San Francisco.”
“I have never seen the bridge or any of that stuff.”
“Good. Then we will spend our last night in the city by the Bay and drive to Berkley for your two day orientation.”
“What are you going to do while I am in orientation?”
“I thought I would go to Edwards and see a few of my Academy friends.”
“That sounds like fun.” She smiled and reached over to hold his hand.
Three nights later, Grant took her to eat fresh seafood and then for a walk down at the bay. It was near sunset when they went. It was a little breezy for Stephanie, so Grant gave her his jacket as they walked. “What are you thinking?”
“I’m thinking about the future.
“What about the future?”
“I am excited about tomorrow. But at the same time I am so worried about leaving home and being so far away from everything.”
“You’ll do fine.” He smiled at her. “You’ll make lots of new friends, you’ll come home and see your friends and family. Plus you will get to see the kids. I know you will miss them a lot.”
“Yeah. I will. But that’s not all I will miss.” She looked at the Sunset from the bay.
“What else will you miss?”
“You.” She turned to look at him.
“I like you, Grant. You’ve become a really good friend.” She smiled.
“You know that I have to leave.”
“I know. But you will be home won’t you?”
“Not all the time.” He leaned back against the guard rail and looked at her. Then he pulled her close to him. “I will be restationed somewhere else. I got lucky doing my training at Vandy so I could be near home. Next time I might wind up in Greenland.”
“Greenland? I didn’t know we had Air Force bases in Greenland.”
“We don’t but that’s what I mean. I never know where I might wind up. The Air Force has me for the next eight years minimum.” He leaned in and kissed her on the top of her head. “I’ll miss you too.”
“But that’s life? Right?”
“Yeah. In some ways I guess that it is.” Both of them stood there and thought about the reality of these statements. Neither of them said a word for a while. He just held her tight.

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