Love and Kingdom

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Love and Kingdom Chapter 3

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013




Natalie looked down. The Golden River was running with her majesty and vigor. Will she hurt a poor girl like her? She could not blame her, because she, the Golden River would not have got time to stop and think. She was so definite to splash Natalie to pieces and it would be an honor than to die in his hands.

Rebels they were, Hawks. Not that kind of rebels, who would stand in street and bark against the king, who would restrict to pay the kingdom, for their own reasons and saying it as democracy, Who would bow their head and values in front of a sword. They were rebels, who had gained the honor of ‘kill at sight’. They were vowed to spill even their last drop of blood for the end of that, her, kingdom.

They were Hawks, the rebels and he was one.

She was told a lot of stories about those rebels. She had even been told they were the disease that corrodes her kingdom and they were death. She was taught to hate them. She was taught to remain away from them, from the day she was born.

Both hawks kept staring her. He went a little bit near and stretched his hands to aid her. She too kept starring them, without any improvement. If death was definite, it would not be from his hand.

He withdrew his hands and started to remove the ragged cloths around his face which was hiding his eyes and partly his vision. Then he got a very clear image of her, yet he was same. He stretched his hands again.

After seeing him, Natalie was not the same.

“The prince came and rescued the princess...”

Her mother words, she heard it again.

If it was from his hands even death is virtue.

She felt empty under her chest. She felt something inside her stomach; it made her hard to breath. Natalie was thrilled, not because of the roaring water current flowing under her feet but of the young lad stretching his hands for her. Her blue almond eyes kept staring his black eyes.

Just like him those old logs weren’t ready to read her eyes; they hurried. One wood liberated from the worn ropes fell into Golden River. Shook by this jolt, she came back to life. She grabbed his hands with haste.

That lad held her tender hands with his and gripped her tightly but gently. He raised her carefully and threw her on land. When she managed to stand gradually, he flew into the dark, back again from where he came.

Natalie kept starring the woods, into which he dissolved and disappeared.

“Hawk, he is.” She said to herself hoping this would help her to resist this sudden change in her heart. Unfortunately, her heart was stronger than she predicted.

....... continued

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