Love and Kingdom

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Natalie, as her name, she is a beauty and future queen of great riches and kingdom, for others. But in reality she was a bird in golden cage, all she longed for was freedom. She awaits for a prince to come and rescue her as all princess did. When she sees a rebellion she unconditionally falls in love with him and believes him to be her prince awaiting for him to break her cages. Unfortunately fate has its own plans...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love and Kingdom Chapter 1

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



The Old Bridge

The sun rays touched her silvery body for the last time since that day was approaching its end. She appeared like flowing gold on his fingers and that’s why she got her name ‘Golden River’. The upcoming darkness waited to swallow her as soon as he unhands her. It was a routine ritual; she felt the pain of loneliness without his warmth every night. And that day was not special to last beyond night.

But her impending pain or loneliness didn’t bother the pleasure of those little silvery salmons. They were living their day. They didn’t feel for her future, at least she had a future. They raced who would fly high. The most majestic salmon came forth and twisted its whole body and reached the air. As it fell down it splattered the golden water everywhere, again it used its full vigor to confirm its victory. But it was fetched by sharp claws of a Hawk before it reached the water.

The fish tried hardly to live, but every time only the grip of the hawk tightened. The hawk flew a few feet above and sat on a very old wooden bridge which was counting its days. The hawk patiently but vigorously shattered it to pieces. That murder scene didn’t disturb anybody but her.

The little girl didn’t take her eyes from that scene.

“Mother, why the hawk killed that fish?” she asked.

“Dear, what are you speaking about?” her mother asked with her typical care.

“That murder, mother,” she pointed her hands towards the hawk which was busy in tearing the fish.

Her mother laughed to her surprise. She laughed and laughed in spite of all those heart breaking events that had occurred in her life. She laughed on her daughter’s innocence. But she suddenly stopped, when that thought came in her mind. ‘What will this world do to her?’

“O dear, dear, that can’t be called as murder. It’s the law of nature. It has no justice and injustice as well.”

“What we call as justice or injustice?”

“Soon, you will learn.” She hugged her daughter with great affection.

The same scenario which happened thirteen years back occurred once again and again in front of her eyes. This time it didn’t disturb her. The nature hasn’t changed her law in these years; still the fate of those salmons remained the same. The only thing that had changed was her young tender heart and that bridge. The bridge was worn out just like her heart. The wooden blocks had kept their faith on those depleted ropes. It had been exhausted after many years of carrying different kinds of people. That bridge had remained the only reason for that country to cherish. It let many travelers and many merchants in and out. And it had been the main reason for those demons to enter that land.

She, the heir of those demons, Princess Natalie had became tired of everything. She stepped on that old wooden bridge. The bridge tried at most to post point its end. Due to the sudden jerk caused by her arrival, that hawk took a break, starred through her and again went back to his work. He tore the shining scales of the salmon which was still alive hoping to live.

She slowly and carefully placed her bare feet on those wooden blocks. She was definite not to break it. She delicately touched those pathetic ropes. Her pink palms slowly caressed the ropes, with the support of those weak ropes she moved further. She moved a few feet away from the land and looked down, the chillness cut through her heart. All her senses became sharp and she heard her own heart beating.

She felt that for the first time, ‘the fear of death'.

....... continued.

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