Air Force Love

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 18, 2008



A week after the orientation started, Grant and Stephanie arrived back at home. They stopped by Stacie’s to see the kids first. Annette and the kids were swimming in the pool when they arrived. Carol was the first one to meet them. “Uncal Gwant! Steffy!” She threw her arms around the red head and then her uncle. The other kids jumped out and dried off before they came over to hug them. Just the hug that Stephanie received from Peggy told her how much she was missed.
“Did you have fun?” Annette joined them from the pool, as the kids were jumping on Grant.
“Yes. We had extra time before hand in San Francisco.”
“Yes. It was very nice.”
The other woman leaned in and whispered. “So did the two of you…?”
“No.” Stephanie tried to keep from smiling. “It would be illegal. Remember?”
“Only if someone finds about it.”
Grant, who was on the other side of the pool with the kids called out. “Hey, Annette. Why don’t I watch the kids and you run Stephanie home? I want to spend some more time with the kids.”
“Sure.” The other girl looked at Stephanie strangely. Steph just shrugged her shoulders.
Stephanie was standing at the front door of the house. Grant answered the door. He was dressed in his dress blues. She had to hold her breath for a moment. He looked so handsome.
“Good morning.” He finished his coffee and put the cup down.
“Did you get all dressed for me?”
“No. I have a special class today and then I have a meeting with some prospective recruits that my recruiter would like me to speak with. I am glad that you got here on time.” He winked at her and reached for his keys. She stepped into the house and leaned against the couch.
“Do you have time for me to ask you a question?”
“If it is a quick one.” He stopped for a moment to look at her.
“Why did you have Annette take me home?”
“So the two of you could talk. I know how girls are.” He read her eyes. “You thought that I was scared of being with you alone again?”
“I wasn’t sure.”
“After all the time we spent alone on the trip, I am not scared of being alone with you. No. It was because of what I said it was. Plus I wanted to spend some time with the children.” He looked at his watch. “I’ve got to go or I will be late.”
“Okay.” Stephanie smiled and followed him to the door. “Bye.”
“Bye.” Grant turned and kissed her softly on the lips. They both heard someone gasp and turned. Standing there was Carol. He looked back at Stephanie. “Can you take care of this?”
He was gone. Stephanie shut the door and went over to pick up Carol. “Hey sweetie.”
“Are you and Uncal Gwant dating? Are you going to be my Aunt Steffy?”
“No. But we are very close friends.” She smiled at her. “But I need you to keep this a secret, okay?”
“Well, with grown ups it is not a good things for a person to kiss the boss’s brother.”
“It’s just not.”
“So this is a secwet for just Uncal Gwant, you and me?”
The little girl smiled at being included in a grown up secret. “We won’t even tell Peggy?”
“Or Eli. Or your parents.”
“Okay.” Her chubby face looked at Stephanie. “I like this secwet.”
“I do too.” Stephanie whispered to her. “Let’s go get you some breakfast.”

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